Induced labour, fantastic midwives

I gave birth to my son last week at Arrowe Park and would just like to say how fantastic the midwives were. I had been under the hospital for low amniotic fluid and was checked on with regular scans before being induced for safety reasons.

We arrived at the hospital early in the morning and were shown to our room on maternity ward. I was monitored for the first few hours to check how the baby was doing then given a pessary at 11am to see if labour could be induced. After an uneventful day and night I was checked 11 am the next morning (the pessary has to be given 24 hours to work) and told they could break my waters and start my labour with a drip.

I was taken down to the delivery suite and things got started around 1:45pm. I was in established labour for 1 hour 10 minutes and everything went smoothly. Our son was born perfect and healthy at 4:07pm weighing 6 lb 5oz.

The midwives were fantastic and made our experience a very happy one. I had heard some bad stories about Arrowe Park and now feel the need to write this as I could not fault them in any way.

I was cared for by many midwives throughout my 4 days in hospital including Hannah, Lynne, Kate, Kim, Paula and Pauline. They do an amazing job and should be given credit for this.


Could do better

My husband recently had a heart valve replacement op. The op was successful. With a bit of tweaking, the care could have been better.

He was given a pessary and told that the nurse would be back in 20 mins – he had to wait for an escort to the WC. It was 30 mins before the nurse came back, my husband was quite unhappy as he was desperate to use the toilet before that time and messed himself – very upsetting.

He was offered an exercise bike to try – liked it and saw that there was a programme one could do, so asked to be offered the programme. The answer was no, you only get one go – no further goes! How ridiculous, to have a bike there not being used.

The day he was to be discharged, a blood test was done, for his Warfarin levels, but a nurse had to come back and repeat the blood test as ‘there wasn’t enough blood taken’.

This test requires a certain volume of blood for the test – Why was this not done first time?

He was told and it was entered in his notes that he would be discharged the following day – on the morning in question, his consultant said he was fit to come home, but it was 6.30pm before he could leave as his prescription wasn’t ready! Why not?


Mixed experiences giving birth at Arrowe Park

I stayed at Arrowe Park for 3 nights during my induction for the birth of my son in the summer of 2008.

The induction ward was very quiet and clean. The midwives on that ward were very kind and efficient. I was not checked upon as frequently as I should have been but I felt safe as I could always call a midwife if needed.

After my 2 nights stay and 3 pessaries, on that ward I was taken down to labour ward and the induction was started. The care I recieved there was outstanding. I was uncomfortable in the first labour suite as there were no curtains, the sun was streaming in and the windows couldn’t be opened so my first midwife moved us to another much more comfortable room.

I was petrified about the whole induction process and must have been a nightmare patient but the two midwives that dealt with me were extraordinary. My first midwives’ shift ended a couple of hours into my labour and I got the choice of which midwife I wanted as I knew a few of them on shift from my antenatal care. My second midwife was fabulous and didn’t leave my side until well after my son had been born safely.

I requested an epidural and the anaesthetist was clearly very talented and I received my epidural very swiftly. The third stage of my labour was managed so well that I didn’t even realise it had occured! I was stitched up, cleaned up and had some visitors whilst still on labour ward then I was moved upstairs to the postnatal ward.

Unfortunately the postnatal ward care I received was appalling. My son had low blood sugar so was taken away each hour for heel pricks. This process was not explained and he was often taken without my consent. I wanted to breastfeed and was not helped to until I had been on the ward for over 6 hours. I was made to try and walk despite telling them that I still could not feel my legs and subsequently fell. When asked for help to go to the loo I was told that since I had had a normal delivery I had to get on with it since there were women on the ward that had had a much harder time than I had!

I requested to leave the next day but had to wait over 5 hours to be discharged as they were busy. I would say they must have been understaffed, but I saw midwives/carers stood around chatting at the front desk. A lady came into the ward to ask if anyone wanted their baby checked over – like it was optional! I was not checked over at all once my baby was born.

