Fantastic leukaemia care at Nottingham

Since i was sent to Nottingham City Hospital’s Fletcher ward in may 2005, the treatment was first class and the staff was brilliant in looking after me, from the top doctors, junior doctors to nurses to cleaners, they was brilliant and the top class treatment carried on to the day care and outpatients.

The staff are so caring and are great people thankyou guys! It is now 2010 and everytime i go, you know you are in safe hands – and the leukaemia is in its box locked up thanks to the staff.

You all know who you are, you are life savers every last one of you.


Long wait in clinic with no explanation or apology

I attended the outpatients surgical clinic to see Mr Salim.

On arrival I was checked in and asked to take a seat. After a while I noticed that the wait was 40 minutes. I asked the reception staff about the wait (I was surprised that this hadn’t been pointed out to me on arrival). I was told that this was always the case with this clinic and in fact it was going to get worse as he was ‘slotting in’ two extra patients before each clinic which made him even later.

I eventually waited an hour and a half to see him. When i asked the nurse what the delay was, she was rude and aggressive and said “it was always this way and just to sit and wait”.

At no point did anyone offer an explanation or apologise for the inconvenience caused. Whilst the care I have received from Mr Salim has been excellent, my experience of Hull Royal Infirmary has been dreadful, in particular the unprofessional and uncaring attitude of some nurses.



5 years ago I was an inhabitant of Ward1 for 6 months.Sent to Wansbeck for complicated hip surgery I had a “pacer” fitted whilst biopsy reports were pending. developed horrific bed sores (photos taken) and MRSA and sent back to Ward1 until safe to have the op.I received excellent attention and care from everyone,Staff, Medics, Cleaners ,Pet dog,Physios!!!Pharmasists ,Occupational Therapists etc.As I was flat on my back most of the time I appreciated all the care and expertise and humour too. Since then I was on ICU and Ward 2for a short time.. same care and attention. So why this message (having discovered I can send one?) I now attend 2 Clinics, Warfarin,regularly, and every 2 years or so,Orthopaedic. and my comment… seating in the waiting area at Hexham General..I know that a lot of outpatients at those Clinics find it extremely difficult to use those low sofa seats. I know there are a few higher chairs..yesterday only two, and I know others have commented I use 2 sticks to get about and can just manage to get up from the low seats but so many have a real struggle, and many at those clinics are elderly. One could fetch seats from the cafeteria but I don’t think that would be popular! This is my only complaint .We are so lucky to have such an excellent hospital ..I owe it so much.


Poor directions and comunications at Leicester General

In late April I had an appointment at the Leicester General Hospital at 3:10pm. A friend assisted me to the hospital, arriving at the Urology clinic at 2:30pm we was informed by the receptionist the clinic I had an appointment for had moved on this day we were told we had to go to the ambulance station and there would be a walkway from the ambulance station to the clinic. We spoke to a paramedic driver who informed us that the building we wanted was near the maternity unit.

We entered maternity and yet again was informed the building we wanted was across two car parks. We found outpatients 2 and after booking in we was told we wanted outpatients 4. My friend who is in an External Fixator after a severe motorcycle accident could not walk any longer and a porter was called to transport him in a wheelchair to outpatients 4.

Upon arrival in outpatients 4 we was told the consultant had left, the receptionist rang doctor and told him we had arrived 1 hour and 30 mins late to which we corrected her that we was given incorrect details on numerous occasions by staff who work at the Leicester General Hospital.

After we corrected the receptionist we said the staff should be more informed at the General Hospital to which she replied in front of her colleagues “its not my problem” when asked who we can make a complaint to we was informed if we complained the consultant would refer us back to our General Practitioner and it would take up to 10 weeks to find a new consultant.

We left outpatients 4 shocked at how we had been treated, the pain we was both suffering after walking around for an hour and 50 mins was severe, needing a break we entered outpatients 3 where the staff obviously saw how distressed my friend was. After explaining the situation to the nurses they was alarmed at how we had been treated and urged us to make a complaint in writing to you.

