Rude and Unprofessional

My boyfriend was at University when he started to feel very unwell. He had really strong pain in his stomach and was vomiting all the time. Someone called an ambulance and he was taken to this hospital. He was lying on the floor in A&E with plastic bag. He was in pain and was vomiting. He asked 2 doctors for help but there was no reaction.

After one hour a nurse took him and put him on a bed. She asked a lot of questions about alcohol and drugs and left. He doesnt take any drugs and he doesnt drink alcohol. After another hour doctor came and asked the same questions. My boyfirend was still in terrible pain and was vomiting all the time…. After another 40minutes they did blood tests and gave him paracetamol.

After next hour they said that blood tests are fine, they gave him co-codamol and sent him home. He said that he cant walk on his own and that he lives on the other side of London and that his parents will be there in another 40minutes. And what nurse did? She said that he has to leave now and that he can take a cab…

Is that a joke?

We took him from the station. He werent able to walk and talk and was vomiting.

It happened on Wednesday. On thursday he had jus a slice of bread for dinner and on friday morning I took him back to hospital. Now he is in Northwick Park Hospital and its another joke…


My son’s post operative chronic pain

My son had a cyst on his spleen drained and removed May last year. 6 weeks later he had awful stomach pains and I took him to A & E. The pains came back about every 6 weeks up until Christmas.

By Christmas he was on eight different tablets but they didn’t know what they were treating him for as nothing had been looked into. On our 7th visit to A & E within 7 months we refused to leave until something was done.

He had a CT scan which showed nothing. We have had some appointments since but no one knows what’s wrong and they are putting it down to post op chronic pain. I am still pushing for answers. I have complained to both The Evalina where he had his op but has now been discharged and our local hospital Tunbridge Wells where all the A & E visits were. We have now got our local MP involved.

Each scan he has seems to get different opinions as to who looks at it so have now arranged for a private scan to see who is right. One said he had a fatty lump on his liver and a haematoma on his spleen, the next 3 months later said there was no lump on his liver but that the cyst had returned on his spleen and they were adamant it isn’t a haematoma.

The surgeon also cut through his bowel during the op so we wondered if the problem was there. Our GP has been great, but the lack of care and compassion at both hospitals has appalled us.

My son is 17 and has spent the last 10 months in bed most of the time, not being able to go to college or have any sort of a social life. We have been banned from A&E even though we have been told he has stones in his appendix.

To turn up with a then 16 year old in pain and get told by a surgeon that its not his problem and that we should return to the Evalina. When I pointed out the pain he was in and then the Evalina was quite a journey away just said it wasn’t their problem and that he would arrange a outpatient appointment with the Evalina which he then never did anyway.

I don’t intend to give up. The operation was supposed to get him out of pain not make him worse.


The birth of my son at South Tyneside Hospital

My son was born in this hospital 2 years ago; I have just discovered this website and felt I had to tell my story.

A week after my son was due my waters broke, I went to the delivery suite and was examined by a midwife, she said my waters had broken and I would be induced within 48 hours to prevent infection to me and the baby. She left the room and came back, said the head midwife didn’t think my waters had broke and to go home and come back on my planned day of induction if I still didn’t go into labour naturally, I never saw the head midwife she didn’t even come into the room I was in.

For a week I had regular contractions and dilated 3 cms, I was made to go in every day for a heart trace of the baby, every time they said I had a sleepy baby as his heart rate kept slowing, a consultant was called each time and said trace looks fine send her home. I would then hear the midwives whispering that they didn’t think the trace looked good.

On planned day of induction I was told there was no bed for me on the delivery suite, was taken to delivery next morning. The midwife I was given tried to break my waters, I told her they had all ready broke but she tried anyway, said oh there is no waters there!

I ended up having an emergency section, during the op the Anaesthetist was arguing with the some of the midwives telling them to shut up, they were also arguing in recovery.

The next morning I was on maternity ward, told to get up and go in shower, I was in agony and was shouted at by a midwife for been in so much pain as apparently she had a section and wasn’t in pain like I was. I was walked to shower then left. I couldn’t bend down to take surgical stockings off so had to call for help, was huffed and puffed at then left again

I was allowed home the next day, a week later after I’d had the staples removed I felt really unwell, I was shaking and my teeth were chattering, my husband said there was an awful smell and liquid was seeping out of my section wound

I was told to go to A&E. The staff on A&E were lovely. A Gynaecologist came to see me, she was also lovely, she touched my wound and it exploded. What seemed like litres and litres of puss went all over her, up the walls and on the floor, she said my abdomen had burst

I was taken back to maternity ward with my son and given 3 bags of blood and intravenous antibiotics. The next day 3 consultants and 2 junior doctors came to see me, they didn’t introduce themselves or say what they were going to do. A midwife was told to get forceps, and they whispered amongst themselves, a midwife was told to lift my stomach up (bit over overhang off pregnancy belly ) a junior doctor proceeded to rip open the part of my wound that had healed, I was offered no pain relief or told what they were doing, I was in absolute agony and screaming at them to stop touching me, they then all left the room

A few hours later a midwife and a auxiliary arrived and told me they needed to get the fluid out of me, this meant the midwife putting both of her hands on my abdomen and pushing as hard as she could, again this was extremely painful and I was crying out and asking her to stop, she didn’t, at this point my husband walked in and asked them what the hell they thought they were doing, she walked out with her head down. He went down to the staff room to ask what was going on but nobody seemed to know

After this my husband wouldn’t leave me and slept in the private room on a chair for a week, another consultant came to see me, said my wound had broken down and you could see my rectal sheath, he said my wound would have to heal from the inside out then it would have to be sown up again, a lovely midwife arranged for me to have a bottle of gas and air brought to me, I used this the 2 times a day the wound was cleaned and packed

A week later the consultant came back and said he would “fix ” me

I was taken into theatre and my wound was cleaned and repaired, I was in theatre for 4 hours

it was the worst experience of my life, the way I was treated was an utter disgrace.


