I was really impressed with ward C31

I was admitted to QMC for a pelvic floor repair. I went into C31 on the 10th march and was discharged on 17th. I must say everything in that ward was very good. Staff were kind and caring. Cleaning on the ward was excellent as the toilets and shower rooms were cleaned to a very high standard. Certain cleaning items (wipes etc) were in there as patients could keep up the cleaning standards. I was really impressed with C31. However, I had to go back in on the 19th and stayed in B3 ward over night. Staff there were kind and caring. It as fairly clean there but the toilets and shower rooms were not very clean. It was nothing like the standards of C31! My opinion is if one ward has set a good standard, surely the others can.


I have nothing but praise for ward C4

I was admitted to ward C4 Chesterman wing at the Northern General Hospital for a heart bypass in early June.

All the staff from the lady that served the tea to the sisters in charge were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were very kind and friendly. They had to put up with some very awkward patients but they never lost their tempers under pressure. They are a credit to the hospital and the NHS.

The doctors visited regularly and kept me informed of my progress and treatment. Everything worked very well. When I left I was given full information about what I was to do and how my progress would go.

The cleanliness was spot on and the staff constantly washed their hands after every patient, I was very impressed.

The only fault was the food which although adequate was on many occasions tasteless. Having said that, there were some very good desserts and plenty of choice.

Well done and I have nothing but praise for them.


I can’t fault them, any of them

I went to the Northern General Hospital 3 weeks ago and stayed in for just under 2 weeks. I have been a smoker all my life, I’m now 87 years old and unsurprisingly I now have a shortness of breath and some lung problems. My doctor also told me that I have had a mild stroke. I am now on oxygen and an inhaler.

I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever about the care I get at Northern General or the care I got at the Hallamshire 12 months ago. All the staff at both hospitals have treated me with repsect and have been caring and kind. I can’t fault them, any of them.


Thank you to Ward 11 & 12

I recently attended the EPAU on Ward 11 to find out I had had a missed miscarriage and subsequently went on to Ward 12 to receive treatment. I just want to give my thanks to all the staff i encountered during this difficult time. I visited both wards twice last week due to some minor complications and everyone I came into contact with was so kind and compassionate and really made me feel at ease when I was anxious.


Everyone was considerate of the fact people are nervous before an op

I went for 2-3 appointments at the Derby Royal Infirmary for examinations. They decided I should go for a cornea operation. I was treated very well, the service was perfectly punctual. The nursing staff were especially brilliant. Everyone was kind, especially considerate of the fact that people are very nervous prior to an op.

I wasn’t very well informed about what the operation would entail. The surgeon explained a bit but mainly just gave me literature which explained the general procedure. I was a bit concerned so I spoke to my GP and discussed my feelings.

The GP was very kind and booked me an appointment with the surgeon to have a further discussion on what to expect. All together, a very good service from all.

There’s just a little niggle – its a long way for me to travel to Derby Royal, quite a trek. But all the clinical care and staff have been excellent. I’d like to thank them all.


Hospital meals could have been better

I had to go to Barnsley District Hospital after I had fallen which had caused cellulitis in my legs.

I was admitted to ward 33 and also stayed in ward 14. The best thing about my treatment at the hospital was the nurses as they were all good, kind and friendly to me.

I think the hospital meals could have been better though, including more variety and better tasting! I was not made to feel embarrassed or angry at any point.

I would like to thank ward 14 as they had more time for me. They gave me baths unlike on ward 33 where they didn’t seem to have as much time to give me.


Kind and caring staff at DRI Gynaecology

I attended the gynaecology department at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary for the treatment of a prolapse. The young doctor I saw gave me a thorough examination and explained to me very thoroughly what the problem was, in plain and simple language. I have had various tests at Doncaster Royal Infirmary since July, and I would like to say that I can’t speak highly enough of the staff, both in A&E and on the ward. Everybody has been so kind and caring.


Great care at QMC Eye dept

I was a patient in the Eye department at the Queen’s Medical Centre for the removal of a cataract. The difference after the surgery was unbelievable – it was so good I wanted to sing “all things bright and beautiful”. The nurses were all so kind and caring. I have no complaints at all and feel lucky to have had such great care.


Docotrs were all excellent!

Recently I had an operation on my eye at Rotherham Hospital. I would highly recommend it as the nurses and doctors were all excellent! I cannot speak highly enough of them. Everything went smoothly and nothing as too much trouble. The follow up was fantastic and they even called me by first name. My doctors are also great at Greenside Surgery in Rotherham. They were so kind to me when my mum dies, they are all excellent doctors.