TV out of order since September in Clyst Ward

My Mother is currently a patient in the Acute Stroke Unit, Clyst Ward RD&E, Exeter. I have been a regular visitor and noticed a sign on the large flatscreen tv in the Ward Day room that it has been ‘out of order’ since September!

Upon further investigation I was told that the tv worked when the aerial was shared with another ward until we went ‘digital’ then the signal was lost altogether.My question is bearing in mind how important stimulation is to recovering stroke patients WHY has it not been mended in ALL this time?

The Matron has tried unsuccessfully to achieve this and I believe they have hit a brick wall. This is not rocket science, if it cannot be done ‘in-house’ then why have you not called in the appropriate outside engineer to rectify this? I imagine some of the patients are bored out of their minds without any form of stimulation, the wards do not have personal tvs or radio.

I understand some will be too ill to want tv, but it can be watched with the aid of headphones. At the very least the Ward Day room should be somewhere patients an go to find a change of scene. Your immediate attention is required,I will be following your forthcoming actions with interest.

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