Thanks for the TLC on Clarke ward

I would like to express my grateful thanks for the care I received recently during a short stay in Clarke Ward. I had excellent treatment from the surgical team.

In particular I would like to thank the nursing staff in Clarke Ward for the TLC I received from them all. I am almost looking forward to my next stay!

Thank you all again.


Sincere thanks to the urology ward

I’m posting this on behalf of my partner, her uncle was admitted two years ago to the urology ward after experiencing problems with his waterworks.

The staff on the ward were fantastic, really caring and the surgeon “Charlie” was often on the ward chatting to patients. The ward had a really homely feel and nothing was too much trouble. He underwent surgery twice and is now in remission with thanks to receiving treatment. The treatment was provided by Sue, who was always available on the phone if needed for reassurance.

We really do owe the Urology ward and outpatient department sincere thanks.

Often words can’t express how much we truly are thankful for.


Urology at Guy’s Hospital rocks!

I am a 41 year old female that would like to warmly thank the clinical staff in the Urology Department at Guy’s Hospital, London, for treating the problematic symptoms with my bladder of “urgency” and “frequency” which made my daily life increasingly difficult if not impossible. I had put off having the recommended procedures for my bladder to undergo a “urethral dilation” and “hydro distension” as it all looked very scary on the internet with the use of a rather “medieval looking” rigid cystoscope. I had been racked with terrible nerves on the day of the admission. Sure it was excruciating pain to spend a penny for a few days afterwards and waiting for the biopsy results was a particularly anxious period as I was assuming the worst. But look at the difference now some six weeks later. My bladder is almost back to normal function and there has been a considerable improvement in my bladder symptoms.

Particular thanks go to Mr Cahill, Mr Glass and Mr Bultitude who were all involved in getting my bladder back on track and had treated me with such compassion during the course of my treatment. The modern Urology Centre at Guy’s Hospital is bright, friendly and a real pleasure to visit as a patient. This is the only Urology Department I would ever visit should there be any recurrence of my symptoms. Hopefully in 20 years time or so.

Basically, Urology at Guy’s Hospital rocks!!!

Dodgy Bladder

Good care from urology department at York Hospital

I have been seen on several occasions by the outpatients/Urology department and in the day centre.

I found the outpatient service excellent. On occasion when service was running late, I was informed of the expected delay (which was not that severe) and I found all the staff there very friendly and efficient.

Under the care of the Urology department, I found the staff outstanding in support and helping me. My specialist was excellent (Mr Wilson). My care in the day centre was really good.

All in all, I was very impressed with the level of service I received there.


Nobody available to tell us what is going on

My elderly father and mother have had such difficulty in dealing with this hospital. The service is awful, cleanliness and hygiene is poor, patient care seems nearly non existent and patients are always kept in the dark and waiting for hours on end.

My father was taken ill into GWH a number of weeks ago, the nurses seemed incapable of performing routine tasks such as taking blood and putting a catheter in. They seem to use people as pin-cushions here way before getting someone to perform a procedure that is capable.

Worse than this, my father had kidney issues and was in the urology department (the one we have had all of the issues with). Part of the process is keeping a high, but steady fluid intake into each patient and monitoring this. On several occasions I had to walk around the ward trying to find someone to bring him water after asking many times. A simple requirement like this turned into a very long winded process and on one occasion took over two hours to get a jug of water for him.

The nurses and doctors were also using a sink in the ward (Ampney ward) that had no soap, they were simply washing with water after examining patients and performing procedures. After telling them on several occasions there was no anti-bacterial hand wash, they listened and put some in, but this took THREE days. Nobody that I saw in this time used the solution at the end of each bed to kill bacteria or germs. On another occasion, a sterile carton was opened, then left on a dirty window sill with an open window for over 30 minutes before the doctor returned and then went to use the implements on my father – he was surprised when we refused.

