The birth of my son at South Tyneside Hospital

My son was born in this hospital 2 years ago; I have just discovered this website and felt I had to tell my story.

A week after my son was due my waters broke, I went to the delivery suite and was examined by a midwife, she said my waters had broken and I would be induced within 48 hours to prevent infection to me and the baby. She left the room and came back, said the head midwife didn’t think my waters had broke and to go home and come back on my planned day of induction if I still didn’t go into labour naturally, I never saw the head midwife she didn’t even come into the room I was in.

For a week I had regular contractions and dilated 3 cms, I was made to go in every day for a heart trace of the baby, every time they said I had a sleepy baby as his heart rate kept slowing, a consultant was called each time and said trace looks fine send her home. I would then hear the midwives whispering that they didn’t think the trace looked good.

On planned day of induction I was told there was no bed for me on the delivery suite, was taken to delivery next morning. The midwife I was given tried to break my waters, I told her they had all ready broke but she tried anyway, said oh there is no waters there!

I ended up having an emergency section, during the op the Anaesthetist was arguing with the some of the midwives telling them to shut up, they were also arguing in recovery.

The next morning I was on maternity ward, told to get up and go in shower, I was in agony and was shouted at by a midwife for been in so much pain as apparently she had a section and wasn’t in pain like I was. I was walked to shower then left. I couldn’t bend down to take surgical stockings off so had to call for help, was huffed and puffed at then left again

I was allowed home the next day, a week later after I’d had the staples removed I felt really unwell, I was shaking and my teeth were chattering, my husband said there was an awful smell and liquid was seeping out of my section wound

I was told to go to A&E. The staff on A&E were lovely. A Gynaecologist came to see me, she was also lovely, she touched my wound and it exploded. What seemed like litres and litres of puss went all over her, up the walls and on the floor, she said my abdomen had burst

I was taken back to maternity ward with my son and given 3 bags of blood and intravenous antibiotics. The next day 3 consultants and 2 junior doctors came to see me, they didn’t introduce themselves or say what they were going to do. A midwife was told to get forceps, and they whispered amongst themselves, a midwife was told to lift my stomach up (bit over overhang off pregnancy belly ) a junior doctor proceeded to rip open the part of my wound that had healed, I was offered no pain relief or told what they were doing, I was in absolute agony and screaming at them to stop touching me, they then all left the room

A few hours later a midwife and a auxiliary arrived and told me they needed to get the fluid out of me, this meant the midwife putting both of her hands on my abdomen and pushing as hard as she could, again this was extremely painful and I was crying out and asking her to stop, she didn’t, at this point my husband walked in and asked them what the hell they thought they were doing, she walked out with her head down. He went down to the staff room to ask what was going on but nobody seemed to know

After this my husband wouldn’t leave me and slept in the private room on a chair for a week, another consultant came to see me, said my wound had broken down and you could see my rectal sheath, he said my wound would have to heal from the inside out then it would have to be sown up again, a lovely midwife arranged for me to have a bottle of gas and air brought to me, I used this the 2 times a day the wound was cleaned and packed

A week later the consultant came back and said he would “fix ” me

I was taken into theatre and my wound was cleaned and repaired, I was in theatre for 4 hours

it was the worst experience of my life, the way I was treated was an utter disgrace.


The birth of our second child

An emergency section was carried at the birth of my daughter.

I was impressed by the professionalism and compassion of the labour ward staff at Tameside hospital. The doctor who carried out the section was very apologetic about a tiny nick on Ellie’s face, but the fact is that without surgical intervention our daughter would not have survived the birth.

I realise that these procedures are routine, but that doesn’t lessen the sense of gratitude and thanks that we owe to these life savers.

Tameside hospital has received plenty of bad press over the years, but in our experience we have nothing but praise for the dedicated people who work there.


Poor preparation with patients at Manor Hospital Maternity department

I am due to go for an elective surgery on monday and am still unsure what will happen and what I need to do despite already having my pre op. On at least 6 occassions I have asked all my questions, to midwifes, the consultanat and the lady doing the pre op to be told that I need to discuss everything on ward on Monday morning! I feel this is terrible.

This will be my third section so my questions are specific detailed ones, I have never had a section in the UK. To say that I was more comfortable in a hospital where I spoke little of the language is not a good sign!

I feel my care has been diabolical so far with computers not working, some midwifes not understanding the notes, every time I see a different student so at each appointment have been told to ask my questions to the pre op nurse. Get to the pre op and they can’t help me, tells me that everyone has gone home because its Friday!

