Denied funding for arthroscopy

I have been suffering with pain in my left hip for two years now.

I went to see my doctor whom referred me to Calow Royal Hospital Chesterfield, where I had a scan/xray. My doctor told me that they didn’t deal with what was wrong with me so then referred me to Doncaster Royal Infirmary where I saw a specialist who deals with what I’m having at the moment, I had an arthrogram, I had scans etc…

This didn’t help having a steroid injection and was told that they could no longer help me! I cried and a nurse said do not give up, ring your doctor and ask to get a referral. I did this and was again seen by the specialist, he told me he would do the op.

I then got a letter from my doctor telling me the funding was denied. I need this op as I’m in pain, my marriage is suffering, can anyone help me?


Excellent care in A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary

I recently had to attend the A&E dept of Manchester Royal Infirmary after injuring my foot/ankle. I was pleasantly and politely received at Reception. I had to wait approx. 40 mins before I was seen by a nurse who promptly sent me for an x-ray. A porter was summoned to take me and he arrived within a couple of minutes. I was x-rayed immediately before returning to the main A&E department. A further wait was necessary before I was seen once more by the same nurse I’d met on arrival. We looked at my x-rays together then I had my ankle treated straight away with a dressing and bandages. In total I was in the dept. for under 2 hours. I was extremely impressed by the speed and efficiency with which I was seen, x-rayed and treated. Each and every member of staff was pleasant, sensitive and very helpful.

I had been concerned on arrival that I would have to wait hours before I was attended to as the dept. was very busy. This was not the case.

I wanted to contribute this positive experience of the hospital as so often only the bad experiences get all the publicity.

Mrs T.

The care received from staff at children’s A&E

When me and my son arrived at A&E QMC we were seen very quickly and the assessment of his injury was done within 10 minutes.

The staff were professional and caring especially the nurse who put the plaster cast on his arm. She put him at ease and treated him as a young adult along with keeping me – mum, informed and reassured.


Hernia operation

I was admitted to Furness General Hospital in Jan. 2011 for day surgery for a hernia. Following surgery, the surgeon advised me that he had unfortunately “nicked” my bladder and that I would need to wear a catheter for 10 days to allow the bladder to heal and that an Xray would be required before removal of the catheteter.

The surgeon was a locum who left the hospital the next day! I felt very worried about this and as an appointment was not received for Xray I telephoned that dept. but they did not know anything about me. I was passed between departments in an uncaring way.

Eventually,an appointment was arranged and a day bed was organised 14 days after the operation! Following xray, I was taken to the day ward. A little while later, the ward sister told me I would need to go home and return several days later keeping the catheter in place as the consultant had not received adequate notes from the consultant radiographer.

I complained bitterly as this meant another round trip of 28 miles not to mention the waste of a hospital bed for a day. The sister was very kind and took documents between both consultants allowing me to continue treatment on that day.

I must stress that the nursing staff were excellent!

In May 2011, I had to attend Lancaster A+ E as I had infectious matter pouring from one of the entry wounds due to an infection that had been introduced into the abdomen at the time of the operation! Not a pleasant experience.


Accident & Emergency Needs Improving

In the last four weeks, I have unfortunately been to the A&E Dept twice with my adult daughter. Both times, I found the time sat waiting in the waiting room totally unacceptable, Registration and triage were good, not too long to wait, but waiting to see a Doctor in Minor’s is appalling.

To add insult to injury, when we were finally called into minor’s the calm and quiet is deafening, two rows of computers with Doctors and Nurses looking at them, and writing, this is wrong, they should be seeing the poorly people waiting to be seen in the waiting room, it’s totally unacceptable. It’s a chair moving exercise, and it’s unfair to people who are sick and needing medical treatment, otherwise, why would they be there? certainly not for the good of their health!

Everyone is kind, and apologetic, but I’m afraid it’s not enough, someone needs to do something, it could be more efficient, if someone cared enough. I suggest one of your employees tries the experience, believe me, if we had a choice, we would not be there, genuine accidents and emergencies should be treated as such, and not left in a waiting room to get worse, and feeling like no one cares. If you want your hospital to be complimented on it’s care and efficiency, then do something about it, make A&E a place where people do not dread to go, but somewhere where they know people care,

connie west

Poor communication and lack of consideration

My husband received a letter to attend the orthopedic clinic and a week before the appointment had a recorded phone reminder to attend the orthopedic clinic.

Yesterday he attended this clinic and was told he should have gone to the hand clinic which is 15-20 minutes walk away. On getting there he was told that he should have gone for an xray, which was another 20 minute walk away.

When he returned to the hand clinic it was closed and in darkness. He found a buzzer and was let in by a member of staff.

This is not a positive or inclusive way to treat patients who may be in pain and anxious. This is typical of the NGH, lack of pathways or joined up treatment. In my experience the Royal Hallamshire can manage to be efficient and inclusive so why can’t NGH?


Amazing care given.

My elderly Mother was admitted just prior to Christmas last year via A&E direct unit, her stay was extended as I had developed a chest infection. The immediate attention was amazing, as was the efficiency and patience of the staff (Mothers dementia) within their resources available, they cared most sensitively for her.

My son was admitted to A&E during this summer with a bowel blockage, this was a Sunday early evening. He was admitted and attended to immediately – pain relief given and monitored. There were many people there that evening, but my son received pain relief and observation together with other tests to properly assess his condition. 3am plus, a Doctor now being given Xray results as well, was able to transfer him to a ward with a direct action plan.

I cannot praise you enough – Thank you so much x


Walk in xray

absolutely fantastic i took a book with me for my hip xray and didnt even open it..I handed in my referal letter,a couple of minutes later I was shown to a cubical and given my gown to put on then in a matter of minutes I was being xrayed.the whole appointment lasted less than 15 minutes.all the staff I met were very cheery and helpful.


A & E on a Bank Holiday Monday

Following an unfortunate accident in a remote part of Newquay on Bank Holiday Monday, I was in need of paramedics to take me to A & E.

From the time of the accident, to being stabilised, receiving pain medication and being booked in at A & E, this was all within an hour and myself and my husband are grateful to the paramedics who attended and dealt with the incident swiftly, professionally and with a good sense of humour.

We were taken to Treliske, and the staff there were friendly and reassuring, and put us at ease.

Constant communication ensured we were fully aware of what was happening, and when the results of the Xray revealed a fractured leg and ankle, along with the dislocation, I was fully informed of what was needed to be done to fix this, and how the injury would be dealt with by them, together with what would need to be done to fully correct the fracture in the days to come.

HCA went above and beyond their job description and really did attend to all my needs in particular, whilst also ensuring my husband was kept informed of progress.

Both myself and my husband are extremely grateful to the HCA for their care and assistance at what was quite a traumatic time for us, and they did a fantastic job making me feel I was in safe hands, and nothing was too much trouble.

I still have a long recovery ahead of me, but the care and treatment received on the day of the accident was amazing and we are truly grateful to the HCA and the staff at Treliske.

Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Ann Marie Darlington