Upset by attitudes of staff on Primrose ward

Where do I start? My daughter was brought up to Primrose ward after a very traumatic delivery in which my daughter who had really low platelets ended up having epidural and forceps delivery. On arrival at the ward we were met by a group of midwives who weren’t aware that she was being brought up and were really stroppy about not having a bed ready. Great start!

After daughter was eventually found bed she was left to it, even though she couldn’t move after epidural. Baby started vomiting fresh blood, daughters partner notified midwife. 20 minutes later the baby got checked over.

The midwives I met on this ward were extremely rude and arrogant. I felt they were not very nice at all.

Daughter was left from day one till day 3 in a dirty bed covered in blood. She was also left in a gown covered in blood with no help to get showered and changed, this again was left to her partner (after epidural). She had to keep asking for painkillers, none offered.

A midwife asked daughter’s partner to change the baby as baby’s temp had dropped and because he got a vest instead of a babygrow, she was nasty to him (these are first time parents).

Baby was eventually taken to the neonatal unit. It took them 2 hours to sort a drip out for daughter, after she’d asked specifically if they would do it so she could go and feed her son in neonatal.

My daughter’s partner was allowed to stay on ward 24 hrs a day and he asked for something to sleep on, but he got nothing, not even a chair. Then he got shouted at like a child, for being on the bed.

Then to top it off, my daughter was given 10 minutes to leave her room when she was discharged. Baby was still in neonatal so she was distraught. No support, no help to move her belongings, nothing.

All in all, I feel the things I and other visitors to my daughter on Primrose ward have witnessed have been utterly disgraceful. I have never seen midwives on any ward with such bad attitudes as the ones I met on Primrose. I felt they were the rudest, most ill-mannered, uncaring staff I have ever known. Sarcastic comments to my husband who asked for a vase for flowers and was told “oh, we’ll just check the John Lewis vase department” disgusting. I didn’t come across one nice nurse/midwife at all (apart from cleaners and canteen staff).

I feel the treatment my daughter and her partner and her visitors got from these people was totally unacceptable. I would never recommend the Manor maternity. I will be putting in a formal complaint about the way people are treated on this ward.


Good care at the birth of my daughter

Throughout my pregnancy I had various issues and found myself at East Surrey hospital on a few occasions!

On all occasions I had exceptional treatment. At the start of July 2012 my waters broke (due date 27th July 2012), I called the Rusper ward and was advised to go in for a check, it was confirmed that my waters broke. I was kept in and advised that I wouldn’t be leaving without a daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

I was then told the following day that I would be induced if I didn’t go into labour naturally. I did go into labour naturally and throughout this process helped by a member of staff called Marion Saunders.

Marion went high and beyond to help me through the pain sitting holding my hand, breathing with me through the night and allowing me a warm bath late at night. She was amazing and I cannot thank her enough!

When I went down to the delivery suite the midwives there were amazing also, my midwife Anne Evans was brilliant, really caring she helped me through the entire process including when I ended up having an emergency Caesarian due to my daughters waters breaking.

All of the staff in theatre were really good and extremely relaxing and I didn’t feel at any point there was a reason to panic (although there was) my partner, daughter and I are all eternally grateful to East Surrey hospital and the staff!

Greatfu happy new mummy

Excellent care during labour at QMC Labour Suite

I was recently a patient during labour in the Queens Medical Centre’s Labour Suite. I went into hospital in the early hours of monday morning. I had 2 great midwives throughout my 19 hours of labour, one of which was an excellent student midwife. My baby arrived safely monday afternoon. The care I received throughout labour was excellent.


York maternity – I would never go anywhere else

Waters went on the Thursday evening within 15 mins contractions were so strong they took my breath away. Phoned labour ward up who told me to try manage at home for next hour and to phone back.

10 mins later felt contractions incredibly strong and as was baby number 3 was expecting a fast delivery. Hubby called for an ambulance as we are 60 minutes away from hospital by car.

Arrived at YDH labour ward where it was found I had meconium in the waters. I was examined and was told I was 7 cm dilated. I was then taken down to delivery.

I was hooked up to various machines re examined where I was told I was only 2 cm! I wasn’t very happy but as I was in so much pain and already there I was told to stay.

The baby was in a difficult position and had her hand next to her face so tracing her was a nightmare. I was adamant I wanted as little intervention as possible however after my heart rate and the babies went crazy and she was in distress up shot was that after 12 hours of a brilliant team of midwives, students, consultants, anaethetists (best man in the world!) I was rushed down for an emergency c section.

It was not what I had planned at all but the care before during and after was by far the best out my 3 children. Nothing was too much trouble. They even arranged a meal for hubby!

Everything was explained what was going on. I was never left alone and as I suffer from depression. I was supported 100% all through my stay.

My daughter ended up in special care for a few days and I was transferred to a side room. All the staff from cleaners to the surgeon who came to make sure I was ok after the surgery to the registrars and consultants were simply the best.

I had a difficult pregnancy and was very worried about the birth but I needn’t have been. Quite frankly I would never go anywhere else to have a baby. I simply couldn’t fault the service in any way.


My terrible birth story

I am expecting my second child and it’s only now I can tell my story of my first birth experience at Leighton. I had wonderful care from the midwifes leading up to the birth, but I think all that changed when the baby arrived.

