I really admired the way the staff went about their respective tasks, efficiently and courteously

I was admitted to East Surrey Hospital (Cardiology) for a pacemaker implant having been experiencing periods of dizziness and my 24 hour pulse monitor having shown irregular heart beats and stoppage of pulse overnight for periods of almost four seconds (atrial fibrilation). The procedure was done in September by Dr. Saha and I was discharged at lunchtime on Monday.

The attention I received from the medical staff and others throughout my stay was brilliant and I really admired the way they went about their respective tasks, efficiently and courteously.

Josie Wales

Father’s heart attack missed at Bolton A&E

My father was rushed to A&E. He has a pacemaker and was complaining of severe chest pain and pain in left arm. He was sent home with a pulled muscle.

Again the next day he was admitted, we decided that we would insist that his heart be checked, lucky for us, they found out after a special blood test that my father suffered a heart attack. If we did not insist my father could have died, we made a complaint immediately and they found flaws in the A&E system.

If you have any pain in your chest and also going down your arm, don’t let them fob you off with something else, even an ECG cannot detect if you have had a heart attack. Insist on the special heart blood test.


Staff attitudes and lack of care and compassion

My 80 year old husband was admitted for a replacement pacemaker as a day case.

previously at pre-assessment clinic I said how scared he was a could I accompany him to his bed to settle him down.He collapsed and was ill when he had the previous pacemaker fitted.

On the day of admission we were met by an extremely rude nursing assistant in the crowded waiting room. I asked if I could go with him and she just said, ‘phone back later’.

I was forced to say goodbye in a crowded room I saw how frighted he was as I left.

I cried all the way home and I am still upset when I think about this.

When I went back to collect him I went and sat and waited until he was discharged.

I complained to the staff nurse and subsequently to the department manager who said the matter would be raised at the next department meeting. I asked to be inform of the outcome of this meeting and surprise surprise nothing more was said.

The manager also said I should never have been allowed into the ward after his operation; I was so annoyed that I said that ‘you would now be talking to the local press and not me’.

This may seem rather trivial but a great deal of bad feeling and upset was involved.

We are both now even more scared about further visits.

N nd M

Thank you for my mum’s hip replacement surgery

Mm mum, aged 83, with hardly any mobility, a heart condition, pacemaker and being diabetic, had a total hip replacement a few days ago.

She has been waiting for 3 years and due to other health problems and continued health problems she was delayed treatment. However, all went well, and my Dad and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all staff concerned in the High Dependency Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit and the Elective Surgical Unit

We hope that progress continues now she has been moved to Shire Hill.

grateful relative

Well informed at Newark Hospital cardiac clinic 2

I was a patient in cardiac clinic 2 at the Newark Hospital for a check on my pacemaker. I found the consultant who I met to be very polite and considerate. However, prior to meeting the consultant, I had to wait in a cramped waiting room for 1 and a half hours, which wasn’t so good.

I would like to thank the consultant, the female technician in the cardiac clinic and all other staff for their professionalism.


Heart problems on Chesterman Ward, Northern General

I had heart problems and went to Northern General, I was on Chesterman Cardiology wards 1 and 2. I really appreciated the kindness I was shown. I can’t remember the names, but I would like to thank everyone who helped me, for their amazing kindness.

I had a pacemaker fitted in December of last year, but it became badly infected and had to be taken out. I was meant to have another one fitted on my right side, but because of the infection I was fitted with a small device (though I can’t remember the name of it). Every few days this had to be taken out and another one put in, in a different place. One day the person who did this made a mess of it, so when the syringe was inserted it all came out and not into my body. Made a mess of the back of my hand. I never did see that nurse again.

Having said all that I am grateful to them all for making me feel better.


Pacemaker day care surgery at Barnsley Hospital

I came into day surgery at the beginning of June to have an op to fit a pacemaker.

I had an ECG first in cardiology. It was done by a male nurse but he preserved my modesty and I did not feel uncomfortable at all.

On the day surgery ward I was looked after by Karen who I had met when she conducted my pre- op assessment. She was kind and reassuring. This nurse took me down to theatre and sat by my side throughout the operation. It was local anaesthetic. She liaised with the surgeon for me when I needed to cough and kept me informed when I asked what was happening.

I could not see what was happening. I didn’t want to! The surgeon was friendly and informed me what he was doing at every step. The operation was pain free. It just felt strange as he was working.

Back on the ward I was given tea and toast which was very welcome. I had to wait quite a long time 4 or 5 hours for the bed on the ward to be ready. On ward 36 the nursing staff were pleasant and polite. I was well cared for.

Next morning I should have been taken to cardiology after breakfast but was forgotten and it was about 10.30 when I went down where my pacemaker was checked and I was told that when my dressing had been changed on the ward I was free to be discharged. This was about 11.00.

I was asked if I would mind waiting in the TV room as they wanted to clean my room. I did not mind. I kept asking when my dressing would be changed and about my discharge but felt that I was being fobbed off and was beginning to feel upset. My husband arrived and sat with me and he also asked about the discharge and was told it would not be long.

It was 4.30 when I eventually got the letter. This was the only breakdown in communications that I had encountered and the only part of my stay in hospital that I would complain of less than perfect treatment.

Thank you to the surgeon, Staff on day surgery, and all on ward 36 .


Impressed by standard of care at Royal Bolton

I had a pacemaker fitted at the Royal Bolton last month

It was explained what I was having done in detail by staff nurse on arrival and then what to expect after the op. The food was very good and the ward spacious, I was pleased to know I could have visitors at one time.

It would have been nicer (I think) if it was a single sex ward, also an easier transfer from bed to trolley would have been nicer, with more help if elderly.

At one point I was embarrassed as I went up the long corridor on my trolley for my operation, which was full of visitors, I felt on show.

Special thank you to the nurse in Coronary Care from Radcliffe with dark hair. She was on duty from 10.30am and didn’t leave until 21.45. I was impressed with her standard of care.