I was hounded by people trying to sell various things like photo-shoots at my bedside. The food was so bad and I left the hospital starving. It was very surprising to experience such different standards of care.

Mrs E

A good maternity experience at Queens – it can happen!

I had an induced labour, as my waters had broken 24 hours before.

I was put in a ward overnight as my baby’s head was not engaged and there was a risk that the cord could come out first. After a calm and quiet night, i was given a pessary the next day to induce me but to no avail. So later on in the day i was taken to the labour ward and and a kandualer was inserted, at first by a junior midwife (not my midwife) tried to get it in but failed then a senior midwife tried but failed, so they called an anaesthetist who just got it in. I was then hooked up to a drip to bring on the labour.

All the time i was being looked after by a new midwife who was learning her way around the trust (her word for the hospital) and had another midwife to hand. Not once did i feel like she did not know what she was doing, she was very good and kept me up to date with all that was happening.

Then we had a change of staff, and i was sorry to see my midwife go and she was replaced by agency staff. I did not feel that I had the attention of this midwife as she did disappear a lot, and when all the monitor alarms went off my husband went to find my midwife and said that there were a group of them just chatting outside the door.

As my labour intensified she did come back, I was given gas and air and was asked if I wanted to consider other pain relief and was given the option several times of an epidural, which I declined.

A consultant came to see me and said that he would come back in 2 hours to see how I was getting on, at this point my labour was just starting to get worse, when we discussed pethidine. I said i would wait a little while before having it and the midwife did state that it could last for 2 hours which I thought would be just fine to have as i hoped it would not take that long. Then I felt the urge to push, midwife not quite ready with the gloves but along came my daughter ready or not.

I was glad that the midwife was actually in the room, but along came another midwife who was superb and assisted in the rest of the delivery. Following arrival onto the postnatal ward all was good. Was seen by nursery nurses, midwifes.

All ready for departure, although not dressed, and then had to stay because baby was jaundiced. But was put in a side room as baby required phototherapy. I was in hospital with her for a week. Every stage of what was happening to her I received top class treatment, I knew exactly what was going on, was given advice by midwifes, paediatrician and nursery nurses and reassurance on every step of every test that was done.

This is not a story to say how bad the hospital is but how well me and my family were treated. The staff at the hospital are doing an excellent job, and morale among the staff on the postnatal side is high. Although it did seem to dip when you hear the conversations about management.

My baby and I were discharged home, and all staff were there to say goodbye. Since then my baby had to be readmitted. After a few days at home she was seen by a community midwife who sent us straight to A&E. She was seen again for jaundice and was admitted to neonatal intensive care.

This whole experience was a bit nerve wracking as the ward was full of baby incubators, and lots of nurses and doctors checking and looking after the tiniest babies. What was reassuring was that when my daughter was ‘checked in’ the doctor that had looked after her in postnatal was the same doctor so he already knew her history and came to reassure me.

It was heart breaking to leave her there, but when I returned the next day to see her, I was met by a nurse who updated me on all that they were doing for her. When i left and returned again, my nurse was on a break but another nurse could update me.

It was reassuring to know that it seemed that every nurse or doctor knew the going on of every baby in that ward, and there were quite a few in there. Although it was a busy ward the feeling of calm throughout the ward was pleasant. When my baby was finally discharged from here, I felt as if every nurse and doctor knew her and came to say goodbye.

I just felt that with all the bad press the maternity unit is having right now that someone should actually a put a positive light on an experience at Queens.

Anna Louise

Years of great experiences at East Surrey Hospital

I can only sing it’s praises. We have had reason to visit various departments in the hospital over the last 8 years and personally feel the way each scenario has been dealt with to be outstanding.

In January 2004 (first experience of the hospital after recently moving to the area), my husband was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, we found out on the Tues morning. Tues afternoon, he received an Ultrasound Scan and by the Friday he was having surgery. He had a one night stay on Buckland Ward where he received excellent care as did I who was worried sick. My husband continued to see Dr Money Kryle for regular Follow Up Appointments for some years and yes we were always kept waiting but unfortunately some people’s problems take longer than others.

