Husband not asked whether he wanted to stay

Brought by ambulance. I waited a very short time and the ambulance men were very good.

Excellent treatment where they checked blood pressure and pulse. No embarrassment, she was happy to see paramedics.

She was then asked to wait for the orthopaedic Dr. Her husband was not asked whether he wanted to stay with her- wife has language problems and he feels he should be with her.

No complaints about staff treatment.


Appointment could have offered more information

My 4years old son was taken to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and he was looked after and dealt with professionally and promptly. We were out of there within an hour. I then detached my short hand, right bicep tendon and spent 5hours in casualty at the Northern General Hospital. I was seen the nest afternoon the nest afternoon by a consultant in orthopaedics who I felt was show-boating in front of their new students. They fortunately passed me on to a 2nd consultant when I questioned him. My care from then on was excellent.

Although my operation was postponed once due to the lack of a suitable screw for my operation, it did however take place within a week of the initial injury and I am making good recovery.

Post-0p would have been better if my first appointment had offered me more information rather than being held by a Junior doctor how seemed to be just going through the motion. The 2nd appointment was very much better


The hospital staff have been great, but I can’t wait 18weeks for my operation in this much pain.

I attended an appointment with my consultant in Orthopaedics at Torbay Hospital last week. I have to say that it was a very good experience, the consultant was excellent, helpful and kind. The nurses were exemplary also.

I had to wait a few times as I was passed between departments for a variety of medical checks but not an intolerably long wait.

Having the medical checks at the same time as this appointment was to save me from having to return again before my hip operation but they did mention that I may still need to come back to hospital to see the anaesthetist.

Unfortunately, I have been told that I may have to wait 18 weeks to have the operation within the NHS which is too long to wait given the pain I’m in. If I go private it would be done within 2 weeks. I have to wait for the consultants report to reach my GP before I make a decision.

But as far as my experience is concerned, they have been great.


Extremely good staff at all times

I was admitted to Doncaster Orthopaedics ward for day surgery. I had a hole in my back and was given an injection so they could see what was wrong. I was petrified to go in but they took such good care of me. They were really excellent. Everything was explained to me really clearly. They were extremely good at all times as they talked me through every step.


I was very impressed

I had day surgery at the Northern General Hospital Orthopaedics department as I had a problem with a bone in my foot. I was very impressed with my treatment on the day. The nurses and doctors care very much as nothing is too much trouble it seems. The only gripe for me is the car parking! The hospital site is very big and to have to park at the entrance means it’s a long walk to the departments when you’re ill, only to find your doctor can park right outside his department in some cases!


Grateful for care but worried by staff levels

My sister was in a car accident near Blackburn and was admitted in the early hours of the morning. She had shattered her pelvis and broke her hip and her leg socket.

The doctors and nurses were very competent and thorough but I felt the hospital was dangerously understaffed. The nurses constantly looked worn out and rushed and when my sister pressed her alarm button during the night it often took 45 minutes to an hour for someone to come and give her pain relief.

All in all a good hospital with brilliant staff but I feel more night nurses desperately need to be employed on orthopaedics. I think all the staff will agree.