Shocked by my brother’s care before he died

My brother was seriously ill for over three months before being diagnosed with lymphoma.

His body was covered in weeping ulcerations that were particularly deep around his groin area. He was virtually unable to walk and bedridden most of the time.

On one particular visit to Ward 23 I was shocked to find his commode had been removed several days earlier and he was required to use the wards communal toilet. This exposed his wounds to any infection. He was told someone else needed the use of the commode more than himself.

I also found that he had resorted to dressing his own wounds himself because some of the nurses seemed incapable of administering treatment to his ulcers for the correct amount of time, resulting in frequent burning to his ulcers. It was later discovered they were using the wrong type of treatments anyway.

He had also taken to showering himself to keep his wounds dry and the water at the right temperature as some nurses seemed incapable of either. After finally receiving the correct diagnoses he began chemotherapy two weeks ago on a different ward where the nurses were outstanding and a credit to their profession.

However, after initially responding well to the first treatment he contracted MRSA in his lungs. I spent this weekend watching him die a horrible slow death, all thanks to an unclean hospital.


Urology at Guy’s Hospital rocks!

I am a 41 year old female that would like to warmly thank the clinical staff in the Urology Department at Guy’s Hospital, London, for treating the problematic symptoms with my bladder of “urgency” and “frequency” which made my daily life increasingly difficult if not impossible. I had put off having the recommended procedures for my bladder to undergo a “urethral dilation” and “hydro distension” as it all looked very scary on the internet with the use of a rather “medieval looking” rigid cystoscope. I had been racked with terrible nerves on the day of the admission. Sure it was excruciating pain to spend a penny for a few days afterwards and waiting for the biopsy results was a particularly anxious period as I was assuming the worst. But look at the difference now some six weeks later. My bladder is almost back to normal function and there has been a considerable improvement in my bladder symptoms.

Particular thanks go to Mr Cahill, Mr Glass and Mr Bultitude who were all involved in getting my bladder back on track and had treated me with such compassion during the course of my treatment. The modern Urology Centre at Guy’s Hospital is bright, friendly and a real pleasure to visit as a patient. This is the only Urology Department I would ever visit should there be any recurrence of my symptoms. Hopefully in 20 years time or so.

Basically, Urology at Guy’s Hospital rocks!!!

Dodgy Bladder

Treatment for supraventricular tachycardia

I went to my GP’s surgery, had an ECG, was sent by ambulance to A&E, where they performed a cardioversion.

I was allowed to go home.

Unfortunately the problem recurred and I went through the same process again.

I cannot fault any of the care I had, from the practice nurses, the GP, the desk staff, the paramedics and all the people at QA, including the porters, all were fantastic.

I felt very safe throughout


My consultant is patient and helpful at the diabetic Clinic

I attend the diabetic clinic at the QMC as it is an ongoing problem. The best thing about my treatment is the consultant who is knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I think the parking could be better though. I would like to thank Peter for all his help.


Poor after care during fertilty treatment

I was diagnosed with PCOS in December 2009, my gynae consultant prescribed Clomifene to help combat the problem with the request I have my bloods taken on the 21st of every menstrual cycle and then meet with him in another three months. I did as asked and on my next appointment I was seen by a different doctor who I feel was not familiar with my medical background, and who could not find the results of my blood tests. I was made to feel like a liar who had not even had the tests done which obviously I had. I was sent away with another prescription and told to go back in three months, my prescription ended up being almost a month short of pills and I’m unable to have any of the doctors time to have the problem rectified. I was also spoken to very abruptly by the secretary of the consultant who did not seem to me to be very compassionate. While I understand administrative staff are not medically trained I do feel they should be better equipped to deal with patient complaints, especially of a sensitive nature. I feel my partner and I are not being cared for properly in light of nature of our treatment.

Emma Louise

The consultants at QMC gatroenterology are amazing

I would like to say that after suffering from a severe bowel condition for 15 years, that left me housebound, I was extremely pleased to finally be given a diagnosis from QMC which now has me on the correct medication and I am able to finally live my life!

If only my GP had been as concerned about my well being. Then I wouldn’t have been fobbed off with the wrong medication for 15 years. Maybe GPs should listen to their patients’ concerns and then cases like mine wouldn’t happen.

The consultants at the QMC Treatment centre are amazing.


Poor treatment and no response to complaint

Following the ppor treatment and death of my dad, I have had cause to complain about Westmorland General.

I have contactact the PALS team and the Chief Exec on a number of occasions and been told that they have answers for me – but these have never materialised.

It is now at least 7 months since I was first told that there was a response to my concerns – I don’t want to go into any detail here as I feel it unfair if I do not give the staff opportunity to answer what I have raised (about both Westmorland General and Lancaster Royal)

I am at a loss where to go now for answers. My local MP is currently trying to get an answer for me, but I don’t think he’s had any response as yet.


Exceptional care on Harvey 2 ward

I was refered to Harvey 2 on the City Site of NUH from my GP

The care I received on that ward was exceptional. The ward team worked well together, reflecting very well on senior ward staff, and gave me a level of care that was far in advance of anything I expected.

I felt confident in the staff and the treatment I received at all times.

The physical environment of the ward has been very well maintained with a very high cleaning standard.