The birth of my son at South Tyneside Hospital

My son was born in this hospital 2 years ago; I have just discovered this website and felt I had to tell my story.

A week after my son was due my waters broke, I went to the delivery suite and was examined by a midwife, she said my waters had broken and I would be induced within 48 hours to prevent infection to me and the baby. She left the room and came back, said the head midwife didn’t think my waters had broke and to go home and come back on my planned day of induction if I still didn’t go into labour naturally, I never saw the head midwife she didn’t even come into the room I was in.

For a week I had regular contractions and dilated 3 cms, I was made to go in every day for a heart trace of the baby, every time they said I had a sleepy baby as his heart rate kept slowing, a consultant was called each time and said trace looks fine send her home. I would then hear the midwives whispering that they didn’t think the trace looked good.

On planned day of induction I was told there was no bed for me on the delivery suite, was taken to delivery next morning. The midwife I was given tried to break my waters, I told her they had all ready broke but she tried anyway, said oh there is no waters there!

I ended up having an emergency section, during the op the Anaesthetist was arguing with the some of the midwives telling them to shut up, they were also arguing in recovery.

The next morning I was on maternity ward, told to get up and go in shower, I was in agony and was shouted at by a midwife for been in so much pain as apparently she had a section and wasn’t in pain like I was. I was walked to shower then left. I couldn’t bend down to take surgical stockings off so had to call for help, was huffed and puffed at then left again

I was allowed home the next day, a week later after I’d had the staples removed I felt really unwell, I was shaking and my teeth were chattering, my husband said there was an awful smell and liquid was seeping out of my section wound

I was told to go to A&E. The staff on A&E were lovely. A Gynaecologist came to see me, she was also lovely, she touched my wound and it exploded. What seemed like litres and litres of puss went all over her, up the walls and on the floor, she said my abdomen had burst

I was taken back to maternity ward with my son and given 3 bags of blood and intravenous antibiotics. The next day 3 consultants and 2 junior doctors came to see me, they didn’t introduce themselves or say what they were going to do. A midwife was told to get forceps, and they whispered amongst themselves, a midwife was told to lift my stomach up (bit over overhang off pregnancy belly ) a junior doctor proceeded to rip open the part of my wound that had healed, I was offered no pain relief or told what they were doing, I was in absolute agony and screaming at them to stop touching me, they then all left the room

A few hours later a midwife and a auxiliary arrived and told me they needed to get the fluid out of me, this meant the midwife putting both of her hands on my abdomen and pushing as hard as she could, again this was extremely painful and I was crying out and asking her to stop, she didn’t, at this point my husband walked in and asked them what the hell they thought they were doing, she walked out with her head down. He went down to the staff room to ask what was going on but nobody seemed to know

After this my husband wouldn’t leave me and slept in the private room on a chair for a week, another consultant came to see me, said my wound had broken down and you could see my rectal sheath, he said my wound would have to heal from the inside out then it would have to be sown up again, a lovely midwife arranged for me to have a bottle of gas and air brought to me, I used this the 2 times a day the wound was cleaned and packed

A week later the consultant came back and said he would “fix ” me

I was taken into theatre and my wound was cleaned and repaired, I was in theatre for 4 hours

it was the worst experience of my life, the way I was treated was an utter disgrace.


Diagnosis of Early-Onset Pre-eclampsia

I was let down by my local hospital’s antenatal and fetal assessment unit by the way they failed to recognise or take seriously enough my symptoms, or take the urgent action required when I presented with pre-eclampsia at 20 weeks gestation, quickly worsening with mine and my baby’s life becoming in danger over a period of around 2 weeks.

It was my first pregnancy, achieved through IVF after trying to conceive for 3 years. My baby already had growth restriction at this point.

Prior to this stage I’d had 3 severe bleeds, threatened miscarriages during my first trimester, and despite this was still labelled ‘low’ risk.

Ultimately my baby boy was stillborn at 25+1 weeks – an event that is sadly associated with pre-eclampsia.

Whilst I was in hospital, having been in for a month; I spent 2 weeks in this hospital and then I was transferred for specialist fetal-renal obstetric care – which was excellent – at a Women’s hospital who are more used to looking after mothers-to be in similar situations to how I was.

