In April I attended the ENT department at QMC in Nottingham. The best bits were that the doctors explained would happen and answered any questions that I had. However, there was no clear answer on what would happen after. I later found out that they need you on the ward for at least four hours on return from operation. But when I asked on return they did not say this! I then overheard another nurse say this to someone else! I asked and they conformed this. But when my family who came after the operation asked they did not tell them. It would be at least four hours and maybe more! JUST TELL US!!!!!!


Great care but problems with communication

My partner is type 1 diabetic. Due to his condition he had some nerve damage to the nerves in his left wrist. It was decided that he would be referred to day surgery at Rotherham Hospital for an operation to remove the nerves. Due to his condition he was advised to have a local anaesthetic so he did not have to starve as this can cause problems with his blood sugar levels. He arrived at the hospital and was admitted very quickly and efficiently. He was then asked to take a seat and wait. After several hours without food or drink he approached the nurse to see if he could have something as he was starting to have a drop in blood sugar level. The nurse stated that there was nothing in his notes to say that he was diabetic but took him to a side ward and gave him something to eat immediately. When he saw the surgeon he again mentioned his diabetes. The surgeon said there was nothing in his notes but he should have been first on his list. Although his treatment was excellent, I think this highlights real communication issues within the hospital.


Nurse sneezed in her hand then handled my tablets

i went to the Derby Royal A&E last night…what a place! a nurse full of cold sneezed into her hand then handled my tablets then wiped snot on her hand as she prepared to do a blood test. despite posters on hand hygeine and sanitisers everywhere! I was disgusted and discharged myself. I found some of the staff ignorant and abrupt towards me. After this experience I would rather bear the pain than go there again.


Nurses at Walton Hospital were excellent

I went to Walton Hospital to have my eyes checked as I was going blind in one eye. The nurse gave me an injection in the eye. I was not able to read or write. The doctors and the nurses were fantastic and worked hard to make me feel comfortable. They were available for me to ask questions at any given time. One of the nurses arranged transport for me and my carer to go to the hospital as I now need to go for another visit.


Diagnosis confusion at Sunderland Royal

I am a truthful person, but also really scared for my health. I am really nervous writing this – but here goes…

I have had health problems for a number of years. At first, I was able to carry on working – until quite recently. I was diagnosed with different conditions over the years, but nothing seemed to quite explain the different problems I was experiencing. But l I was sent to see a consultant for a certain condition. ‘At last ‘ I finally thought that the unknown problem was going to be found.

On my first day at the hospital, one test ruled out MS. Another test was done and I had found an almost instant improvement with some of my symptoms which both Doctors noted! Finally, I was told the name of the complaint which was confirmed by the test which was carried out. I was given medication to treat the condition. I was waiting for couple of other tests to be done.

Everything was going fine until one episode I experienced, (I am unable to say exactly what happened as I have already found my treatment affected) I heard a nurse using details of mine as self entertainment. I complained, in around about way. Then two hours later, I was home (glad in one sense and puzzled at the same time), and I was told I would be brought back for the tests another time. The new medication I had just been given, was stopped by the ward doctor (even though I had recently reported to the ward doctor that believed I felt some improvement while taking it).

I contacted the hospital after I had heard nothing more about the tests. I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary, who said there was no information about any tests I was supposed to have. So she gave me an appointment with the Consultant.

At the consultation, I learned that someone had said I had refused to take any further tests and went home. So I was told that due to lack of information, the “students” had decide that they thought I was not suffering from the condition.

I told the consultant that some inaccurate details were in my file, as I had not refused any tests! I said “why would I refuse tests which would answer the question about my health problems?” but the consultant said it would mean returning to the hospital to have them done. I said I would return, as I have no problems with the hospital. I did return for a blood test, but when I returned for the blood test, results I was told they tested negative, but negative for the first condition which had been ruled out?

I queried why I had been tested for something that had already been ruled out and not the condition which had been diagnosed with a few weeks prior. I was told that I was only interested in a more interesting name for my diagnosis.

At this point, I am totally confused (honestly this is the absolute truth). I have now been given a totally different diagnosis for something I do not have. I know I do not have the different condition because I have even been sent to see a specialist for the new condition, which I have been given in place of the other diagnosis, I was examined and had my history taken. I was told at the end of the consultation that I am not suffering from the condition I had just been diagnosed with. In the meantime, I have been sent to a colleague of my original consultant, who I had learned has been discussing my case with my original consultant. At the consultation, I took notes from my pocket (I have a very bad memory problem) but before I could read anything from my list, I was told he was very busy and had lots of patients waiting to see ‘and had no time to go through my health history or symptoms, when I did speak he would interrupt and he would start speaking at the same time as I was speaking. Because of this, I was getting confused and I feel there was a little language problem on both sides. He told me I was not suffering from MS, I said I understand I do not suffer from MS.

