Very unhappy.

I had to visit this dept because of a foot injury. I struggled to get there in great pain. I was horrified to find I had to wait in line with 20 other people to hand in my referral letter. Most people were on crutches or In casts.

We had to stand for 35 mins and I was in tears by the time I reached the desk. Surely it would be possible to provide a row of chairs for people with leg and foot injuries. The line of people was continuous over the next hour.

Also,the member of staff in the boot room was unsympathetic and abrupt given I was unable to manage the huge boot with a hip problem. I was given just a few minutes. I felt very unsupported. I am 68 live alone and can’t leave my home wearing this boot I feel very unsafe there are so many steps. A month alone to look forward to.