My daughters experience in the A & E Department

Last week my daughter suffered terribly at the hands of a doctor in the A & E Department who refused to give her Entonox when she had four 6/7inch lacerations to the top of her left leg. She has always been given Entonox as her injuries where usually very bad and needed stitching as a result of her self-harming.

After seeing the triage nurse, I asked if she could have Entonox to help her manage the pain as this was what she was usually given. We were asked to wait in the reception area for a minute while she went to the minor’s area, I presumed she was going to get her seen. When nothing happened for about 20 minutes and my daughter started crying. I went to the minors department to ask for help as my daughter was in incredible pain.

She was offered two paracetamol for the pain and told she would just have to wait. My daughter was just left with no idea of how long she would have to wait or cope with such incredible pain. After a while I went back to the minors department and complained. It was only then that I was told that it was under the direct instructions of a particular doctor that my daughter was not to be given Entonox. I was disgusted and asked to speak with the doctor. I then went on to try and explain to the doctor that she needed to have the Enotonx to help her cope with the pain and that she had it every time she had such injuries it was about six weeks since she last had it. I could not understand why the doctor was refusing to give her the Entonox when they had not even examined her.

I didn’t get any answers from the doctor who just argued with me then said they’d had had enough and just walked out of the room. I felt the doctor was awful,very patronising and very argumentative. Having to argue with a doctor to try and get help whilst my daughter was just left alone in the waiting area crying in pain in front of everyone. It is a disgrace! ! I have complained about this particular doctor in June last year as I think they have a problem with people who self-harm. It is totally unacceptable to be treated this way.

I insisted that my daughter was seen by a consultant and eventually after suffering for nearly two hours she was given the Entonox. She was also was given Tramadol/Diclofenic and Paracetamol. She then had 40 stitches in her leg. I have filed another complaint with regards to the doctor’s conduct with the Patient Relations Department. If we could possibly avoid going to the A & E Department we would. It is unacceptable to be treated this way.

Another Concerned Parent

A and E nursing – Excellent

Dear Sirs

I am just writing to express my thanks to the nurse working in Epsom A and E on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd August at around 3p.m. To my shame I cannot remember their name (I was in complete shock at the time with my injury) but they did an absolutely first class job stitching up my little finger and I am so grateful to them. I know I did manage to thank them face to face at the time. I cannot describe how re-assuring it was to have someone so capable looking after me.

With kindest regards

T. Willmott

Teresa Willmott

A&E complaint

On the 30/08/2015 I came to A&E on the advice from Go To Doc, I had cut my thumb and it had been bleeding constant (heavily) for 1 hour, told by Go To Doc it needed stitching and that it was only available at A&E, seen by triage and they barely looked at it. Put a plaster on and told to elevate. Also told us we would be waiting 3 hours to see the doctor for stitches. 4 hours later we approached the receptionist to ask how long, they went to ask the minors department and came out “sorry, would you like to come through” Obviously we had been forgotten!

Eventually saw the doctor, who didn’t ask how I had cut it, didn’t really look at it. Told us we needed a plaster, this wound was still bleeding at this point, 6 hours later after I cut it! The nurse came over and gave us 3 plasters (as good will), no one cleaned my wound or applied the plaster. So I feel like it wasn’t looked at.

I am upset and feel like the A&E department didn’t take this seriously.

I felt like I was wasting people time and felt like Tameside had not met my values and beliefs and felt like at this time not everybody mattered!

The only good thing I saw this night was a lovely receptionist, they were lovely, and extremely caring towards an elderly patient, they took time out to reassure him. This member of staff looked as if nothing was any trouble and they helped everyone that was in the A&E dept that night. Thank you!

As for my treatment I will be getting a second opinion from my doctor tomorrow!


A&E after i fell and cut my face

I went to my walk in centre after falling and cutting my face badly. I was seen by triage within about 20 mins. They recommended an xray which involved going to the main hospital in our city. I was seen in that A&E triage within about half an hour and went through to see a doc about 15 mins later.

The care was wonderful throughout. The doctors identified that I have an alcohol and a mental health problem which had caused my fall.

They get me to see relevant nurses/experts and I have left with a plan. They may have saved my life as well as stitching my cheek.


The birth of my daughter

I went into hospital thinking everything was going to be a normal birth, but after giving birth only 2 hours after arriving everyting went wrong.

The doctor was stitching me after a small tear, but then realised i was bleeding from inside too. All i heard were people shouting & doctors running around then i was drifting in and out of consciousness.

