Despairing of the doctor at Montagu

I recently went to see a doctor at Montagu Hospital having been referred by my GP. I am showing all the signs of having ME/chronic fatigue syndrome and have had months of tests to eliminate other possible causes of my symptoms.

Because I am not very good at speaking to professionals about my ailments I had done some background reading on ME and printed out a page from the Action for ME website regarding symptoms, which I had annotated to help me to express my concerns and for the doctor to see the correlation. I am fully aware of the dangers of self-diagnosis and went with an open mind for a professional opinion and discussion.

After reading aloud the notes from my GP, the doctor spent the rest of the 10 minutes I spent with him focusing on my ‘tiredness’. I was given little opportunity to explain that the ‘tiredness’ was so much more – I showed him the notes I’d made. He glanced through them and effectively dismissed them with what was a poorly disguised snort of ridicule. He proceeded to explain that ME was a condition found only in young people who’d had glandular fever, and one from which they all recovered. This does not agree at all with the information I’d had from the various ME groups and societies.

He then decided to do some more tests, which even my GP considers irrelevant.

I left feeling confused, angry, upset, despairing. I felt as though I’d been laughed at and not taken seriously. I will not be returning to that doctor for more of this and instead have taken advice from Action for ME and am working with my GP towards a diagnosis.


5 star treatment

I recently had a TURP done and an overnight stay in Pillar Ward. My journey through began in Skiddaw Ward, where I was immediately put at ease ready for the operation. The surgeon and their team were fantastic. At no time did I feel other than relaxed. After a short time spent in the recovery room, I was cared for overnight in Pillar Ward, where the staff were always friendly and polite. Nothing was too much trouble.

I returned five days later to Skiddaw Ward to finish my treatment to be welcomed by the same smiling faces going about their business in a thoroughly professional manner. I was very impressed and extremely grateful for all that had been done for me.

Big Al

A and E nursing – Excellent

Dear Sirs

I am just writing to express my thanks to the nurse working in Epsom A and E on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd August at around 3p.m. To my shame I cannot remember their name (I was in complete shock at the time with my injury) but they did an absolutely first class job stitching up my little finger and I am so grateful to them. I know I did manage to thank them face to face at the time. I cannot describe how re-assuring it was to have someone so capable looking after me.

With kindest regards

T. Willmott

Teresa Willmott

Podiatric surgery

I would like to thank three members of staff for the outstanding care they gave me from start to finish. They were welcoming and made me feel at ease. I have yet to have my follow up appointment but I am sure it will follow on from the efficient and professional care I have already received, thank you once again. Also a huge thank you to all the staff on the day surgery ward for looking after me.


Outstanding service,care and dedication

I just want to say a massive thank you to the surgeon and the staff who dealt with my recent eye problem. Everyone treat me with curtesy and respect from first attending the eye infirmary in February until I was discharged recently. I had to have laser surgery to correct my sight after contracting an eye condition called, serous retinopathy. I was very worried and nervous and the surgeon took the time to discuss all the necessary information. They were very concerned about my problem and made sure I had every test possible before deciding what treatment to offer me.

All the tests I went through were performed by friendly and professional staff. They were all very approachable.

When the laser surgery had worked the surgeon was just as relieved and excited as I was.

All my appointments were made to suit my working life and the appointments were quick to come through. I could not fault the service of staff at this hospital at all.

The only complaint I would have would be the car parking payments and machine that didn’t accept notes. You had to buy something from the cafe inside the hospital to get coins. When you have eye problems the last thing you need is to worry about parking payments.

I am truly grateful to Mr Habib and staff at this hospital and I would definately and most highly recommend them.

Thank you all so much.

Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds

A and e

I was admitted to a and e on Tuesday amd I have to say how wonderful the doctor that treated me was. I was admitted again yesterday and yet again the care they gave me was amazing nothing was to much trouble. After being unwell for months now I now know exactly what’s wrong with me.


My Mother’s Care in DRI

Abysmal care from start to finish. My mother is 87 years old has dementia and is frail and helpless. She was left in an ambulance for over an hour and didn’t see a Doctor for another hour. It has taken me 7 days of constant badgering to get her a textured meal. I go everyday to feed her. otherwise she wouldn’t be fed. the staff have told me that they haven’t got time. For the last 2 days they have told me that she will be discharged that day. My Mother is still there and nobody has bothered to contact me.


Ward 38

I have just spent a week on ward 38 and I can’t fault them all of the staff where fantastic. I was well looked after as I was in intensive care thank you so so so much for the top quality care and for all being so lovely. The staff couldn’t have done more to make me better I truly appreciate everything you all did for me.

Chris Jones

great care

in july 2014 i had a heart attack and was admited to hospital.I had an ambulance called as an emergency which arrived in minutes.I was taken to A&E and then admited.I had great care given to me from everybody that took care of me. i had a stent put in and was released.I then had more problems and went back two more times and had two other stents.I was then offered after care from cardio rehab.This envolves a lot of different things including exercise and dietry advice and a lot more.I had great care through every stage and would like to say thank you to everybody envolved,but a special thanks to the cardio rehab team for everything they have done for me.