I was 12 days over my due date when I was admitted for an induction. I arrived at the hospital on the Friday and was kept waiting in the waiting room for about an hour until my bed was ready – I was a bit perplexed as to why I was kept waiting, because when I arrived on the ward all 4 beds were empty. I was made to feel very welcome by the midwives and some of them I recognised from my appointments. I was given a gel to try and start the labour and was told I would have a maximum of 3. I started to feel discomfort after about 10 minutes so I was hoping things were on their way. No such luck!

I was administered three gels and still only dilated by 1cm by Sunday I was exhausted because I had no sleep, the internal exams were painful and I felt the consultant was really rough to the point that I cried when they walked in the room. The consultant said that they wanted to give me one more gel on Sunday morning; I was mortified, tired in pain and felt really fed up. Sunday afternoon my parents and husband got me walking up and down the corridor and finally at 5.45 the contractions started. I was checked again at 10pm and told that I was only about 3cms, but then the pain started to really intensify. I pleaded with the midwife for some pain relief but she said I was fine, I was given pethadine at 11pm and slept for the first time in 3 days for 20 minutes. The pethadine then wore off and I was crawling the walls, I told them it had got worse and I felt like no one seemed to be listening, they were coming thick and fast.

Eventually the midwife said to me that they’ll take her downstairs give me an epidural to keep me quiet. When I arrived downstairs I was greeted by 2 fantastic midwives, they gave me gas and air and I immediately felt relief. She checked me and went blimey you have done well, you are 9cms – I don’t feel like I had done well at all, I feel like I had no choice. In my opinion, I was just left with no pain relief because I felt like they didn’t believe me.

They then took the babies stats and they realised he was in great distress – I wasn’t surprised. They did some tests gave me and epidural and then whisked me off for an emergency C-Section. My son was born on the Monday morning at 6am. He was gorgeous!

I was then taken to a side ward and really looked after on Monday, although I was so out of it I wouldn’t know. On Tuesday the midwives came in took out my tubes, drip etc and thus ends my care. I was put back on the ward and was made to feel like I was left alone. It took me 45 minutes to get to the toilet because I had to crawl there. I could hear my baby crying and I couldn’t get back and visiting hours had not started. I was really in severe pain and my legs didn’t work properly.

I did not get any assistance breastfeeding and one midwife said to me they were too busy, just give him a bottle, which he projectile vomited everywhere. My breasts were so sore because I didn’t know what I was doing and I was in tears.

By Thursday I felt so fed up with the care, I discharged myself so that my husband could look after me at home.

I feel petrified about the prospect of this birth and have opted for an alternative hospital. I am sure this isn’t a reflection of everybody’s experience but I would not like to go though it again. Some of the midwives were fantastic and I am sure they were under a great deal of pressure because it became very busy after my son was born. I just pray that my next experience is better.

Cheshire Mummy

Having my 1st baby at Queens

I ended up having a emergency c-section at Queens after a long labour.

I felt the staff I met were uncaring and insensitive. I felt scared and like i had no control over my labour.

I felt they wanted me out soon as possible and I felt like it was my fault my baby didn’t want to come out, which at the time was distressing, which made it harder. One of the midwives even made me push for 2 hours when i was still only 6cm, and still a layer over my baby’s head which she only found out when a surgeon came.

After my c-section i found it hard to even move to get my baby when she was crying, which made me cry. Every time i rang the alarm for help to get up, a nurse would come huffing and puffing, give me my baby, and walk off without a word of support.

Sometimes they took my baby away from me for an hour each time to feed her, when all i asked for was a bottle. On the same night as my operation i was left in the toilet undressed and bleeding, unable to dress myself from where my stitch’s pulling out every time i moved.

It felt like the worst experience ever, from the moment i got there to the moment i left I felt it was a nightmare and would be terrified of going back there if fell again.

This is the only time in a woman’s life that she needs that support and to feel comfortable and safe and i really really think it is a disgrace. A friendly face goes a long way when you’re hormonal, tired and in a lot of pain. I had nightmares for months.


Maternity ward

Maternity ward! Delivery ward! Assessment ward!

I was admited for induction after being 14days overdue, the midwives, health care ward staff, doctors were very caring, excellent! As a new 1time mommy i was scared but the support and care i got from the midwives on this ward was excellent, it showed how much the midwives enjoy what they are doing! The food and cleaning excellent! They was 1 midwife that stood out from everyone they were really nice to me, supported me. They even came to look.for me and to.check up on me and the baby whn i got moved upstairs on after delivery ward! I would 100% come back to give birth here again!

Rudo Mapfumo


Communication is terrible During my time of being pregnant I have had nothing but problems and the nhs haven’t helped. I have had to chase up on more than one occasion my scan appointments and its not good when the scans are for the safety of my unborn child. I had to change my midwife after going through the doctors who told me I cant change my midwife even though I had a very good reason to then I had to contact the hospital and contact the head of midwives who was very pleasant and dealt with the situation. Still communication is terrible and I hope that the rest of my pregnancy goes better. If i ever get pregnant again I will looking at going to a different hospital.


Excellent service

I like to mention the excellent service we got from midwives of QC hospital. My wife gave birth 3 weeks back. We are thankful to the stuff of the hospital for a very positive birthing experience. When we reached triage we were seen by a one of the managers. It is good to see when needed (due to staff shortage) QC managers can work on clinical job. It shows excellent commitment from their side. Experience in delivery suits was excellent. The midwife who assisted during birth was polite and provided a great service. We only stayed 1 day in the ward. Both AM and PM stuffs were great. They helped with breastfeeding. Few Night stuffs was Rude and unhelpful but we thought to ignore them.

Overall we will highly recommend QC.