Chemotherapy- Day Unit YPU

The final treatment of my chemotherapy I waited for 5 1/2 hours before being told that although my drugs had been ready, they weren’t brought up and had expired. They then informed me that I would not be able to have chemotherapy on that day. The pharmacy had not sent them up. They told me I would have to have it the next day but I was planning on returning home to see my mum and friends as I only transferred to Birmingham as I am a student.

I was very upset and the nurses were extremely understanding and helpful making sure that the pharmacy stayed open so my drugs could be made. I arrived at the hospital at 11am and left 11. 30pm. At my previous hospital in Kent I was in and out in 2 1/2 hours without fail. I would like to note that at every hospital I have attended it seems to me that the pharmacy are severely understaffed unable to cope with the high volume of patient demand.


Heart failure and Hip Operation – both superbly…

In 2012 I was an emergency admission with a wrongly diagnosed condition. Staff on EAU quickly established I had dilated cardiomyopathy and my care was swift, effective and keenly professional. I felt well supported on the ward and subsequently, under the expert care of the wonderful Consultant, I have been restored to a full and active life: something that seemed improbable when I was first admitted. I feel privileged to have this kind, gentle, modest and eminently knowledgeable person as my consultant and fully confident in all his decisions.

Last week I was readmitted to the hospital for a total hip replacement operation and was again overwhelmed by the sleek efficiency, friendliness and professionalism of staff. My particular thanks go to a particular member of staff and their amazing mentor who explained every aspect of proceedings, involved me in all decisions, talked calmly to me throughout the operation (I had a spinal with no sedation) and seemed genuinely concerned for my mental and physical well-being both during and after the operation. They even visited me on the ward a day later to ensure I was well and happy. The experience was fascinating and an impressive showcase of how top-flight machinery and top-flight staff can achieve medical triumphs.

I was up within 5 hours of the operation thanks to the surgeon’s skill and the sensitive handling of anaesthesia. Within 2 days I was ready for discharge.

Life on Great Tey ward was warm, friendly and supportive- and the involvement of all services (physiotherapy/ occupational therapy/pharmacy) were well-oiled and enmeshed. Even the food was great!

Sincere congratulations and much appreciation to you all.

Jan Kilpatrick

Shocking a and r care from in experienced staff

I attended thameside a and e yesterday (31/9/15) as I had fallen and broken my foot.

Now believe me it takes a lot for me go even consider going to a and e due previous bad experiences, but I was in agony and could not walk.

As I entered on crutches clearly in pain with my foot swollen, the staff behind the counter carried on talking and left me stood there! Baring in mind had I called an ambulance (as I have a right too) I would have been given pain relief, a chair and gas and air! Eventually they asked the questions and were very rude and abrupt.

I had an x Ray and a pleasant doctor eventually (3 hours later) came and spoke to me. They thought I had one fracture, but wasn’t sure? Seriously this is a doctor! They went off leaving me alone for a time again, and came back saying I had 3 fractures!! But they needed a further opinion! Okay that’s fine! A very rude obnoxious orthopaedic doctor arrived with an attitude problem, and basically made me feel lied I was lying stating that I couldn’t move my toes that were clearly difformed! the orthopaedic doctor ordered another x Ray! And then about an hour later I was left standing in the corridor as they had no were for me to sit, with 3 fractures in my foot! The obnoxious doctor then said I needed a half cast on to see the fracture clinic!!

Cast has been put on appallingly, my toes (which are fractured and difformed) are hanging out and my ankle is now under pressure!

I asked for some painkillers and I was informed the pharmacy wasn’t open on a bank holiday, so that’s 24 hours without real pain relief!! I asked when I would be seen in the fracture clinic, I was told I would have been called today (Monday) with an appointment! They also stated it could be weeks (in this cast hats falling apart)! I’ve had no phone call at all and I am in agony!

If your doctors can’t cope with a simple foot fracture and don’t even have the decency to treat people with respect I suggest they find another job.

I also asked for a sick note and was told no speak to your GPs.

I rang my gp today who was not very happy at all at there time being wasted with an appointment when you could have done it and they informed me it was you’re responsibility!! I will be lodging a formal complaint!

You are a disgrace and it’s no wonder the nhs is in the state its in!!

I have now made an appointment with a private doctor, and if they diagnose me with something different than your doctors I will be suing, as it was clear they had no clue what they were looking at on the x Ray!


Administrative errors have caused me problems

My care at the QMC was no problem at all. I arrived at reception at 8:30am and the nurse put me in a quiet room. An hour later they realised they had forgotten about me. They signed me in. An hour later they took my details and I saw an anaesthetist. After midday I was taken to a ward and undressed and put on a bed. I was told it was the wrong bed, as I was wheeled off to the operation. They said they would look after my things. By 2pm I was taken to the operation, and I came back to the ward at 6pm. Three days later I was due to be discharged though my wounds were still leaking. I was discharged after a 2 hour delay during which time I was not allowed any medication, as it was at the pharmacy. I was in considerable pain. My wife and I were not offered any help getting out of the hospital to the car. My discharge notes said my dressing was dry. I believe it was not dry. The nurse didn’t come for three days because they thought it was dry, but was horrified at the state of the dressing when they did come. I then had great care, but I was not happy that the correct information was not given to my district nurses. I am heeling well, but feel that these administrative errors are a problem.


Complete satisfaction throughout

I was admitted to Firth 6 at the Northern General Hospital due to appendicitis. Complete satisfaction throughout from the local surgery to hospital reception. The medical care I received was considerate and the nurses attentive. A suggested area for improvement is the discharge procedures. There is a lack of communication which caused confusion and delay. There was a long wait for medication from the hospital pharmacy too.