In 2006, we were delighted to discover we were expecting our first baby, I had a long labour but the midwives on Delivery were super, I was exhausted yet with the midwives encouragement managed to deliver my 10lb 8oz daughter!

In 2010, we were delighted to discover we were expecting baby number two, a very different labour! I was taken in to be induced on Rusper Ward but after one pessary I went into established labour very quickly! Waters went everywhere and the midwife quickly got me to Delivery. In Delivery I dilated extremely quickly and therefore my son’s heartbeat was lost, the panic button was pushed and 10 medics arrived in seconds. Fortunately all was fine, just a now eager to pop out baby! ! My son arrived 9lbs 8ozs. The midwife stayed at my side throughout and was always so reassuring.

At just 9 weeks old my poor boy contracted chicken pox and we came to the hospital via A and E after advice from the GP. He was admitted to Outwood Ward. The doctors and nurses were clearly worried about his health but so thorough, we can’t thank them enough, they saved his little life.

Just last week (age 23 months), my son was poorly again with a wheeze and fast breathing. He was admitted to Outwood for the night. He recovered quickly but once again the staff on Outwood were truly exceptional. There is a foreign male Consultant who’s name I cannot remember but he looked after my son when he was so poorly with the chickn pox and saw us briefly again this last time (he was unwell himself) and he deserves a real special thanks. He has a super manner with both the children and parents, and I really would put all my faith in him.

ESH has potentially saved my husband’s life (and son’s) and brought two new lives into this world, I will always be immensely thankful to them.


I had been referred to the uro-gyny …

I had been referred to the uro-gyny clinic by the incontinence service. Incontinence is very embarrassing, and it takes courage to agree to being referred. However, fron having the uro-dynamics tests, to having a pessary fitted to alleviate my immediate problems, I was treated with the utmost respect, and never doubted I was a partner in this process. I need surgery, which will take place in a couple of months, and I have confidence that I will be treated with dignity,respect and compassion.

I have several chronic conditions, some of which are treated at the local private hospital. I can honestly say that my treatment at BRI is equal to that at the private hospital.

Well done Uro-Gyny at BRI.

What could be improved


Umm!!! Can’t find any information about where ward 12 is located. Can anyone provide a map?


Over stretched maternity unit

My experience of giving birth at Calderdale royal was mixed. I was 2 weeks overdue and had been having mild contractions for 30 hours with no progression. I called the maternity unit but no beds were available and instead they arranged a midwife examination for me that afternoon in Huddersfield. Here I was told I was 2cm dilated and would need my waters breaking instead of being induced. Later that evening a bed came available at Calderdale, I was examined again by a midwife who told me I was not dilated at all and would need inducing (and that basically whoever examined me earlier didn’t know what they were talking about). After giving me the pessary this midwife told my partner he might as well go home because the baby ‘definitely wouldn’t be born that night, that the likelihood was I would need inducing again the next day and it could even take 48 hours. So my partner went home, luckily for me my mum stayed with me. My labour accelerated incredibly fast and within a few hours I was in a lot of pain. It was 1am before we managed to attract the attention of any midwives and eventually I was examined and 5-6cm dilated. At 2am I asked for an epidural as I was in agony. The care I received from the midwife after I had the epidural was second to none, she was so caring, kind and gentle. My son was delivered by forcepts at 6.29am (luckily my partner made it back in time!). The midwife who had administered the epidural came in the room just before I gave birth, she was very surprised at my progress and told me that it seemed sometimes a batch of the induction medicine seemed to be ‘supercharged’ and much stronger than usual, which even in the state I was in I thought was quite outrageous. my son breastfed well straight after the birth and I was exhausted so we both tried to get some rest, we were quickly disturbed however by a male midwife who tried to get my baby to feed again even though he was asleep and I was exhausted, I asked if we could just have an hours rest and told him the baby had fed but he insisted I should feed on demand, which I thought was bizarre as my baby was not demanding at that time. In terms of after care my experience was mixed again, I received some invaluable help and support with breastfeeding, but at other times felt completely abandoned and unsupported, which I noticed with other ladies on the ward too. I do think on the whole the staff and midwives do a good job, but they seem very over stretched and stressed, there seemed to be an attitude of ‘I don’t have time for you’. My thoughts are that a labour ward at HRI would take the pressure off Calderdale quite a lot. Overall it was a rather stressful experience! I suppose my reason for leaving this comment was primarily to raise the issue of this unit being so over stretched, and to ask midwives who are inducing patients to avoid giving them false information, I didn’t have my partner at my side when I was in a lot of pain because of the foolish words of a midwife.

