Appointment could have offered more information

My 4years old son was taken to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and he was looked after and dealt with professionally and promptly. We were out of there within an hour. I then detached my short hand, right bicep tendon and spent 5hours in casualty at the Northern General Hospital. I was seen the nest afternoon the nest afternoon by a consultant in orthopaedics who I felt was show-boating in front of their new students. They fortunately passed me on to a 2nd consultant when I questioned him. My care from then on was excellent.

Although my operation was postponed once due to the lack of a suitable screw for my operation, it did however take place within a week of the initial injury and I am making good recovery.

Post-0p would have been better if my first appointment had offered me more information rather than being held by a Junior doctor how seemed to be just going through the motion. The 2nd appointment was very much better


Upset with lack of care from Weston super Mare

Moving a heavy object a few days ago I felt a ripping in my shoulder.

I went to work anyway but realized by the shape of my arm something was wrong. After a medically trained neighbour had a look and said he thought i had torn the tendon i went to casualty at Weston general hospital.

We waited and after 5 hours the A&E doctor said that as i am in my 40’s, active and have a job that requires full use and strength in my arms i would require surgery. She called her colleague who is more expert in such cases and she agreed and also called the consultant (02.30 in the morning), and discussed it with him. He also concurred but said rather than keeping me in hospital and going in blind in the morning he’d prefer it if i came back to the hospital and had some scans etc done.

However when i came back i was seen by another consultant, who walked in and without any consultation, looked at my arm, said he’d done one of those ops once and it didn’t work well, and he wouldn’t operate so i should live with it.

Fine for him to say so. Is he going to pay my wages because if i am to lose strength and usage of my right arm i also lose my job.

Why is Weston General so shocked each year when they come bottom of the leagues when that is the attitude towards patients?


The treatment I received at Accident and Emergency

This all happened at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital on a recent evening. I will try to be brief.

I cut my toe on my left foot while training. It was so deep you could see all the white fibrous tissue on the inside, maybe my tendon or bone, not too sure to be honest.

My instructor took me straight away to the A&E. I was bleeding a lot, after 10 minutes waiting on the reception one nurse came and put a temporary bandage on it, few moments later she took me to a bed inside the ward and left me there, waiting, for 3 hours! With nothing. She said I was gonna get an x-ray on my foot to check if was any damage to the bones. But nothing.

The only thing that happened was that after 3 hours a doctor which I cant recall the name, came in and took the bandages off to “take a look”. They said another doctor, more experienced, would come to check if I would need stitches.

About 30 minutes later another nurse came into the room where I was and started “cleaning” the wound to put on those strips. The thing is, she barely cleaned the wound or anywhere around it, and started putting the “strips stitches” to close the very deep cut I had.

I then asked her what about the doctor that was coming? And she said that I wouldn’t need anything and that the doctor that had just seem me 30min ago, was new and didn’t know much. I was in shock. So I asked her questions about the cut and if those strips and glue would be enough and if I wouldn’t need an x-ray etc, because I was worried. That was when she started being extremely rude.

She shouted that I would not need any stiches or the x-ray or that I would need to rest, she told me to put my trainers and go to work on the next day, that it would be fine. I was confused. I could not believe what I was hearing. Please believe me, I am not joking, the cut is really deep, and it hurts right now. (I’ve got the pictures to prove).

I could not stand up and walk normally, and asked if I could have one of those crutches, she kind of laughed and said: definitely not. I told her I was confused and afraid the cut would open again, and she replied rudely again saying: I already told you! You won’t need anything, its nothing serious!

Ok, I understand that are multiple worse scenarios, but I don’t think it is right to treat any patient like she treated me. I felt humiliated and could not find words to argue. I just became silent. Moments later, she stood in front of the room and I felt she said it out loud so everybody could listen to her being “polite”: “Hi darling you are free to go”. So sarcastic, pretending that her treatment to me was exceptional.

Anyway, now I am here in my room, in pain, with the cut still bleeding on the edges and I can’t walk without the pain increasing and without feeling very insecure with the dressing she did. After all this, I can’t believe I am still bleeding. This is absurd, and I would like to report her but I don’t know where to go, or who to speak to so that nobody gets ever treated like this again in that excellent hospital.

Something has to be done, this is wrong! It is very wrong!


My son badly cut his finger at work

My son badly cut his finger at work about a month ago,he went straight to Southport hospital were it was stitched up,(no X-Ray or antibiotics were given). Two days later he had the dressing changed at Maghull Health Center and was told he would need to get some antibiotics from his doctor as it looked like it was going infected.