Referral from GP to Solihull Hospital

I was referred by my GP to Solihull Hospital as I have been having stomach pains and my iron level has dropped very low. My appointment will check to see if I have any internal bleeding.

I have not had to wait long for the appointment and I like to come to Solihull hospital as it is easy to drive there and park. I also had my breast removed here two years ago and have always had a really good experience with all the doctors and nurses here, they are very friendly.


Poor care at Nottingham QMC Clinic 2

I was a patient in Clinic 2 of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for the treatment of stomach problems. I would have preferred to have seen a female Doctor, as I have had bad experience of men in my life, and even though I stated this, I was still seen by a male Doctor. The Doctor I saw was a bit rough and he rushed me too much. I was then kept waiting for over an hour before being sent to have a blood test. I was given very little information as to what the problem was.

In future, I will not attend the QMC, but instead go to the City Hospital.


Thanks to all staff on ward 20 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary

My husband was a patient on ward 20 of the Doncaster Royal Infirmary for the treatment of stomach cancer. The standard of care which was given to him was very good in all respects. I was very pleased with the respect, kindness and attention given to him by all members of staff.

Thank you to all staff on the Day Shift on ward 20.


Courtesy and kindness at Rotherham General

I went to Rotherham General dermatology department and Anticoagulant department, for ecsema and deep vein thrombosis. I also had a rupture in my stomach. I was treated with courtesy, help and kindness. In the anticoagulant therapy outpatients, I would like to thank the nurses. I would also like to thank the nurses and doctors from dermatology outpatients.


Partners lack of an explanation of treatments or diagnosis

My partner had lower back and stomach pains and had seen the ‘Go to Doc’ service who provided 3 days worth of antibiotics for urinary infection and advised to see GP.

After some struggling to get in to see her GP came out with painkillers and none the wiser to what the problem could be even though the GP said it could be appendix, ectopic pregnancy or a number of things and advised to seek further help if pain doesn’t clear.

I ended up taking my partner to A&E at 5am in the morning and after bloods took was told it was a urinary infection. She was put on an antibiotic drip and told that should clear it. Minutes later she started shivering and was still in pain. The doctor then gave her some pethidine that eased the pain, sent for an x-ray and said he would keep her in for observation. She was moved to the Medical Assessment Unit and again placed on a drip but 60 hours later and after having ultrasound scan and bloods she still hasn’t been told what is wrong with her or what the treatments are for. And to make matters worse the woman making the beds has told her she’s going to have a transfusion and dialysis.

The nurses say they don’t know what’s happening and the times I’ve phoned for an update has been a joke, I get put through but the phone justs rings for ages with no answer. So as it stands we are left with my partner having no idea what’s wrong, all of us worrying and thinking maybe we should have gone to Manchester Royal Infirmary.

And also she wasn’t asked about her dietry needs, she’s vegetarian and this was only found out after 48 hours. And on a couple of occasions I saw some other patients due medication asking for it then not given any even though the nurses say they will deal with it. I think Tameside medical services in general need to improve their communication with patients as leaving them with no answers is disgraceful.


We feared the worst for our son throughout this awful day

My son was recovering from suspected swine flu and seemed to be getting much better. He hit 15 years old this year and suddenly began getting severe stomach pains which got consistently worse. He was in agony and could barely move. We called the nurse who suggested that it may be related to his appendix and advised that we take him to see an out of hours GP. The GP was concerned and so referred us to Royal Preston Hospital immediately. At 9pm that day my son was admitted to the ward. They suspected that he had swine flu so put him in isolation – which proved to be isolation by every meaning of the word as no doctor or nurse saw him, I was so worried that I called my husband and asked him to request a doctor. It took a while but the doctor finally came and said that he suspected my son’s pain was being caused by his appendix. He wanted to get a surgeon so in the meantime he administered painkillers. A surgeon arrived at 3am and confirmed that it was due to his appendix and booked my son in for treatment first thing in the morning- which we assumed would be before 9am. The nurses prepared him in the morning and he was nil by mouth from 6am. At 2pm he’d still not been called so I asked if someone could come and see him. The doctor who was going through the ward said, “He’s first on my list”. By 4/5pm, no one had come for my son- he was in extreme pain and we were told at this point that he would be called into surgery very soon and was a priority. Finally, at 8/9pm Dr. Lewis came and spoke to us. He was kind, sympathetic and explained exactly what would happen. Finally at just before midnight he was operated on. I don’t think it is any way acceptable that my son who was in extreme pain with suspected appendicitis should have waited 27 hours before being operated on. This appendix could have ruptured and we feared the worst throughout this awful day. I am considering making a formal complaint.


Poor care at Royal Bolton

My mother was a patient at the Royal Bolton hospital for the treatment of stomach problems. My mother did not seem to be told anything about her condition. She was left without food for many hours because she was to have a camera down her throat (which was subsequently postponed until the following day). She was told that she could have a mild anaesthetic prior to the camera, but the procedure was carried out without anaesthetic in the end (despite my mother saying that she didn’t want the operation if she wasn’t getting anaesthetic first). She was moved wards in the middle of the night (without being told why). Generally poor care!