My daughters experience in the A & E Department

Last week my daughter suffered terribly at the hands of a doctor in the A & E Department who refused to give her Entonox when she had four 6/7inch lacerations to the top of her left leg. She has always been given Entonox as her injuries where usually very bad and needed stitching as a result of her self-harming.

After seeing the triage nurse, I asked if she could have Entonox to help her manage the pain as this was what she was usually given. We were asked to wait in the reception area for a minute while she went to the minor’s area, I presumed she was going to get her seen. When nothing happened for about 20 minutes and my daughter started crying. I went to the minors department to ask for help as my daughter was in incredible pain.

She was offered two paracetamol for the pain and told she would just have to wait. My daughter was just left with no idea of how long she would have to wait or cope with such incredible pain. After a while I went back to the minors department and complained. It was only then that I was told that it was under the direct instructions of a particular doctor that my daughter was not to be given Entonox. I was disgusted and asked to speak with the doctor. I then went on to try and explain to the doctor that she needed to have the Enotonx to help her cope with the pain and that she had it every time she had such injuries it was about six weeks since she last had it. I could not understand why the doctor was refusing to give her the Entonox when they had not even examined her.

I didn’t get any answers from the doctor who just argued with me then said they’d had had enough and just walked out of the room. I felt the doctor was awful,very patronising and very argumentative. Having to argue with a doctor to try and get help whilst my daughter was just left alone in the waiting area crying in pain in front of everyone. It is a disgrace! ! I have complained about this particular doctor in June last year as I think they have a problem with people who self-harm. It is totally unacceptable to be treated this way.

I insisted that my daughter was seen by a consultant and eventually after suffering for nearly two hours she was given the Entonox. She was also was given Tramadol/Diclofenic and Paracetamol. She then had 40 stitches in her leg. I have filed another complaint with regards to the doctor’s conduct with the Patient Relations Department. If we could possibly avoid going to the A & E Department we would. It is unacceptable to be treated this way.

Another Concerned Parent

No Compaints From Me

I had to have root work done on 4 teeth including having stitches put in my mouth. I only had to wait 5 minutes before being seen. The procedure took about 80 minutes. I was treated by 3 staff, all of whom were nice, polite and professional.

I was given clear advice on after care and something I had been worrying about turned out to be ok. No complaints from me.


A&E complaint

On the 30/08/2015 I came to A&E on the advice from Go To Doc, I had cut my thumb and it had been bleeding constant (heavily) for 1 hour, told by Go To Doc it needed stitching and that it was only available at A&E, seen by triage and they barely looked at it. Put a plaster on and told to elevate. Also told us we would be waiting 3 hours to see the doctor for stitches. 4 hours later we approached the receptionist to ask how long, they went to ask the minors department and came out “sorry, would you like to come through” Obviously we had been forgotten!

Eventually saw the doctor, who didn’t ask how I had cut it, didn’t really look at it. Told us we needed a plaster, this wound was still bleeding at this point, 6 hours later after I cut it! The nurse came over and gave us 3 plasters (as good will), no one cleaned my wound or applied the plaster. So I feel like it wasn’t looked at.

I am upset and feel like the A&E department didn’t take this seriously.

I felt like I was wasting people time and felt like Tameside had not met my values and beliefs and felt like at this time not everybody mattered!

The only good thing I saw this night was a lovely receptionist, they were lovely, and extremely caring towards an elderly patient, they took time out to reassure him. This member of staff looked as if nothing was any trouble and they helped everyone that was in the A&E dept that night. Thank you!

As for my treatment I will be getting a second opinion from my doctor tomorrow!


Skin biopsy: No complaints in either case, very satisfied.

I was first seen by RDGH, then asked to have stitches removed by nurse at doctors, following a skin biopsy.

Beginning with dermatology department at Rotherham District General Hospital, everything went very well and explained very clearly.

The same, when had stitches removed at St Ann’s Medical Centre by the nurse.

No complaints in either case, very satisfied.