Procedures and timing is always late, and we aren’t talking the odd hour, we are talking hours upon hours, sometimes an entire day. In this time, it seems impossible to get any answers from the staff – the doctors or people that are in the ‘know’ are never available.

Trying to talk to anyone also seems impossible. Secretaries and administrative staff seem to go home as early as 3:30, if you try to talk to somebody on the phone to resolve an issue they simply transfer you all around until you either have a phone ringing off the hook or an answer phone.

My father went back into hospital for an operation today, they made him get changed into a gown and wait in the normal outpatient area for six hours – three hours passed the appointment, during this time no one as normal seemed to know what was going on and simply told my parents to wait for the doctor. At 17:30 staff packed up and went home, they told my father to get dressed and go home as they couldn’t do it now.

Upon complaining they were told they would just have to sit around and wait to speak to the doctor with no indication again of how long he would be, then staff proceeded to go home.

I called the hospital to ask what was going on after my mother called me upset (they were very worried about the operation as it was, and now had yet again been messed around). The switchboard put me through incorrectly to the booking centre, then I went back to the switch board, then they transferred me to the ward which rang off the hook. Then they told me the staff in that ward had gone home earlier, they transferred me to another ward incorrectly who couldn’t help (but I was told they could), I then went back to the switchboard after complaining they said there was nothing they could do and transferred me to the customer liaison team who go home at 4:30.

Honestly, this is pathetic. I get the feeling the only way someone gets any treatment or service is if they are dying and turn up in an ambulance.


Adult day care unit

Arrived in good time for appointment, first on the list.

So why did I have to wait 15 minutes.

Nurse asked if it was my first visit, explained it was my third.

My notes were not available.

Had to give them a quick explanation of why I was there, whilst sitting in the waiting room.

They went off, waited another five minutes, they kept telling me that my treatment should be done at home by the district nurses, and would not or could not understand what I was saying, that the district nurse has said they won’t do it as they can’t guarantee the hygiene needed at home.

This was also confirmed by the practice nurse at my GP surgery.

The hospital appointments were arranged by the urology cancer nurse specialist.

If the nurse had my notes they would have seen this.

During the treatment they went through telling me again that it should be done by the district nurse, then admitted that they had had several similar complaints from other patients about the district nurse service, or lack of. So why tell me that I should be having them visit weekly doing bladder washes if they know they don’t?

Also, they attempted to fit a different bag from the one they had just removed, and when I asked for a short bag, as this was what my consultant had said I should be using, they said they were not the usual one.

I know that, but they work for me, and surely my needs as the patient are important?

Read your own poster about listening to the patients.

I did not see the nurse with my notes, so have no idea if my comments about the consultant’s instructions are recorded or that the cancer nurse specialist organised my treatment, or if the correct equipment is to be offered.

So will I have to go through this again at my next appointment?

I left with a letter with the appointment date and time, but they did not bother to complete my name and hospital number.

Not exactly efficient.

I asked about a different system that the consultant had mentioned in my last outpatient appointment.

The nurse gave me two, one opened so not sterile, and told me to speak to my GP.

There was no literature offered to read.

I had a quick demonstration and that was all.

Very disappointing.


Faith restored!

Having had an awful experience at Lincoln A & E,I requested follow up at Grantham Hospital.

What a difference! I want to thank all the staff in Urology.

I was treated with respect and dignity,everything was carefully and patiently explained and all my questions were answered.

A credit to ULHT

Being without anxiety this time will help me to recover quicker,no doubt about it.

Lynn D D

Appointments and communication

It has been 5 weeks now since I had my CT scan, finally after constant calling, I finally got to see my consultant (Urology), after my appointment I was still none the wiser than when I went in, I have been in costant pain for 6 months, after various tests they have found two cysts, one above my kidney and the other somewhere in my gastro area, the consultant said because it was not my kidneys they would need to refer me to Gastrololgy and was not sure how long I would need to wait for an appointment, I have now been in severe pain for the last six months and I am being bounced from one to the other, I just one someone to give me some answers and the treament I need, I feel Urology have just passed the buck, I would like some answers, I have again left a message for my urology consultant’s secretary again this morning to make sure that the referal as been done, waiting on an answere again.