A&E and Acute Medical Unit

My Mother (79) was admitted to A&E on Monday night with symptoms of a TIA; she has a history of stroke and atrial fibrillation. She is in full control of her drugs which include Warfarin and is monitored closely.

Fortunately, when we arrived at 1. 00 am the department was not too busy and she received lots of attentive care, with many professionals asking for her story. Unfortunately, no bed could be found straight away but eventually she was transferred to a 6-bedded unit (an off-shoot of A&E I believe) where she also received excellent care. She was discharged during that afternoon and was asked to return the following morning at 8. 30 for the TIA clinic.

During our day in AMU, which started with blood tests and a consultation with a junior doctor, Mum was given a CT scan, an ultrasound scan and an MIR scan. The very kind junior doctor also came to find us in the scanning department to let us know that the Consultant was available to see to discuss her treatment and we were given lots of information on her condition, and an alternative protocol to prevent a repeat TIA. Clearly, Mum’s condition was unstable so devoting a whole day to get a complete picture and new treatment was most gratifying and prevented us worrying over several weeks, between appointments.

Without exception, everyone we came into contact with during the day, in every department, (including the Pharmacy and Costa’s! ! ) couldn’t have been more helpful or kind. Thank you.


My husbands medication being taken from his own supply to be given to other patients

My husband was recently admitted with heart problems to East Surrey Hospital. We took his own supply of medications that he has paid for into the hospital when he was admitted. During his stay, some of the nurses on his ward repeatedly came to take drugs from his locker apparently to medicate other patients. We believe he wasn’t the only patient that this happened to. He was never asked if it was ok and the drugs haven’t been replaced.

To top it all, before he was discharged, one of the nurses took my husband’s medication box to the pharmacy to supposedly get extra medications for him. The medications came back minus the box, in a carrier bag and also missing 3 boxes of other medications which were in the box that had been prescribed for things other than his heart condition (such as his asthma inhaler).

We found the sister on the ward incredibly rude and dismissive. I am absolutely disgusted at our experience. Taking patients drugs for other patients should not be happening but at least have the courtesy to ask and then replace them. If you take patients property it should be returned, not rummaged through and then discarded.


Time wasted and expensive car parking charges

I came today to the eye casualty–stood with a large number of patients waiting at reception of Clinic 9–couldn’t process anyone as both computers had crashed–5 minute delay eventually get checked in and back outside to wait. Eventually see a nurse who says I need to see a doctor but expect a 1-1 and a half hour wait. After 2 hours I go back to reception but there are no staff there–eventually get seen by a lovely doctor who removed debris from my eye and prescribed antibiotic cream on a prescription that can only be used at the hospital.

Head to the pharmacy and am given a pager and number and told the waiting time is about 45 minutes before the prescription will be ready–but the pager will buzz so I would know when to go and collect it—-wait over 45 minutes –heading to an hour so go and ask if there is any news—yes the prescription is ready and waiting—has been for some time and sorry looks like this pager doesn’t work! Lovely—thank you that will now be 5 hours worth of car parking fees.

When you reduced the car park fees, 5 hours wasn’t changed. It’s still £5.40 –I think this is a rip off for sitting around and standing around in your hospital while the car park tills go kerching kerching kerching

Miffed person

If only Royal Oldham Hospital could get it right second time…

My mum was in the Royal Oldham – she had been there for a few days. She has dementia plus a number of other complaints beside the infection she is in there with.

She takes quite a lot of medication but the ward staff responsible for my mum ‘forgot’ to give her any for the whole time she has been there. She has had to go ‘cold turkey’ for a week without the family knowing. This only came to light when we were told that they were having trouble getting her to take antibiotics. When asked how she was taking her other tablets they had no idea what other tablets she should be taking.

On further investigation it came to light that although they had a list from the pharmacy it had been ignored.

There seems to be no continuity of care, handover procedures in my mum’s case have been sloppy at the expense of her care. I will be taking this matter further.


My haemorrhoid operation at Tameside Hospital

I had this procedure at Tameside General Day Surgery, my appointment time was 12: 00.

* Arrived ten minutes early, was not admitted to ward until 16: 30, I’m aware someone has to be last on the list, but surely I could have been kept informed better.

* Have operation, wake on ward, don’t see doctor again to explain how things went.

* Literally last person on ward, cant leave until I eat some toast, have a drink and empty my bladder, no bread for toast, nurse goes off in search.

* Wife arrives to take me home, nurse explains pharmacy is shut so I cant get prescription, will have to come back tomorrow. shouldn’t all this have been in place anyway.

* Nurse asks when I’m due back at work, I tell her, she says in no way should I go back to work and that she would arrange a sick note, this is the first mention of needing time off……… I had understood this to be just a minor procedure.

* By Friday of the week of the operation I had become quite disturbed with the amount of blood I was losing and feeling very uncomfortable…..I tried contacting the hospital, but was given a run around being transferred from department to department, eventually I got through to the doctor’s secretary only to be told that they were on holiday and their assistant was on leave, she stated that she would try to find someone to call me, no one did.

* Saw my GP on Monday, he assured me that there would be pain and discomfort which would ease as time goes on.

* Four weeks on from the operation, I have seen my GP 3 times and been to A&E once, I still have discomfort ( not a lot of pain now ), but I am still bleeding and have not yet managed to contact the doctor

I feel I have been treated very poorly, and that the after care has been non existent I am really upset with the treatment I have received.