Adenugha amaganin

A big thank you

I attended Castle Hill Hospital to have a gall bladder removed. On first entering the hospital reception, I was feeling apprehensive but when I had seen my nurse, she put me at ease. I also suffer with high blood pressure. Even the anaesthetist and surgeon who were operating on me put my mind at rest. I was in good hands, I felt safer and my worries went away. The operation (keyhole) went very well. On coming round after the operation, I was so looked after. Nothing was any trouble for the nurses as they made me tea and toast and I felt better. On being discharged, I was given medication and told how to use it and asked if I had anything I wanted to discuss with the nurse. All the staff were great. A big thank you to them all.


Shocked at treatment of elderly patient in East Surrey A&E

I accompanied a sick friend of mine to hospital tonight. She was admitted into East Surrey A & E ward.

Whilst waiting there, I was horrified to observe what I can only call uncaring behaviour from a staff member. There was an elderly lady in a bed who called for the nurse a few times, when the nurse went over the lady was sitting upright in the trolley bed.

The nurse pushed her back down and told her to lie down. The lady didn’t want to lie flat down and told the nurse she needed the toilet. She asked for a stick so she could go there herself. The nurse walked away and said she would help her in a minute. The nurse then proceeded to walk to the photocopier and photocopied about 25 pages of something. I observed the lady patient in some discomfort.

The nurse then turned and walked away (this was around 10 mins since the lady asked to go to the toilet) and I was so horrified that I took the lady to the toilet myself. She had started to soil herself and I had to help her clean up.

It was quite obvious to the other nursing staff what I was doing, as it took a few minutes to help the lady there, yet not once did any nurse help. When the lady had been and we had cleaned up, a nurse who had just come on duty came to the toilet, as she recognised the patient’s voice and didn’t recognise my voice as a nurse. Whilst this elderly lady was confused, she was by no means unaware of the humiliating situation she was in.

I am not only disgusted by the behaviour of the nurse whom she asked in the first place, but it also shows how they have placed an elderly person in a vulnerable position. If I had been a thief, gerontophile or murderer, no one would have noticed or cared.

There was a poster in the ward saying “We’re never too busy to care” – what an absolute joke.


I am contacting you in order to …

What I liked

I am contacting you in order to congratulate you and the staff at Chesterfield Royal ,regarding the care I received as an in patient.

On finding out from my GP that I needed surgical intervention to cure my problem, I was offered a choice of hospitals and picked Chesterfield knowing very little about your reputation as a health care provider.

As you can appreciate in the current climate this can at times be a risky business with all the stories you hear about in the media.

I was referred to the consultant and on meeting him was given clear,simple information regarding my condition and time to think over the options.

After I had made my decision my admission to St Marys ward was planned and I had my operation on the 17th of April this year.

On admission I was extremely anxious,very tearful and full of fear,had it not been for the staff on the ward and the kindness shown to me from the aneathestist I don’t know what I would of done.

The staff nurse in particular who admitted me was a true ‘angel’ she gave me the one thing I needed before going down for my operation, a reassuring and very welcome hug.

The care I received post operatively was outstanding, nothing was too much for any of the staff on the ward and all my requests for assistance were met straight away and most importantly with a happy response doth day and night.

A couple of days following my operation I unfortunately felt quite unwell and due to the vigilance and expertise of the nurse who had admitted me, she immediately identified the problem, carried out investigations and arranged for a blood transfusion for me, what an absolute star !!

My stay on St Marys Ward was made as pleasurable as possible by the whole of the staff who were at all times professional,knowledgeable,caring,good humoured and extremely hard working.

In fact the list could go on as I have nothing but praise for all the staff on the ward.

To sum up the care I received from referral to discharge is impressive.

I always felt included in my treatment decisions,I was at all times made to fell like an individual ,the ward gave you the feeling of being well managed,I felt safe and secure whilst receiving care and the cleanliness on the ward was outstanding.

I have previously been an in patient in a very well known private hospital and I can honestly say that the care I received whilst at Chesterfield Royal far out shines it in all aspects !!!

I am hoping that I will not have to use hospital services now for a very long time, but would have no worries about using your services again, in fact I recommend your hospital to others at every opportunity I get.

Once again many, many thanks and congratulations !!!

Debbie S