Triage is dreadful

Im having a very complicated pregnancy and have to had to visit the triage department many times. The midwifes are over run and you can feel this when there, everytime i have been seen by a midwife within reasonable time but then put back in the waiting room for 5-7 hours for a doctor! You feel rushed and alot of the times i have been there the answers to what is going on is usually “we dont have an answer to why this has happened”…they are the qualified doctor and midwife and cant explain why im having theses complications!! Its shocking! …. I must give it to the Antenatal Assessment unit, most midwifes are amazing and understanding and do try there best to make you feel reassured. I just hope i get answers soon to my complications as this is adding to the worry. Also this is my second child and my previous child was born prematurely you think theyd be more determinded to find out whats going on.


Thank you

I would like to thank all the staff I have met at QMC in ward C4 and C5 , in C4 looking after my mother who is 85 and has a broken hip and my short stay with dislocated ankle after being run over by a car in hospital car park in C5. The staff are unfailingly kind, courteous, and caring and have helped a lot by phone as well whilst I was unable to visit for 2 weeks after my accident.

I am very aware of the pressure on a pre and post op ward andwitnessed much kindness to people who are delirious and even violent when patients which is amazing. My mum her self has been very confused and helped a lot.

My only concern is for joined up care as my mother has several non orthopaedic conditions which are not getting looked at quickly enough by other departments not responding despite junior docters asking for help . I hope this will be resolved soon as it will impede her recovery.


Rude receptionists

I have been a repetitive visitor to the audiology department over the last few years and each time I run into the same issue – the abrupt and insolent service provided by the receptionists They are simply intolerable! They have personal conversations for extended amounts of time when you’re waiting to be checked in, and when they do speak to you they are rude and leave you with an overall sour impression. Not only that but they are slow and inefficient when operating their systems (when they eventually deign to acknowledge you). In this case, years of experience in the industry is certainly not an asset when it comes to job performance. Perhaps it would be better to implement a training programme in basic civility.

I cannot fault the doctors and nurses performance in my experiences – they are both friendly and professional; waiting/appointment times unavoidably tend to run over.

Annoyed outpatient

10 out of 10

I brought my son to the minor injuries unit and was seen by a nurse, x-rayed and diagnosed all within an hour.

All the staff were friendly and informative and the hospital was clean and had a friendly, calm atmosphere.

The whole process was smooth and well run.

Well done to all the staff there.


Accident & Emergency department at Airedale General Hospital

Having waited for over three hours for my 6 year old daughter to be examined by a doctor for a head injury and being told that we had to wait a further hour before she could be seen. My daughter became very upset as it was approaching midnight. I informed staff that I was taking my daughter home, as clearly in their eyes she was fit and well, only to be told that I could not take her home nor could my GP examine her the following day, with it being a child and a head injury. From admission and during the waiting time my daughter’s injury was not examined nor was she offered any pain relief or any member of staff coming to see if her condition was ok or if it had deteriorated. What I fail to understand is that despite the Government pumping millions of pounds into the NHS, the service delivery remains very poor.

I questioned the role of the Triage Nurse, surely he/she is able to advise parents following an examination of the injury (if and when they carry out examinations) as the best cause of action, ie, whether to wait or to go home with appropriate information.

Patients should be given a choice and this should be explained clearly, instead of making people wait for three to four hours. There were other parents in a similar situation to myself and they too felt angry and frustrated. Frankly, the service and care provided to patients is disgraceful. From what I saw the Staff were busy doing nothing, chatting and loitering around. In my opinion the whole system is poorly managed and run.


Such excellence!

In the years I have been attending the out patients in the oral/maxillofacial and orthodontic department, I have always been treated with such excellence. I cannot speak too highly of all the staff at reception, office, domestic staff, doctors, nurses and service manager. The department appears to run like clockwork, but I am always greeted with a lovely smile. I would like to specially mention Dr Peter Clayton and nurses Gail, Lyn and Michelle and all others who I know your faces but cannot remember your names, sorry!


Satisfied with care

I just want to say how satisfied I am with the care Dr Gilles and her team have given me both in the run up to and during my actual operation on the 2nd March 10. Pass on my thanks to the above team. One thing I think could change was the amount of paperwork which would free skilled people to practice their skills.


Thank you to the whole orthodontic team

I was in the orthodontics department of Barnsley District General Hospital in early July. Excellent service – thankyou, Lyn and Say Mei. Always helpful, courteous, and provide excellent customer service. An excellent department, very efficiently run to deliver effective results. I would recommend.

Thank you to the whole orthodontic team, including excellent reception staff. Credit to hospital.


Long wait for appointment at QMC

The new treatment centre at the QMC provides a hugely improved patient environment. However, on this day the doctors in the clinic were evidently very busy because of the build up of patients at the reception area. I was fortunate to have a seat, but waited for well over 1 hour before I was called through to the doctor’s room. The consultation session was excellent and provided me with much assurance.

I do understand that doctors are busy and that clinics can run late. However, had I been informed of the 1 hour delay at arrival, I could have waited elsewhere.

Could a system be introduced whereby patients are informed on arrival of possible delays?