Chemotherapy- Day Unit YPU

The final treatment of my chemotherapy I waited for 5 1/2 hours before being told that although my drugs had been ready, they weren’t brought up and had expired. They then informed me that I would not be able to have chemotherapy on that day. The pharmacy had not sent them up. They told me I would have to have it the next day but I was planning on returning home to see my mum and friends as I only transferred to Birmingham as I am a student.

I was very upset and the nurses were extremely understanding and helpful making sure that the pharmacy stayed open so my drugs could be made. I arrived at the hospital at 11am and left 11. 30pm. At my previous hospital in Kent I was in and out in 2 1/2 hours without fail. I would like to note that at every hospital I have attended it seems to me that the pharmacy are severely understaffed unable to cope with the high volume of patient demand.


Despairing of the doctor at Montagu

I recently went to see a doctor at Montagu Hospital having been referred by my GP. I am showing all the signs of having ME/chronic fatigue syndrome and have had months of tests to eliminate other possible causes of my symptoms.

Because I am not very good at speaking to professionals about my ailments I had done some background reading on ME and printed out a page from the Action for ME website regarding symptoms, which I had annotated to help me to express my concerns and for the doctor to see the correlation. I am fully aware of the dangers of self-diagnosis and went with an open mind for a professional opinion and discussion.

After reading aloud the notes from my GP, the doctor spent the rest of the 10 minutes I spent with him focusing on my ‘tiredness’. I was given little opportunity to explain that the ‘tiredness’ was so much more – I showed him the notes I’d made. He glanced through them and effectively dismissed them with what was a poorly disguised snort of ridicule. He proceeded to explain that ME was a condition found only in young people who’d had glandular fever, and one from which they all recovered. This does not agree at all with the information I’d had from the various ME groups and societies.

He then decided to do some more tests, which even my GP considers irrelevant.

I left feeling confused, angry, upset, despairing. I felt as though I’d been laughed at and not taken seriously. I will not be returning to that doctor for more of this and instead have taken advice from Action for ME and am working with my GP towards a diagnosis.


Not treated for Hypothyroidsm for two years, with severe consequences

I have an under active thyroid condition. I recently obtained my blood test results from a year ago, and I was above the ‘normal range’ for having an under active thyroid, however no doctor at my surgery had called me in to discuss this, consequently I have become very ill and had to give up a promising college course and have been very ill for over a year. The symptoms of this condition started over two years ago and have gradually got worse.

I did see a G.P. who told me I was depressed and had I see a psychiatrist lately. But eventually I saw another G.P. who started me on a course of thyroid treatment. In the U.S.A. thyroid treatment is started a lot earlier than in this country, when the blood tests show over the normal range at 3.0 but here we have to wait until the blood shows over the normal range at 5.5, and even in Germany people are treated when the range is just over 2.0. This seems a better way to go, as the amount of time I have had to take off of work has been two years, plus a college course, and I have been too ill to do either, wouldn’t it be better to treat people a lot earlier then they could be working and paying their taxes instead of being a drain on the benefits system – because I have had to live on benefits for two years.


DART feedback and why I am now going private

After several months feeling progressively worse, I was finally referred by my GP to gastroenterology. Having received the DART letter asking me to call and book my appointment with the specialist, I went along to North Devon Hospital.

I then realised I was being seen in General Medicine, not gastroenterology as my GP wanted. It gets better, after having been told everything my GP had also told me I was discharged back to my GP and told he needed to refer me to gastroenterology. I went in the next day to speak to my GP, who immediatly got back onto sending me to the right department.

2 weeks passed, I then heard from DART again, this time for the correct department. When I checked and the lady on the line asked why I was asking, I informed her that they had sent me to the wrong clinic. She told me I was wrong, it must have been my GP made a mistake on the referral. I was present when my GP dictated the letter. I know he did not make the mistake.

Anyway, we eventually moved on, and I was told this time they couldn’t make me an appointment as the specialist had to look over my referral and decide if further tests were needed, and then they would get in touch with me. I was informed I could be waiting 12 weeks.

I went back to see my GP and my parents are now paying for a private consultation, as I can’t wait another 12 weeks, I am struggling to work 3 days a week as it is due to the tiredness and everything is suffering.

The final icing on the cake was when my GP saw the letter and realised who I had seen, he told me I had been see by “care for the elderly.” I am 24. It said so on my referral, even if it had not, my DOB is on my records which they had.

I have yet to hear anything positive about DART, everyone I have spoken to seems to have similar stories about them, and mistakes they have made.

c c bear

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

I have suffered Absolute hell for the last 25 years all over the North of England due to having CFS / ME, from my home town of Doncaster to here where I Now live in Hull. In my opinion the many GP’s I’ve seen, and especially the Psychiatrists/CPN’s etc that I’ve seen, have been hopeless at diagnosing & helping with it. I now have 4 Official Complaints lodged with the NHS Ombudsmans Dept over it.

The last NHS Dept’s I’ve seen are the Memory Clinic at Miranda

house in Hull and the Immunology Dept at Simpson Building, Hull Royal Infirmary.