If I dont get any answers or appointment today, I will take this higher, I pay my taxes and NI and feel I have every right to be treated as well as the next person.

tracey Keppel

Don’t take referral issues out on the patient!

My appointment was this morning and I had to have x2 investigation, an Ultrasound scan for urology and then a invasive investigation to my bladder health.

From entering the hospital early, every member of staff was polite and helpful, until I actually met the consultant/doctor who was to perform the investigation. They did introduce themselves ( I have forgotten their name, sorry), asked how I was and if I was well. I responded that I was very well. They then proceeded to ask me why I was there, that the referral was wrong and that it should not have been done and that I should not have been referred, and that I didn’t need the flexible cystoscopy performing . They then proceeded to tell me that the results of all my urine tests all proved negative and again that the referral was wrong and not needed.

I then was made to make the decision as to whether to go ahead with the procedure, which I chose to do. The procedure took far less time to do than the doctor had taken in complaining to me that I should not be there. I felt their attitude was very threatening and rude. I would like to think that this type of problem is not dealt with in this way: if there is a problem with the referral system, it should NOT be taken out on the patient. A simple explanation of their concerns could have been made, but not so forcefully that I felt a `fraud` and was wasting their time.

My GP had referred me in good faith, I have NO reason to question their clinical judgement.

I work for the NHS as a band seven district nurse team leader. I would expect any of my patients to complain if any of my team had spoken to them the way I was spoken to this morning.


My bladder problems remain unresolved

I have had problems with my bladder for 20 years. I have not been successful with exercise (physio, pelvic floor). My problem is intermittent. Doctor’s insist on labelling me with everything I go to the surgery with, including Asthma, as anxiety.

I have never knowingly been checked for infections that might be the cause but informed that I have an irritable bladder. Of all my treatment my worst experience has been with the Rotherham urology department.

I’ve been abused when I rang to ask for an appointment because I asked if the specialist had returned from vacation by someone covering the phones in the morning.

In 2010 I called to the GUM Rotherham and received antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis and most of my symptoms cleared up (being woken in the night because of bladder pain being one of them which I have had for years). I informed the specialist of this.

I had a cystoscopy approximately 2010, Rotherham. I had my urine test for infections, not told what the tests were or even if I was clear and to wash with a medicated soap pre-operation. I discovered post-op I was sharing a ward with cancer patients. I already feel embarrassed at my condition and this caused me to break down.

I was told that they had stretched my urethra. I know I don’t have a valve problem, but trusted opinion when I was required to go for another urodynamic test. I’ve had three previously over the years and all were different.

I was scanned whilst my bladder was filled and emptied. Whilst in the waiting room I was humiliated as the chair you sit on during the test, was pushed by me and I’m being treated like a time waster. I stated that I wanted to leave whilst in the treatment room, but was talked into staying and then to sign a consent form, under stress.

During the procedure, they placed a catheter in my urinary tract and I felt a needle being inserted. I was not informed that they freeze you! The test continued, I urinated into a bucket, the technician? Stated “I bet you wished that your bladder performed like that all the time”. This test is just set up to humiliate and make me go away. I did contact my primary care department at the time this happened, they called me back and I said I’d let it go.

I was supposed to return to the Urology clinic as I still have problems, the thought of that makes me feel sick. Specialists are deferring me with wasteful damaging treatments which are just making me worse.

I also keep getting, you are a complex case. I am complex case because I’m not getting resolution. Originally when I was 25 years old I was told I was too young for intervention now I get told to lose weight. I was slim when my problems started.

I am yet again waiting for counselling because of stress and anxiety.

Ima objetos