I feel that the staff at the first hospital (my local) did not have the awareness that pre-eclampsia can develop even at this early stage. It seemed to me that they refused to take it seriously, and so correct diagnosis and proper treatment/care was delayed until I finally saw an out-of-hours GP at my local hospital, who immediately understood the severity of my condition; my blood pressure had peaked at 170-180/ 100 by then, and proceeded to get me admitted that night.


Disappointed by care at A&E

I was at Charing Cross A&E as I have all symptoms for pregnancy.

I explained to the lady at reception that I only need an ultrasound to see if there is a baby inside me or something really wrong was going on with my body. Because although I had so many of the symptoms that pregnant ladies have, I have an implant in my left arm. And I did check myself with a digital pregnancy test couple of days ago. But the lady at reception said “Oh, you shouldn’t really be here, you have to refer to your GP practice.”

I explained to her that in my GP practice they always give you appointments for two weeks after as they seem very busy. Then she said it will take a while, around 2 hours as there were 8 people in front of me. But what happens after is I started counting. I was called at number 11 or 12, not 8 as she said.

An unfriendly, and quite rude doctor presented themselves very quickly. I wish I could put the complaint straight to them (they also treated me few months ago when I had ear infection).

So on that visit today, the doctor only took my blood pressure and that’s it! Nothing else! They said I have to give a urine sample and then let me go out. I thought they would give me an empty sterilised container to do it so, but no, I had to go to reception again and embarrass myself asking for a bottle as the doctor asked me for a urine sample. After I did it, I wasn’t told by anyone where to leave it, why my name is not on the bottle etc. So I had to go to reception again and ask them quietly, because I was embarrassed to hold my own urine there in front of all people.

But they were not quiet, they had to shout or talk really loud so everyone in the waiting room (over 20 people) had to hear what were we talking about. They said I have to wait until someone called me. I sat there and wait for almost 1 hour and then went to ask them again what’s happening. I thought meanwhile they could have taken the sample and read the results rather than wait even more.

I went again and asked when I’ll be taken into consideration to be seen as I’ve been waiting for more than hour and a half. They said I will be in next 1 or 2 people to be called. This didn’t happen. Doctors come out and shout different names, but mine was not amongst them. So I went again and asked what is this nonsense, that I’ve been told I’ll be next and still no one called me. I was very angry at this point, even my friend was very angry and shouted at the person at the reception.

I was really annoyed to wait so long for something so simple which I can even check myself home. I told them I need an ultrascan, just to confirm if I’m pregnant, I have to take my implant out and start being more healthy for the baby, or if it wasn’t a baby, then what is really wrong with my body? This isn’t normal, I can’t lie on my front, I have lower abdomen cramps, they are strong – they come and go, the pain is not always there.

They seem to work very slowly, maybe there is a lack of staff, but they need to change doctors behaviour towards patients. We need just little bit more care and proper attention, not just paracetamol and go home and rest. This has been common experience to me, and most of my friends and family.

So in total I stayed there for almost 3 and a half hours without been seen, ignored by staff and feeling embarrassed holding my own urine. I left. I was disappointed, and I am never going there again.


Good care at the birth of my daughter

Throughout my pregnancy I had various issues and found myself at East Surrey hospital on a few occasions!

On all occasions I had exceptional treatment. At the start of July 2012 my waters broke (due date 27th July 2012), I called the Rusper ward and was advised to go in for a check, it was confirmed that my waters broke. I was kept in and advised that I wouldn’t be leaving without a daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

I was then told the following day that I would be induced if I didn’t go into labour naturally. I did go into labour naturally and throughout this process helped by a member of staff called Marion Saunders.

Marion went high and beyond to help me through the pain sitting holding my hand, breathing with me through the night and allowing me a warm bath late at night. She was amazing and I cannot thank her enough!

When I went down to the delivery suite the midwives there were amazing also, my midwife Anne Evans was brilliant, really caring she helped me through the entire process including when I ended up having an emergency Caesarian due to my daughters waters breaking.