At this moment I don’t know yet, whether they will properly investigate my Constant tiredness and actually help me or not. I havn’t been with them long enough to make an evaluation…

Sleepless Chris-Hull

Bowel cancer treatment

I was treated at the Spire hospital Cheshire by a Consultant Gastroenterologist. I was experiencing changes to my usual bowel habits, weight loss, lack of appetite and extreme tiredness and anaemia.. Unusually I think, I also had several episodes of high temperature and rigors which was found not to be related to infection. Following a gastroscopy, which was negative and review of CT scan of my abdomen which showed a thickening in my bowel the Consultant performed a colonoscopy which confirmed bowel cancer. He then referred me to a Consultant surgeon who performed my surgery to remove the tumour. I was in the high dependancy unit for 48 hours following the operation, during this time my pain was managed very efficiently and post operative care was excellent. I was then transferred to the ward where I continued my recovery. I remained in hospital for 7 days. I have only the highest praise for all the staff at the Spire, everyone I came into contact with during this frightening and worrying time made me feel supported and confident in their expertise. The standard of care at this hospital is second to none and I would like to thank each and everyone I had contact with. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Spire hospital to anyone for the quality of care and excellent medical staff. My sincere thanks to you all.

Gaynor Naylor

Ambulatory Care Consultant

I’ve tried navigating the DMH service and this seems to be the only easy way to make contact. My husband was sent to the Unit by our GP. He has several problems including Parkinson’s, cellulitis and anaemia. Although his iron levels were slightly above the magical ‘8’, the GP considered a transfusion would be the best action forwards. He underwent tests at DMH and eventually, the consultant decided to give him a weeks supply of iron tablets. No way was a transfusion going to happen. My husband is now doubly incontinent with ‘water pills’, constipation from the iron tablets and diarrhoea from movicol to counteract the constipation. He just can’t get to the toilet in time due to his excessive tiredness and Parkinson’s. I feel that the consultant only took into consideration his branch of medicine, not, as the GP had done, take an overall view as to what is best for the patient. with the many and various problems. I am left to pick up the pieces. The Incontinence Care Department takes up to 6 weeks to deal with cases, as I have just found out from the District Nurse, having duly filled in a 3 day diary. It will apparently take 4 to 6 weeks to overcome the anaemia. I’ve had to take up the bedroom carpet, and take it to the dump, and the lounge carpet stinks. I’m not sure I can cope much more. I am broken by the NHS.


Extremely personable staff at Ward 4b and surgical

I was admitted to ward 4B yesterday for a relatively routine inpatient procedure. for whatever reason, tiredness I think, i was gripped by acute anxiety whilst on the ward and being prepped for theatre. Every single person I came into contact with yesterday was absolutely lovely in their manner (I have been treated poorly by hospital staff before now) and I feel that along with efficiency, this is really important especially for someone in such an anxious state. The consultant/surgeon, although I only saw him briefly, also took some time to reassure me and was very pleasant, which is not always the case amongst consultants.

I now have renewed faith that NHS workers actually do care about patient care, as I had lost this having seen my elderly grandad neglected in hospital at end of life.

I would say, perhaps there was a small issue in terms of communicating to me the outcome of my surgery. I am a person who can communicate at all levels and expected to be kept informed, but I felt this did not happen in the way I expected it might. However, overall extremely satisfied with my care so far. Hope I am treated as well as an outpatient….


I am currently a patient of the hospital

I am sitting in my hospital bed still in agony from on going back pain still have not received ant pain killers for this. I am a healthy fit extremely happy person , love my job family live life to the full. Last few months I’ve felt not quite right several unsuccessful attempts to get a drs app later sitting at my desk in work after a week of suffering extreme tiredness. Bearing in mind. I do not believe in naps ! unable to control my temperature I sudden felt very unwell. I left work went straight to my docs usual blood tests my red n white cells were all over the place. She diagnosed pernicious anemia. Prescribed vit b12 injections said I would feel better. My symptoms became worse , palpitations sleeping anywhere even when driving feeling extremely poorly unable to function feeling so cold and a Huge weight loss. Two weeks ago I woke with awful leg pain n then my back started. Another trip to the docs this time a water sample high levels of protein n blood treated me for kidney infection still with worsening pain still unable to function nausea a stone n ten pound weight loss my dr very unhappy sent me to ane. I arrived clearly unwell curled up in a ball asleep to be told by triage I faced a terrible wait. 9 patients before me obviously no idea wat would come through doors on stretcher. She advised me to go home n to corm back at 8 were I would be taken straight through to mab. I became very unwell here vomiting quite violently. I have nothing but praise for the guys here. I was finally admitted at three that afternoon bearing in mind I have no temp and my obs r all fine. No one in this ward is listening to me. I feel awful extremely unwell and I am so frustrated with the lack of respect for myself and my dignity it has even been suggested I have aids. One dr from the chest department has shown me any respect my ct has shown a shadow on my lung he has assured me a scan in three months to check this is fine. More importantly he thinks I have bronchi ecstasies which would be fitting with an immune deficient disease which my symptoms would point to. I am sitting in my hospital bed waiting to have a camera down my throat , which will be very painful as my mouth is so dry I am also sitting here in pain , frustrated upset feeling bloody awful , I thought hospitals were here to show you care? Ward 11 spotless a lovely ward and I’m sure if u r a gastro patient the care would be lovely ! I’m just sorry that a hospital I have always been so full of praise for. My dad is a patient here and has been for 30 years .. Well I am sitting here feeling so ill so confused and hurt by the lack of respect oe dignity I have been shown. I feel the staff think I am a fraud


Total Laparocopic Hysterctomy & Bilateral…

Had this done aged 45yrs – April 2015. The surgical day unit staff are lovely & really look after you. The Branshaw ward also keep a good eye on. I came home after 24hrs with HRT patches. I am lucky as I have not felt any pain at all and hardly any bleeding. Do not worry if you have to have this operation, you will start to feel better in no time. Tiredness is all I can complain about really! Shout out to the surgical day unit – you really looked after me and made me feel comfortable while waiting for my operation – thank you so very much!