My personal matters were discussed by some staff members

Whilst admitted to Brockham ward in late March, I was made to feel intimidated by certain staff members who I felt were chatting/gossiping about my private/personal matters with other staff members. I believe the 2 staff members in question were warned many times by a concerned staff nurse who was looking after my best interests and was most certainly adhering to hospital policy. I cannot name the 2 staff members who I overheard gossiping about me throughout my stay. I am an alcoholic in recovery and my children are subject to CP plan so I feel vunerable and am already on anti anxiety meds as prescribed by my GP. I would rather not bother going into hospital and suffer the pain I was trying to get rid of than be publicly humiliated like this


Failure to abstain from alcohol

In July last year I was admitted to Sunderland Royal Hospital with alcohol withdrawal symptoms after losing my long term partner of seventeen years. I was told by two different consultants that I had caused so much damage to my health that I will die if I drink again. I was discharged after two weeks. I live alone in a flat now and have no friends whatsoever, therefore I have very little contact with the outside world.

The hospital did a great job of taking care of me. I felt the support I received after discharge was however absolutely nil. Now I am drinking again and I feel my doctor doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. I think in all probability I will end up in hospital again or even dead. It seems to me that there is no system whatsoever to help people who are in my situation to go on to live a normal life. We are in fact admitted, treated for our immediate medical problems and turfed out of hospital and left to our own devices. I think this results in failure to abstain from alcohol in my case. It is rather like being on a merry-go-round and not being able to get off. Whatever happened to after care? I feel as if the system as it stands only caters for the patients’ immediate needs. I feel let down by this.


Detox from Alcohol

I was taken to A and E after having a fit from alcohol. The doctor came to see me and said that they would admit me and give me a detox,

A detox usually from five to seven days, and medication was commenced. The next day after being put on a drip via cannula and given a good dose of a drug called Librium the ward doctor who I thought had a very rude and ignorant attitude told me I was going home. I said what with medication, and was told no. I asked well is it safe for me to drink, and was told no you must carry on drinking,

So they have spent all that money on giving me a quarter of a detox to let me back out to drink alcohol again, and possible end up doing further damage to myself due to my addiction.

This is crazy and a total waste of nhs funds

Refused addiction treatmen

positive experience staff treated us like people

i attened with my alcoholic partner who is well known and a nusaince to resourses however the staff we saw today were all courteous and gave a good level of care regardless of there own opinions of the situation we waited like anybody else would but not an excessive length of time before being seen and treated overall a positive experience how it should be credit to the staff who have so many people with so many problems through the department i would recommend in most cases, there have been other times diffrent wards and staff who have looked down on both my partner and myself who doesnt even have a drink problem and i have felt labelled the same these people obviously dont realise that alcoholism is not necessarily always self inflicted but a genuine disease mixed with mental health issues I myself worked in this and other hospitals many years ago and todays experience was overall very good.

Many thanks


I felt the nursing staff had a negative attitude to those on methadone

Whilst on the MAU 1 ward I was accused of taking illicit substances, I frequently went outside to smoke cigarettes and I believe the nursing staff was watching me on the CCTV, I was regularly tested for illicit use all of which proved negative.

I have been drug free for 8 years but felt the nursing staff had a negative attitude to those who are on a methadone prescription and made assumptions about me. I felt like I was spoken to in a derogatory manner and there was no follow up from metal health service afterwards.

I am disappointed by what I perceive as a lack of knowledge and training about substance misuse in the nursing staff.


Great hospital, Great Staff, Poor management and…

Excellent caring staff

What could be improved

The experience everytime my family and I walked towards the main entrance or passed the statue of Sir William Harvey.

I find it totally unacceptable that the Trust fail to enforce their zero tolerance towards people with an addiction to nicotine! This is a great hospital whos image, reputation and standards are marred on a daily basis by the filthy disrespectful pond life who provide visitors and patients with ‘passive doorway cancer’ on a daily basis. Please enforce the smoking ban in all areas including grounds as vigilantly as you enforce the parking rules and the hospital will look and feel like an establishment which cares and is a place were health will improve, unlike the current depression which is felt every time we arrive.


A dehumanising and depressing experience. Would…

What could be improved

For a unit that is content to have BBC film ‘Junior Doctors’ onsite, Chelsea & Westminster A&E seems remarkably happy to display its shortcomings.

From start to finish the staff viewed the patients as irritating inconveniences. There was little warmth or interaction, with the doctors completely inaccessible and reception staff cold and disinterested. No one took any notice of the alcoholic passed out cold on the floor of the waiting room. The waiting room itself was filthy, with food debris, wrapping and papers scattered all over.

My injury is minor – a suspected broken finger – but to wait three hours in total, only getting an x-ray after two hours, and not getting to see a doctor at all to get and discuss the results of the x-ray, is unacceptable.

A truly awful experience which I never want to repeat.


lack of real support

After various conversations with workers within the Ashley House setting I still feel like I have come no further along. I am now drugfree but that does not mean that all is ok.

My drugs have been taken away and the reality is I am left with the person that began taking the drugs in the first instance. I have been put in touch with the various agencies within Ashely House but there is no structure to my care and I feel that I have no proper care plan approaches in place.

It appears to me that if workers see me around the building then all must be ok with me and that is certainly not the case. Looks as we are all aware of are very decieving and who better than a addict to convey this.

For once I would be grateful for someone to listen to me and ask how I am but thats never going to happen is it if it continues the way. What do I have to do begin using drugs again and maybe just maybe I will be listened to and noticed


Outstanding and highly professional staff on MAU.

I thought my stay at the MAU(bay4 bed29) was exceptional. The staff were outstanding and were really caring and considerate to my needs. I was diagnosed and treated within 24 hours. The ward its self was run with professionalism from the auxiliary staff to the nurses to the doctors and consultants. MAU is a strange environment and has a lot of patients with alcohol and drug problems. The staff treated everyone with respect and dignity and nothing was too much trouble. I would like to thank all the staff who helped me especially getting my MRI done earlier than anticipated so I could go home to my family. I was diagnosed with idiocratic intercranium hypertension.

What could be improved

I would have liked the curtain around the beds to be pulled around and night time. It’s awkward doing it when the patient next to u is awake. It appears rude if I do it so if the nurses/auxilliaries did it would be more comfortable.

Thank you for helping me and for showing outstanding professionalism in all levels of the hierarchical structure of the hospital. Also the food was really good especially the beef and stout casserole.