This isn’t good enough

I arrived on time to my appointment at Jessops Wing of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. The waiting room was busy with a loud TV (Jeremy Kyle – which I don’t think is appropriate viewing for children who were present. Or for adults for that matter…). There were no newspapers, only four very old, torn and dirty magazines. There were half empty patient information racks all over the place.

I was kept waiting for over an hour without any warning or being advised what was happening. After asking, I had to wait another 40 minutes. The whole process took 2 hours for less than 10 minutes with the consultant, including an exam. Now I have 10 weeks to wait for my next appointment for an ultra sound to find the problem. This isn’t good enough – too long to wait.


What I think Mayday hospital could improve

1. Improve signage to Gynae department – one sign in corridor, then nothing. Also, sign IN gynae department to show people the way out to main corridor.

2. When there is nothing wrong after treatment, why not WRITE to the patient and tell them instead of making them come all the way to Mayday, wasting their time and the doctor’s time?

3. Why make patients wait what seems to be a default time of ten minutes even when the Doctor is not seeing someone else?

4. I think it would be a good idea if the Doctor could read the patient’s notes before the patient enters the room and not while the patient is being seen.

Also, a poor woman was waiting to be seen today in Gynae, having had a questionable result and then was told that she had been booked into the wrong clinic and that she would have to make another appointment, in the right clinic. (I imagine that she would have a wait for another appointment). No apology and let us see if we can get you fitted in today; just sorry, you’ll have to make an appointment. When asked if that was all right, the lady explained that she had had to take time off work – and would obviously have to take more time off work for the new appointment, to say nothing of the worry. I cannot say that the nurse was laughing afterwards but in my opinion she seemed quite amused. I feel that this no way to treat patients.


Appalling service

I attended a gastro appointment at the UCLH. There was a 40 minute delay in the clinic. After one hour I asked what was happening and I was told to wait. After two hours I was told that my noted had not been given to the doctor and was still with reception! Appalling service. When I complained the staff were rude to me.


I cannot thank everyone enough

After visiting the hospital for an ECG I was asked to wait on from when I had been admitted. The doctor visited me and said I would be put on Warfrin in order to get my blood sorted. After a few days I was able to go home, and I am visiting the hospital weekly for blood checks. I have been referred to the heart specialist I was under before. Everyone has been very helpful. The food was very good. I cannot thank everyone enough.


Information screen in A&E

I recently visited A&E and viewed the large information screen, along the bottom of which was the message – watch this screen for information on waiting times. The information screen showed lots of info including health messages, about the hospital info and even private ads for companies selling products. It showed information about why waiting might be lengthy but at no time did it show any info about waiting times. I have attended other A&E departments in other hospitals where messages are displayed to the effect that the average waiting time is currently “x” hours, minutes, etc. The point of my story is that it is very frustrating to be shown a message relating to one of the most important thing patients want to know, how long they are likely to be waiting and then for the information not to be delivered. Can I suggest that either this is modified or that the scrolling promise at the bottom of the screen is removed?

Just 2 other points, the leaflet dispenser next to the screen was empty and one of the messages said that patients would be told how long they would have to wait but no one at reception gave this advice. The impression is one of promising customer care but not delivering it on the ground. It is obvious that A&E can be a very busy and stressful environment but a little more thought and care for customer information as promised by the Trust’s glossy image would go a long way to helping everyone.

I hope that this story will help the Trust improve its customer services.

im patient

Good food and helpful staff at Tameside

After A&E, I saw the assessment team, I was put in ward 31.

I had broken my left heel and was unable to walk on it so I was getting treatment for this as well as a heart attack I suffered earlier. I stayed at the hospital until doctors were satisfied with my recovery.

The food was excellent and both the day and night staff were helpful. The only problem was that the ward was short of staff so sometimes I had to wait a little longer.

There is the need for more nurses if available.


I was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer

It was early in 2007 that I was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer, as the cancer was aggressive I was advised to have my Prostate removed by surgery before my bones were attacked. The operation was performed on May 1st 2007, but the 2 weeks estimated hospital stay developed into a five week one through problems arising. The care that I received was fantastic; I can’t fault the food, generous supply of in between drinks, cleanliness of the ward, but most of all the considerate nursing care and attitude. On the down side, no reflection on the NHS, my condition is worse now than when I was diagnosed. The surgeon was unable to remove all the cancer as it was attacking the prostate wall. Having had 4 weeks Radiotherapy I am now hoping that the remainder is now killed off. The worry that I now have are the inability to pass urine naturally, frequency and burning sensations. The only criticism is that when I had a catheter removed some 5 weeks ago, I was given a paper saying, “If it does not settle, see your GP”, (which seemed odd to me), but I phoned for an appointment and had to wait for over one week. The doctor said he could do nothing, but was good enough to fix an appointment up at the Hospital for me. This is again just over another week that I have to stand this pain. I have a gut feeling that I will soon be back on the ward.


Great care but problems with communication

My partner is type 1 diabetic. Due to his condition he had some nerve damage to the nerves in his left wrist. It was decided that he would be referred to day surgery at Rotherham Hospital for an operation to remove the nerves. Due to his condition he was advised to have a local anaesthetic so he did not have to starve as this can cause problems with his blood sugar levels. He arrived at the hospital and was admitted very quickly and efficiently. He was then asked to take a seat and wait. After several hours without food or drink he approached the nurse to see if he could have something as he was starting to have a drop in blood sugar level. The nurse stated that there was nothing in his notes to say that he was diabetic but took him to a side ward and gave him something to eat immediately. When he saw the surgeon he again mentioned his diabetes. The surgeon said there was nothing in his notes but he should have been first on his list. Although his treatment was excellent, I think this highlights real communication issues within the hospital.


Better system needed

I have been attending UCH and previously Middlesex Hospital and since the change over the appointment system has declined. Each time I have attended I have had to wait a long time be seen. The latest appointment I had was Wednesday 1st July. I arrived half an hour early for my appointment at 1.00pm. At 2.15pm I was told by the nursing staff there would be a delay of 55 minutes. After another wait I was then told by the delay will be at least another one and a half hours! This was not acceptable. I would like to make another point. Why are there 5 or 6 patients all booked for all the same time? This should be looked at, to find a better system. Many thanks for “I hope” reading this and you will be able to improve the system.