He went to the doctors but was told he should go to the Skelmersdale Walk in Center because they would be able to redress it once they had looked at it, so he went straight there. Thankfully for my son he got to see a nurse who was experienced enough to know that his finger was not only infected but also there was alot more damage to it than Southport has detected and she sent him to Ormskirk Hospital straight away for an X-ray,they then sent him back to Southport,who decided ‘just to be on the safe side’ they would send him to Whiston Hospital were he ended up having a two hour operation to repair his finger, he had 70% severed his tendon,cut his nerve and his artery, I was told that if this had gone undetected he would have lost his finger.


Shoulder injury

Two weeks ago my shoulder froze up and I was experiencing severe pain.

Being pregnant I went to my GP who packed me off with some codeine and a pat on the head for being a pregnant emotional women. The next night the pain was so bad I went to A&E where they did an x-ray and found an inch of calcium in my shoulder tendon.

The following week I had a cortisone injection which has done nothing to relieve the pain. However, despite being unable to move the arm or sleep for pain I was referred for physio. Another trip to the GP and I finally get a referral to a specialist only to be told there is an 8wk wait for appointments.

The administrative delay has been atrocious. Two more months of pain, stress, sleepless nights and reduced income (I can’t work with one arm) for me and my baby. Then, god knows how long a wait for ultra-sound or an op to fix it. Realistically, when I have the baby this won’t be resolved and i’ll then have to find some money to pay someone to help me with the baby as i wont be able to pick up, hold it, breast-feed etc.

This is unacceptable and distressing.


It will be as good as new

I have had a second toe, sequential repair. In essence my second toe was unstable and crossing over my third toe causing pain, discomfort and trouble getting shoes to fit property. Unfortunately I have inherited my parents feet and have really bad bunions which are not painful. This has only contributed to an imbalance of weight distribution on my left foot which has caused my second toe to bear more weight than it should and such drift to the left. The surgery was to straighten my toe and get it to lie flat and also let it act again as a support to my big toe which is already deformed because of my bunion. So by doing some tendon work and taking a small piece of bone out of my second toe and pinning it in place it will be as good as new.


10/10 for Frimley Park Hospital

A few years ago, I lived and worked in Peterborough and suffered 2 collapses at work both were diagnosed as strokes by Paramedics and I was taken to PDH.

On both occasions the Paramedics’ diagnosis was ignored by doctors and I was discharged

I had another collapse at home, I could not move and managed to call an ambulance. I was again taken to PDH where the A&E doctor immediately diagnosed stroke and admitted me. The consultant sent me for an MRI scan which revealed multiple infarcts on the right side of my brain. He reviewed my notes and told me that I should have been admitted on my first collapse as it was probably a stroke. Further tests revealed DVT behind both knees. I was then given clot busters and-physiotherapy.

Physio only worked on my walking ability, as a stay on the stroke ward was limited to 6 weeks, my left arm/hand was not treated at all.

I was discharged in 6 months later, able to walk but unable to use my left arm and hand. I was referred to physio outpatients for further treatment after a few visits my physiotherapist pronounced that there was nothing she could do for me left arm/hand as it was spasticised.

On requesting information about making a complaint I was advised by the hospital to contact a solicitor which I did, after quite a long delay. My case was referred to a consultant by my solicitor. The consultant rejected my claim for medical negligence, stating that PDH had done all they could have done and no mistakes were made! Therefore my claim was dismissed.

I moved to Hampshire into sheltered accommodation and went under the care of Frimley Park Hospital. What a difference! They have tried so many treatments to fix my arm/hand problems:

1. Tendon lengthening surgery to release the pressure on my hand and let it work this was unsuccessful.

2. Physio to try opening my hand.

3. Most recently BOTOX therapy to relax the muscles in my left arm, this is new to me and I have had no positive results so far but I am hopeful. I also have MS and my consultant is an MS specialist. They are very assertive that my stroke condition will be improved.

FPH is Brilliant, I give it 10/10. PDH has been closed and all services moved to Peterborough City Hospital (PCH) that was the Edith Cavell Hospital which was rebuilt for the move to take place. It does have the same staff.

PDH, I give 0/10.


Billericay Ward /ST Andrews

Cut ring finger on circular saw, Sat 11th May, so i went to A&E at Southend, i was then sent to Broomfield on the Sunday am. I waited all day and finally i was given a bed at 8pm, then advised to go home and return Mon at 8am.

On arrival i was given the same bed, i waited until 5pm and had an operation on my tendon and was stitched up, GREAT. discharge advised as one hour- GREAT, also advised that needed to be seen in one week.

NO ADVICE RE appointment or time, called Friday 10th – will send e-mail to Therapy, same result on Tues 14th still no response from therapy, seems to be a lack of co-ordination between these two departments.

Consultant, surgeons and staff are great – it is being let down by lack of co-ordinated administration, so could be greatly improved – at least from my point of view and experience.