All of the staff in theatre were really good and extremely relaxing and I didn’t feel at any point there was a reason to panic (although there was) my partner, daughter and I are all eternally grateful to East Surrey hospital and the staff!

Greatfu happy new mummy

The treatment received from QMC was exceptional

From the moment my husband and I were having a baby, the treatment we received from QMC was exceptional. At our 12 week scan we were referred to the FMM clinic for a CVS which was conducted within an hour of our first scan. Dr Alec McEwan was fantastic, explaining everything to us and getting the test results back within 24 hours. It made a worrying time bearable as the wait was over very quickly. We were impressed with every visit that we made for our scans throughout the pregnancy. When I went into labour, all the midwives that looked after me gave me the utmost care and respect, ensuring that I had choice throughout. Clare, the midwife that looked after us predominately was absolutely fantastic. After my baby was born we were so impressed with the post-natal care. I fainted in the shower after the birth and within seconds there were several midwives helping me and a doctor to check me over. I really couldn’t speak more highly of the QMC and the staff, thank you very much!


One midwife who let the side down at Bolton

I have given birth to four children at Royal Bolton Hospital. I have had 3 good experiences which i was very happy with. Then i had my son and it was a completely different experience.

The wards (m2) were understaffed, ladies was actually giving birth on the ward. I felt like i was just a patient number. I would have to say that the midwives I met in the ward beforehand just didn’t seem to care, but i have to admit once in the delivery suite it was complete opposites, the staff were fantastic.

I spoke to the head of midwifery about this. She reassured me that this was unusual for RBH because they usually have procedures in place to prevent this. I was very pleased with the outcome of our chat.

I am now on my 5th pregnancy, i have a low lying placenta and i started to bleed again at 25+ weeks. I was told to come to the delivery suite to be assessed by a very lovely young midwife. I saw the doctor and he said i needed to be admitted on to ward (m2), as soon as m2 was mentioned i was reluctant to stay, but i did. When i got to the ward i have to say i was surprised how much it had changed and improved.

On night one the midwife was fantastic, very attentive and compassionate, and there was also an older lady called Claire who worked as a care worker, she was so sweet and sincere she couldn’t do enough. I was flabbergasted with the way I was being treated.

On day two the staff were great and welcoming too. I really felt that my opinion had pleasantly changed about m2 and RBH, but then on day 3 i was woken by a midwife – she was very abrupt. She asked where was my urine sample, i said i didn’t know i needed one, then she arrogantly said that i (referring to me) do know, this made me slightly upset that i was spoken down to. I had 3 hours sleep all night before, so excuse me for not thinking when I’m woken. Then she came back 10 mins later and took my urine sample.

She said i had an infection – if she would have read my notes she would have then known that the infection was confirmed the morning before. She then walked to the side of my bed to see a red mark on the floor, she asked me what it was, i told her it was blood and before i got finished what i was saying she was adamant it was jam, even though i don’t even eat jam. She asked the cleaner over and told the cleaner it was jam, i tried to finish my explanation that it was blood from the drip i had in the day before but she undermined me to the cleaner and walked off in a huff.

I was talking to the cleaner and she confirmed it was blood, she said cleaners are not allowed to clean blood up with the same mop as she was using, then the midwife appeared again and started having a go at the cleaner for not putting a bin bag in the kitchen bin, they were disagreeing for about 5 minutes in front of me, the patient. The cleaner was very embarrassed and obviously felt belittled.

Then the doctor arrived and asked me questions and before i had the chance to speak, the midwife interrupted and spoke for me (she was not even accurate on what had been happening, blood loss etc). The doctor asked me how i felt about going home and i said i would like that, but before i had the chance to say anything else the midwife told me to get my stuff ready so i could speak to my doctor.

I told her that she had upset me with the way she treated me. She then apologised which i took as sincere, then 5 mins later i went to the midwives office and she was talking about me to the doctor.

I suppose my point to this is that whilst most midwives are fantastic, lovely and attentive, you will always get rude midwives who need to learn to listen.

I’m not sure if I want to carry on this pregnancy at Bolton hospital anymore.


