I had to get up at 6am for an 8:30 appointment

I live in Wellington and couldn’t drive to this hospital as I would need eye drops.

I had to get up at 6am for an 8: 30 appointment at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Not good.

Hospital out patients clean. I was seen promptly, everyone friendly and efficient.

My only moan is the traveling time. I am able bodies but at the ripe old age of 68 would have preferred an appointment at the Princess Royal Hospital.


I can find no fault in the service that I received

I can find no fault in the service that I received. A referral within a couple of weeks to the Cardiology Department at Princess Royal Hospital resulted in the offer of a convenient appointment.

I was seen exactly on time by an efficient and extremely pleasant member of the medical staff. Well done, thank you.


Excellent from the start.

Excellent from the start.

TRAQS phoned me within 48 hours of my doctor’s appointment and I was offered a cancellation appointment at my local hospital for the following week – absolutely brilliant.

My appointment at the hospital went very well, the doctor I saw treated me with respect, explained everything I needed to know, nothing was rushed.

I had an x-ray on my knee last year but this doctor insisted on another x-ray on my knee but taken in different positions which showed the problems whereas the other x-ray did not.

I have a follow up appointment for next year but have been told to contact the hospital should the pain become too much.

In the meantime, I have showed what exercises carry out to improve the strength of my legs and this has helped to relieve/diminish some of the pain.

Many thanks.


A special mention should go to the TRAQS team

I asked my Dr to refer me for a bone density scan as my mother had osteoporosis and I recently broke my arm after a fall.

The area at the front of the hospital was lovely and welcoming. Every member of staff was helpful, polite and it seemed a nice peaceful place to work.

A special mention should go to the TRAQS team on the phone. My Dr had told me nothing really, so when the lady from TRAQS rang I didn’t know who they were! Anyway, she explained everything clearly and we agreed an appointment time and date.

I then had to ring back as I couldn’t make the date due to work, and they were really helpful in enabling me to change it.


Told me I had got lost in the administration!

1st appointment letter in October 2012.

Princess Royal Hospital told me I had got lost in the administration!

Appointment at Apley clinic in April to see Dr Choudry.

Princess Royal Hospital appointment in late May.

Mr Dodenoff, Dr, a member of his team advised I need an operation for carpal tunnel syndrome which will be in about 6 weeks.