Excellent experience at short stay surgery unit in Oswestry, Shropshire.

In mid December, I experienced the first class team and facilities in the Menzies Short Stay Surgery Unit – it was just marvellous!

Under general anaesthetic, I had the ulnar nerve in my right elbow transposed, with a resulting 12 neat stitches and immediate relief from symptoms.

From leaving the waiting area to the point of being told I could go home, I felt that I was in very safe hands in a premier operating and recovery unit.

Everything was pristine and ship-shape whilst being friendly yet professional. After changing into my gown, I was even given a complimentary patient property carrier to store my extra bits and bobs.

My consultant, Miss Katrina Lewis, came to see me before I went into the anaesthetic room, as did the anaesthetist. The process was swift but calm and controlled. The whole clinical team, from the HCA to the consultant, thoroughly reassured me before I ‘went under’ and a nurse was readily on hand when I woke up with my arm elevated.

After a cold drink, followed by a hot one, I moved to the sit down recovery area for a choice of sandwiches, more tea and a chat with the other patients.

Just four hours after arriving, I was on my way home, with a supply of painkillers dispensed on Menzies and a list of who to contact if necessary.

This short stay experience of Menzies at Oswestry’s orthopaedic hospital is surely the way forward – after four previous overnight stay operations, I can highly recommend it!


Children’s A&E

We arrived at 16.30 on a Sunday with a 9 year old girl with a large piece of glass in the top of her foot.

We were turned away from Beverley as glass was involved and so wasn’t a Minor Injury……..This was removed on arrival, dressed and then we waited for an X Ray to see if any glass was left in. This done, we waited another 2 hours for the wound to be dressed.

The doctor sprayed the foot with a numbing lotion and told the nurse to put 2 stitches in and bandage it. She put on 2 steristrips and a plaster……by now it was 20.30 and we didn’t want to wait again for the doctor to be free for him to tell another nurse to do the job as instructed and so left.

It was dressed properly at Hornsea Cottage Hospital Minor Injuries and the nurse there said it should have been glued, stitched and bandaged. By now it was too late to stitch and there is now a risk of infection.

The main grounds for complaint are: there were children coming in every 10 mins or so and only one doctor on duty! A lot of these children could have been dealt with by a nurse – of which there seemed to be plenty sitting about and chatting – to free the doctor up to deal with the more urgent cases.

Why was there only one doctor on duty? Poor man was run off his feet! Unfortunately, some parents overreact over a really minor injury and surely these can be taken and treated by a nurse at the Triage stage to free up the doctor to treat the ‘serious’ injuries.


I had a screw removed from my toe

Fourteen years ago I had an operation on both big toes for removal of bunions. At the time the big toe was fused to a screw inserted. Over the years the screws have moved, resulting in the screws being removed. The right was removed under general anaesthetic approximately ten years ago. The left was removed in April under local anaesthetic. There were no problems at all and the stitches were removed one week later. I was wearing normal shoes within four days after operation. Having arrived in hospital at 7.00am I was back home by 11.30am.


Carpal tunnel syndrome

I had a small operation for carpal tunnel syndrome at Barnsley General. I had a long wait with lots of messing about getting the procedure booked. The appointment for the pre assessment and procedure itself was excellent. A fortnight later I had my follow up appointment to remove stitches. Everyone I dealt with was very well organised as I only had a 10 minute wait and overall I was very impressed.


Every member of staff, from the tea ladies to the doctors was extremely efficient and kind

I was admitted to Rotherham District General Hospital at the start of April. I’d fallen down the stairs and ended up with 7 fractured ribs, stitches to my head and a lot of bruising. The first few hours are a complete blank to me. The X ray, the MRI scan, the stitching. When I came round in my bed in the ward, all I can say is that every member of staff, from the tea ladies to the doctors were extremely efficient and kind, except for just a couple of people who I didn’t find to be very nice. You get that in any walk of life, so 2 out of about 50 people isn’t so bad is it?

I admire them all for their dedication.

They did all seem worried about their jobs though.