The last thing I should be doing before entering the op room on Monday is trying to sort out with the paedeatrician all the injections my newborn needs in it’s first 24 hours, discussing the fact that I have had bad reactions to epidurals/ga and how I am meant to feed my child if like the other 2 times my milk never comes through.

I think this is shocking and I’m not looking forward to Monday morning!


York maternity – I would never go anywhere else

Waters went on the Thursday evening within 15 mins contractions were so strong they took my breath away. Phoned labour ward up who told me to try manage at home for next hour and to phone back.

10 mins later felt contractions incredibly strong and as was baby number 3 was expecting a fast delivery. Hubby called for an ambulance as we are 60 minutes away from hospital by car.

Arrived at YDH labour ward where it was found I had meconium in the waters. I was examined and was told I was 7 cm dilated. I was then taken down to delivery.

I was hooked up to various machines re examined where I was told I was only 2 cm! I wasn’t very happy but as I was in so much pain and already there I was told to stay.

The baby was in a difficult position and had her hand next to her face so tracing her was a nightmare. I was adamant I wanted as little intervention as possible however after my heart rate and the babies went crazy and she was in distress up shot was that after 12 hours of a brilliant team of midwives, students, consultants, anaethetists (best man in the world!) I was rushed down for an emergency c section.

It was not what I had planned at all but the care before during and after was by far the best out my 3 children. Nothing was too much trouble. They even arranged a meal for hubby!

Everything was explained what was going on. I was never left alone and as I suffer from depression. I was supported 100% all through my stay.

My daughter ended up in special care for a few days and I was transferred to a side room. All the staff from cleaners to the surgeon who came to make sure I was ok after the surgery to the registrars and consultants were simply the best.

I had a difficult pregnancy and was very worried about the birth but I needn’t have been. Quite frankly I would never go anywhere else to have a baby. I simply couldn’t fault the service in any way.


Personal assessment of stay at Spire Tun. Wells…

You will notice that I have left the section “same sex accommodation blank!

As far as I am aware the accommodation is all in single rooms!

I attended for elective surgery for a total hip replacement which was arranged through the NHS. My first contact was with a nurse three days beforehand for pre med checks to confirm and enhance those already dealt with at K&S Pembury. During this visit and from the time I checked in for the op all staff “performed” at the highest level possible! At no time was I left not knowing what was going to happen next and the whole experience was a very positive one. I found it significant that at various times members of all departments – medical, house keeping and catering took time to pop into my room to check that as far as i was concerned all was well. Significantly as I approached the end of my stay, I was visited and offered good wishes for a speedy recovery with no hint that anyone was “fishing for compliments” On my first return for a visit to the phisio I was greeted by various members of staff by name as we passed in the corridor; a true indicator of the degree of care and attention offered by all concerned.

I subsequently `phoned to check a future date with members of the admin side of the hospital and had a very pleasant chat with the member of staff concerned about various aspects of my stay.

In short I offer nothing but praise for the all concerned!

Neal Charlesworth

Labour ward & forceps delivery

I went into labour with my second son in June 2015, my son’s heart rate was dipping during pushing and my pushing then had to be assisted with the use of forceps. I was not told of any risks posed to my son or my body and can not believe they are still legal to use when they can clearly cause so much damage. Thankfully my son was born with nothing more than the sclera part of his eyes bloodshot and temporarily damaged (redness upon the white area). Myself on the other-hand suffered a lot of damage, the use of these forceps tore my canal, muscles and pelvic floor muscles to which now I have a bladder, uterine and rectum prolapse (these organs have now lost their support and have descended into my vaginal walls) mothers should be warned about these possible risks before the procedure begins I feel mislead and devastated. I would of opted for a c-section if I had known these types of risks was involved and that I would have to live with prolapse for the rest of my life and I’m only 25! Do not ever agree to a forceps delivery.


