Referral from GP to Solihull Hospital

I was referred by my GP to Solihull Hospital as I have been having stomach pains and my iron level has dropped very low. My appointment will check to see if I have any internal bleeding.

I have not had to wait long for the appointment and I like to come to Solihull hospital as it is easy to drive there and park. I also had my breast removed here two years ago and have always had a really good experience with all the doctors and nurses here, they are very friendly.


Exceptional care on Harvey 2 ward

I was refered to Harvey 2 on the City Site of NUH from my GP

The care I received on that ward was exceptional. The ward team worked well together, reflecting very well on senior ward staff, and gave me a level of care that was far in advance of anything I expected.

I felt confident in the staff and the treatment I received at all times.

The physical environment of the ward has been very well maintained with a very high cleaning standard.


My stay in the Women’s Health Unit

I feel I have to write to thank all the doctors and staff on the WHU at Tameside Hospital, my Consultant Dr Hanna, the Anaesthetist Dr Kitson, the recovery nurse Zoe and all the staff on the unit.

At every stage of my procedure they were friendly, reassuring, and very professional. The nursing staff on the unit were very busy, yet no questions were too small or silly.

The ward was constantly being cleaned and beds were made and remade with clean sheets every day, the domestic was chatty and clearly enjoyed her work. Overall the atmosphere of ward was cheerful and friendly yet very professional.

I felt I was in very safe hands. I would not hesitate to recommend these staff and this service. Tameside is very lucky to have them.


Outstanding care in acute medical unit

I spent almost a week at Kitty Hubbard Ward Southend Hospital.

The standard of care I observed was outstanding. Everyone including myself was treated with dignity and respect. Nurses were caring and diligent.

I can’t thank them enough. I could go on and on about the skills and knowledge of the staff I came into contact with.

I can’t think of anything negative to say.


Admission to East Surrey Hospital

I recenctly expeienced chest pain which I have to say was very frightening.

The staff at East Surrey hospital A & E department and AMU treated me with professional calmness, and kindness. I felt safe in the knowledge that every member of staff knew exactly what they were doing. They all worked tirelessly to ensure patient comfort sometimes under difficult circumstances.


I felt in good and safe hands

I wanted to write and tell you about the care that I received recently at Croydon University Hospital. I am a paramedic and a nurse but on this day I was just a very scared patient.

I was admitted as an emergency in early Feb. Charge nurse Billy in A&E did everything in his power to help me feel more comfortable despite it being a very busy night all round. I was admitted to Wandle 1 under the care of Doctor Swift’s team and after a couple of days I had surgery (thanks to Dr A Scala!) and I have continued to make a good recovery since then.

I felt so well cared for and every person who I came in to contact with, treated me with such kindness during a time when I felt so afraid. I could concentrate on resting because I knew I was safe and in good hands.

The ward was a clean and pleasant environment. There was always a friendly and helpful face when I needed anything. Everyone including catering, doctors, cleaners, nurses/HCAs, porters (Ishmal and Roger), ward clerks and radiography and theatre staff were amazing. I consider myself very lucky to have our NHS when we need it and to have been cared for by such wonderful people. They are all angels.


Caring and consistent staff for my lupus

After being admitted to RHH with pain, mobility problems, pleurisy, and dehydration I was swiftly diagnosed with Lupus.

Medication made a tremendously positive improvement almost immediately. Further medications were given and I felt better quickly. Staff were very caring and gave me time to adjust to a diagnosis of a serious and incurable illness.

The lupus nurse came to see me within minutes of my diagnosis and held my hand while I cried. She was reassuring and genuine. A staff member who also has lupus came to talk to me and I was able to ask any question.

The medics were also very caring and understanding and gave me reassurance and honest information.

I now attend the lupus clinic and nothing is too much trouble for the staff, I have regular investigations. Communication is extreemy good and I never have to repeat my history. Staff are consistent and inclusive.


Great team in day care unit

I attended the unit in mid-January 2013 for a scheduled hernia operation.

I was interviewed by a theatre sister, anaesthetist and a doctor who was involved with the operation. They all talked me through the procedure and I decided to have the spinal anaesthetic.

The whole team looked after me through the preparation, anaesthetic injection and the operation, through which I was awake. The whole team were very responsive to my needs to ensure that the operation was carried out successfully.

I was then moved to recovery and then onto the recovery ward where I was again looked after by a great team.

If you are having this operation, consider the spinal anaesthetic as I had no after effects. The people who had general anaesthetic took longer to recover.

Very Satisfied Patient