Recent experience at Homerton antenatal unit

Yesterday I had my first midwife appointment and first scan for my first pregnancy.

The staff were extremely knowledgeable (in particular a younger trainee working with the midwife to ask me questions, on every point I raised she was able to provide useful extra information, about nutrition, mental health, when to come to hospital, other sources of support) and caring (in particular the way the nurse dealt with my fear of needles while taking blood).


York maternity – I would never go anywhere else

Waters went on the Thursday evening within 15 mins contractions were so strong they took my breath away. Phoned labour ward up who told me to try manage at home for next hour and to phone back.

10 mins later felt contractions incredibly strong and as was baby number 3 was expecting a fast delivery. Hubby called for an ambulance as we are 60 minutes away from hospital by car.

Arrived at YDH labour ward where it was found I had meconium in the waters. I was examined and was told I was 7 cm dilated. I was then taken down to delivery.

I was hooked up to various machines re examined where I was told I was only 2 cm! I wasn’t very happy but as I was in so much pain and already there I was told to stay.

The baby was in a difficult position and had her hand next to her face so tracing her was a nightmare. I was adamant I wanted as little intervention as possible however after my heart rate and the babies went crazy and she was in distress up shot was that after 12 hours of a brilliant team of midwives, students, consultants, anaethetists (best man in the world!) I was rushed down for an emergency c section.

It was not what I had planned at all but the care before during and after was by far the best out my 3 children. Nothing was too much trouble. They even arranged a meal for hubby!

Everything was explained what was going on. I was never left alone and as I suffer from depression. I was supported 100% all through my stay.

My daughter ended up in special care for a few days and I was transferred to a side room. All the staff from cleaners to the surgeon who came to make sure I was ok after the surgery to the registrars and consultants were simply the best.

I had a difficult pregnancy and was very worried about the birth but I needn’t have been. Quite frankly I would never go anywhere else to have a baby. I simply couldn’t fault the service in any way.


Understanding, supportive and non-judgemental staff just when you need them

I attended the Pregnancy Advisory Service at Rotherham General Hospital for a termination. For obvious reasons, I was worried and there were very few people in my life that I felt I could talk to about it.

The staff were amazing, so understanding, supportive and non-judgemental. They were great listeners and they spent a lot of time with me making sure I understood the procedure and felt comfortable. I was so impressed.

When you make the decision to terminate a pregnancy, you really need to know you’ll be cared for through it. I was, and I am so grateful.


Some experiences of Barratt Maternity Home

I concur with the story already listed…..staffing appears to be the biggest issue at this maternity home. I have had three children at the home over a 12 year period and I’m due to have my fourth later on this year.

I chose to go there rather than to Kettering, as it is familiar and I have struggled to hear a good report from Kettering.

I have had two c-sections and one normal delivery. My last pregnancy was complicated by an onset of pre-eclampsia so I had to stay 3 weeks before my sons birth and another week after that.

The midwives do care and have a good sense of humour. I felt better treated in my later pregnancies as I was older and had more experience, whereas I was seen as young and incompetent as a mother at 20 years old. The ward I stayed on had been refurbished since my first in 2000, and was secure and clean.

This time however I will prepare myself with shed loads of food, they just don’t provide portions sizeable enough for pregnant women who are obviously feeding for two. A friend of mind would bring in bags of food, just so I wouldn’t feel starved.

But saying that, I would definitely choose there than anywhere else. On a couple of occasions the nurses were sympathetic to the fact I had my blood pressure taken constantly through the night that they would cradle my son after feeding during the night to allow me some rest which was a Godsend when you don’t have your partner there for 12 hours at a time. I have stayed in both the private rooms and the bayed ward and can say that you can’t beat having your own privacy in a room, as most of the women on the ward spoke very little English so it can be lonely.

Knowledge is power, so go prepared, with snacks to last and Internet access to find out how to look after your newborn on line, cause quite frankly no one there has the time to help you…..sad but true! These women work tirelessly, due to staff numbers their expertise cannot be fully appreciated.

The experience was positive enough for me to consider a career in midwifery myself, so that’s saying something.