Poor antenatal midwife care

I was seen by community midwives ego failed to alert me to the fact that my baby would be large despite my constant asking (I was massive when pregnant and gained a lot of weight). I was told that I was being silly and that my baby measured small to average. Nonetheless when I was 41 weeks pregnant another midwife saw me instead of my usual “experienced” community midwife and they recommended that I have a growth scan. On having the growth scan a week after due date I was told the baby was estimated to be 10lb by the sonographer. There was no follow up consultation as I was booked for induction 4 days later( 41+4). On arriving for my induction the baby’s size was barely mentioned the induction process began and I went home to wait for signs of labour. A few hours later they began and I was readmitted. After contracting for over 30 hours and only dilating 3cm I was told by consultants that evening that they would be breaking my waters the next morning as they wanted me to try and get some rest first. During the consultation they referred to the baby’s size for the first time and asked whether I was aware of any risks involved with having a large baby especially as I suffer from anaemia. My husband and I looked at each other confused. The doctor then told us that we would need a consultant present at the birth in case of severe blood loss and also due to baby’s size I would likely tear and had a very high chance of the baby having shoulder distosia (not sure of spelling) meaning he could deprived of oxygen during labour and could suffer a disability or even worse not make it safely into the world. This was undoubtedly the scariest moment of my life I felt so let down by my so called experienced midwife as I felt completely unprepared for this. The consultant assured me that in some cases shoulder distosia doesn’t occur but nonetheless they recommended an emergency cesarean section to avoid the risks involved. However staff stressed that I should have been alerted to baby’s size and the risks involved from much earlier in the pregnancy & that I was failed by my midwife and the staff who performed the induction. Luckily the next morning my son arrived safely following the operation. However I contracted an infection and was on antibiotics for over a month post delivery. I was sent home just 48 hours after the operation only to be readmitted a few days later. I refused another readmission a week after that. What should have been an amazing precious time with my first born was traumatic and very upsetting for all involved.


George Eliot Maternity Unit

I had a miscarriage in August 2011 at 10 weeks.

I went to A&E due to some bleeding and the Doctor who saw me after 4 hours of waiting didn’t even know I was pregnant. I was told to go for a scan the following day as it was Sunday and the scan unit wasn’t open. Told everything was probably ok.

Went for scan the following day and was told I had lost the baby. Told to go home and let them know what course I wanted to follow. Decided to have a D&C and was booked in for the following day.

Had to have another scan and spent 2 hours in the maternity unit in the room which was obviously the special room for people who have had bad news. After 2 hours I was told I had to wait for them to print some leaflets off for us. Went to Day Surgery eventually and waited another 5 hours with little or no communication apart from a doctor who kept referring to my unborn child as a “product of conception” which was extremely distressing.

In my experience women who have suffered miscarriage are treated appallingly at the George Eliot but having gone back there when I had my little girl in August 2012, women giving birth aren’t treated much better.

I had been into the delivery suite on the Thursday early morning when my waters had broken. I was told to monitor my temperature and if nothing happened then I was to come back on the Friday morning to be induced. I then had to endure long waits for someone to respond to the call button.

Medication being delayed and notes not being completed properly (three times I was told that they may have to break my waters), my hind waters broke on the Saturday. I was left on the monitor for up to two hours at a time after the prostin was administered was told to drink plenty of water to wake my little one up, and generally left without any communication until the Saturday night when I was put on a hormone drip to speed things up.

The midwife in the delivery suite and didn’t give me any feedback on how things were progressing. I kept asking for a C-Section because I felt something was not right as my little one was showing no signs of being born at all. I was treated like an idiot and told basically to stop being silly and that they would push for a natural birth.

Then the midwife said they would try to break my waters. I tried to tell them that they already had and was told “I’ll be the judge of that”. She then inflicted agonising pain on me as she tried to break them.

At 6 in the morning on Sunday the doctor asked if I wanted to carry on or have a c-section, by which time I was so scared that I would lose my daughter I told them do do the c-section. Again communication was scarce apart from the anaesthetist who was wonderful and kept me informed of what was going on.

My daughter was born with a cut and a tiny dent in the top of her head from where they tried to break my already broken waters. I was treated well by the staff in the delivery suite but back up on the ward apart from the healthcare assistants, who were great, the other staff were overstretched and seemingly couldn’t wait to get us out of there.

I was out by Tuesday despite suffering an allergic reaction to medication.


Geat choice for the birth of my baby!

I had a c-section on friday, 28th of august at QCCH. The entire experience was much much better than i imagined! Starting with the lovely doctors, anaesthetist and nurses – who, first of all, comforted me and assured me that everything is going to be fine, and then, during the surgery, constantly updated me whith what was happening behind the screen, asking me how i feel, and keeping me and my husband positive, fulfilling all our requests, and later in the postnatal ward the midwifes and all the staff were always there for us and helped me a lot to gain confidence in handling and feeding my baby.

Me and my baby were so well taken care of, that i never felt unsafe and any concerns or questions i had were solved and answered within minutes.

A big big thank you to everybody who was involved with our birth and care!