I ended up in operating theatre for 5 hours, then transferred to intensive care after having an emergency hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. I was told my family were to be prepared for the worst but i came round and started to get back to some normality. There had been a tear deep in my womb, no one knows why but its supposed to be a rare thing to happen, but the doctors in the maternity unit of the QE hospital saved my life and i will always be grateful to them.

My daughter has just turned 14 and i always have a think about what happened on every birthday she had.


Cyst on my wife’s head

My wife had a cyst on her head and had an appointment at KMH at the end of Sept 2010. But as it had burst, we saw her GP a week before to get her seen quicker. The GP phoned the KMH and was told by the Surgical registrar that they would not see my wife any sooner than our appointment date because the cyst had been leaking and she may bring germs into the hospital.

The GP told my wife it had to be opened and scrapped out and the core of the cyst removed or else it will come back.

When my wife went to the KMH on the date of the appointment, it had been bleeding badly and she was told by the KMH doctor he didn’t treat cysts and so she needed to make an appointment to see another doctor the next day.

The same day I took a letter of complaint with pictures of the bleeding cyst to PALS office.

The next day the doctor at KHM told my wife she may have to wait a further 5 days to get it treated. Until I told the doctor at KMH, “no. you treat my wife now!” The KMH doctor told me I could complain to PALS. I said I already had the day before, with pictures of it bleeding, so you cannot say it was not too bad today, as I though my wife might not be treated at the second appointment. I said that if my wife was not seen now I would put what happened on a website as I was very skilled at doing so even though I am a pensioner

My wife was seen by a doctor and the cyst was removed the next day and the doctor was excellent cleaning the cyst and stitching the wound.


A&E at St James Leeds

I was in A&E for 5 hours yesterday with my 90 yr old Nan who has Dementia. She had fallen & had a large gash on her head that needed some attention. Obviously we just wanted to check out the cut & bruises were the only injuries.

We waited for approx an hour between each ‘intervention’. She got very tired & fed up & wanted to leave several times

The staff who dealt with us were charming & personable but it just dragged on. We had little sense of the plan or when we might be finished until a Senior Sister came to finally tend to the wound & did a fantastic job of cleaning & stitching it


The most outstanding care i have ever had was at Ward 78

I arrived for my operation as planned, this is the first operation i had done here and was made to feel at ease. All the appropriate parties came to see me prior and after the operation and all went to plan. I must congratulate and thank the team who did my Ovarectomy, as although my insides probably resemble somewhat of a car crash due to amount of existing scar tissue. They have done an outstanding job with some very classy careful stitching too, so my scars will be very minimal.

On Ward 78 the Doctors and nurses obviously work long hours and although were sometimes understaffed they were very well organised, ran a tight ship and it came across that they all communicated very well. The staff are obviously well briefed and seem happy at work… they are outstanding personnel and give a first class service. What’s best is they remain a sense of humour and are honest with any concerns issues results you may have or be waiting for.. They will sit with you and chat though everything

The ward was very clean, everything was cleaned up pretty much immediately ( even though there was work men in doing flooring and causing some disruptions with putting down new flooring) if there was any issues, along with if you needed help you got it pretty much straight away. It was lovely to see a day room and a dining room too. I have nothing but admiration for the team who did my operation and the aftercare was second to none. I have nothing but the greatest of thanks.

So if you are due into Ward 78 for any Gynaecological process i would say its a breath of fresh air compared with any other NHS or private treatment i have ever had, you are only as good as your employees and these are 2nd to none in Ward 78.

Once again Thank-you to all the staff.


Nurse didn’t wear gloves, or wash hands!

I am going to put in a formal complaint but thought people should know about my experience at lister hospital. The nurse who did my stitches, not only did she not wash her hands but she also didn’t even wear gloves. Before stitching she also had an argument with the doctor about his decision for my treatment. Disgusting hygiene standards by someone that should have known better.


Walked into Solihull General A&E …

Walked into Solihull General A&E on a mid-July weekend needing my hand stitching up, very professional and caring staff, saw many people also served efficiently as far as I could tell including 2 children seen immediately. My thanks to the senior nurse and colleagues, the nurse explained what would be done and inserted the stitches expertly plus injections to anaesthetise it all, virtually nil discomfort, amazing. You and other NHS providers give an excellent service 24 x 7 x 365 to allcomers which deserves better recognition, many thanks.

all better now, full use of my hand all OK, and only a scar to remind me not to do silly things with DIY tools.