Caroline snell

Appalling. Do not give birth here!

It has been 12 weeks since I have given birth here. (Jan 2015) The memories still haunt me and this is the first time I have been able to write about it. Funnily enough I see many disappointing reviews dating a couple years- it is obviously a poorly run service. It’s irritating to me to see the bog standard response that ‘we take these reviews seriously’ what a joke! Nothing has changed. I had no choice to give birth here as my son was to be transferred to great ormond street. You’d think as a high risk patient (my son has a congenital heart defect) that we would be treated with some care…nope! We were left for 10 hours on the delivery ward to be ‘carefully induced’ given my history of very quick labours and of course my sons need for immediate intervention. We were told there was a need for this wait in order to ensure the relevant team were there to support the baby.. (Ironic…keep reading..) we had interchangeable midwifes (there was obviously an extreme lack of them!), had no doctor around to check my baby after many problems- a huge clot, serious reaction to induction pessary, hyper stimulation, baby’s low heart rate, bright red bleeding…the works! Apparently everyone was ‘busy’. The miserable midwife I had eventually went to get a doctor (leaving us with a student) after a second bleed and my waters breaking) i could barely speak due to hyper stimulation – these people did not know my case they weren’t the original staff I had – I was attempting to tell them about my quick labours. The doctor kept saying the consultant was ‘with a patient busy..)- within seconds I had one push- i had told them well before this that I felt pressure! My baby boy was born needing immediate intubation. Right in front of me … And during this time – no word of a lie – the same midwife proceeded to ask me to ‘Get off the bed so I clean the sheets…’ Whilst my son was fighting for his life. I was in shock – I believe now they wanted to clean the blood as they later wrote in my notes I had a blood clot the size of a 50p piece and little bleed. Lie. I am so upset with this hospital. I am already going through PALS. I just hope nobody else has to suffer here. I have had two previous births at Watford and lister- both were brilliant. I truly believe my boy would have had a better chance at his heart surgery had these people actually planned my birth – a high risk birth – but they didn’t. To top it all off I was sent to a post natal ward full of babies – whilst mine was unable to breathe alone in icu. I asked several times to be moved – eventually 8 hours later- I was given a room. They failed my son.


I come here to my gynae and they …

I come here to my gynae and they are great

What could be improved

I came here in December 2009 for a medical abortion which should have been a very straight forward procedure.

I was called in to take a tablet, the nurse wa very uneasy and a bit shaky but I didn’t question anything as she was the nurse and should have known best.

I took my tablets and went and sat in the waiting area to amke sure I didn’t vomit, ten minutes later I was called in to say that my drugs had been given incorrectly. I’d been given pessary”s to take .

The usual dosage of the tablet I should have taken could then not be given to me so I only had half the dosage.

I was on my own and thsi was a difficult enough time as it was.

They sent me home sacred to daeth not knowing what was going to happen and without the full dosae of drugs to start the abortion.

Nothing had happened a couple of adys later so they brought me in to try and see if they could start the abortion with a pessary.

By the time I went home on the Sunday I still hadn’t miscarried , it happened whilst I was at home 2 days later on Christmas eve!

Overall an unsettling experience.

I’ve been told now that I need an operation on my ovary and I’m terrified of coming back to this hospital for an operation.

My gynae is lovely, the only good thing about Rochdale infirmary