The time is now 6:00pm my friend has returned to the Leicester Royal Infirmary because of the extreme pain he has suffered and I still have not been seen by my consultant. Words cannot describe the anger and disappointment I am feeling toward the General hospital at this moment. I am shocked that I was treated in such a way and demand that inquiries must be made into this incident. I am shocked that because I wanted to complain I was the victim of verbal aggressions from the staff in out patients 4 unless this matter is sorted I will write to my local MP and also inform the Leicester Mercury of my treatment I have received today.

Matthew Devereux

Royal Hallamshire – EAU – Emergency Admissions Unit

I was in the emergency admssions unit for 2 nights for an examination and analysis. I waited for a place on the ward. On the second morning a new consultant that I was unfamilair with told me I was leaving and tests would be carried out on an out-patient basis. I was shocked as I felt unable to cope at home, feeling lethargic and poorly. The social worker told me of what help was available, but I still felt I needed more care. 3 weeks later I was readmitted due to my persistant GP.

Patien1 010

Courtesy and kindness at Rotherham General

I went to Rotherham General dermatology department and Anticoagulant department, for ecsema and deep vein thrombosis. I also had a rupture in my stomach. I was treated with courtesy, help and kindness. In the anticoagulant therapy outpatients, I would like to thank the nurses. I would also like to thank the nurses and doctors from dermatology outpatients.


Out Patients

I recently visited the out patients department following an illiostomy and secondary surgery, including a hernia correction in February. I had a consultation with a junior doctor who did not answer my questions, and did not discuss the hernia, putting it off as ‘scar tissue’. I told him that I was getting more pain and that my hernia was bigger than before the supposed correction, this was ignored.

I asked to see the consultant, though this was not possible at the moment as he was with his secretary, but I could wait. I did for a further hour and a half before I gave up as I had another appointment.

I wrote to my consultant saying that as he only had a short outpatients session he may like to be available to see patients but this has not been dignified with an answer. I am still in pain from a problem that should have been corrected, my 85 year old father had a hernia corrected in May and he is fine; no lump, no pain, no discomfort.

Is it too much trouble to expect to be able to see the consultant when you are not happy with your treatment? Do the consultants not have enough time to see their secretaries without it cutting into patients time?

It seems that everyones time is important, except that of the patient.


I am very grateful to the NHS

I have had treatment for glaucoma and cataract at the QMC Nottingham. I have always received excellent care and attention during my visits . I had also had treatment for breast cancer, a lumpectomy and later a mastectomy in 2008. I have two hearing aids, I attend Keyworth audiology clinic when I need any advice or batteries

I have always received very good treatment whichever hospital or outpatients clinic I have attended. Maybe being “upbeat” about any necessary treatment has a lot to do with my experiences, all in all I am very grateful to the NHS.


QMC Eye Outpatients

I went into QMC Eye outpatients on Tuesday 25th March to have a small lesion removed from above my eye. My appointment card said to arrive at 12:00 midday. When I arrived I was told to take a seat in the daycare room, which was well equipped with a TV and plenty of magazines. I was seen by a nurse at about 12:30 and told to wait, I was told to have some lunch when lunches came round as it would be at least early afternoon before I was seen.

I was given lunch at 1:15 – which was quite unappetising – glad I was only a day patient.

To cut a long story short I was eventually taken up to Theatre at 5:00 pm, given a local anathestic and had the lesion removed and was out of theatre by 5:30 pm and was discharged at 6:00 pm.

So in all I sat in a waiting room for 5 hours!!


‘homely’ atmosphere at Montagu Hospital

I went to the Gyno surgery clinic at Montagu Hospital. I really appreciated the friendliness of the staff – a more ‘homely’ atmosphere that the large hospital in Doncaster.

The only comment I have is that I believe whilst talking to you the staff could have closed the curtains and then opened them again – I felt as though there was no privacy. Other than this the service I received was very good.

I would like to thank all the staff on the ward including the receptionist.

On my outpatients appointment I left my scarf and they kindly posted it back to me – that’s what I call caring staff. Thank you to all concerned.