He later found that particles of the stone had gone back into the kidney

He was diagnosed with a stone in the ureter in April and was in considerable pain. He was fitted with a stent and had to wait 6 weeks for an operation to blast the stone, he was hoping this would solve the problem but the pain persisted.

He later found that particles of the stone had gone back into the kidney and that there was much ‘gravel’ still in the ureter and there was possible damage from the stent.

He is still in much pain and very depressed, he is also on a horrendous cocktail of drugs which make him mentally confused. He is concerned about losing his job which he loves and no longer getting paid. Can nothing be done?

frustrated mum

Staff telling jokes about patients in Kingston A&E

I was in A&E with what is now suspected to be diverticulitis. It felt disorganised in the extreme.

I was taken straight through without triage and put directly on a bed because I was in agonising pain. We only saw a nurse an hour and a half after i was given a bed to take blood pressure and pain killers. I had to ask for a urine sample pot because i knew they would eventually require one. Another 30 minutes passed and the same nurse came back to give me a blood test. We didn’t see a doctor for 3 hours (I was crying in pain) and only got one to my bedside because my boyfriend who had had enough, went up and demanded it from the nurses in no uncertain terms. He was so strident we had a doctor there in two minutes.

Some doctors were standing around telling jokes. The one that horrified me the most was that one doctor and one nurse were laughing about a patient because he only had one leg. I was disgusted.

A nurse said ‘I was laughing so hard seeing that stump I had to leave the room.’ A doctor laughing about a patient’s unfortunate physical condition in A&E where they are supposed to take care of you, and there are only curtains for a divide and everyone can hear everything? I just hope that man had been discharged by that point in time. Poor guy. He came into A&E for whatever his problem was and had the doctors and nurses mock and ridicule him.

In the cubicle to my left was a girl who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old who was incredibly ill. She continuously vomited for 2 hours and not one person came to see her other than a nurse to give her bowls to throw up in. She arrived at around the same time we did and as far as I saw no one even took her blood pressure or took a blood or urine sample for the first 2 hours we were there. No one put her on an IV to give her any fluids (she must have been dehydrated).

In the cubicle to my right there was a man who had sever haemorrhoidal problems (there is no privacy because only curtains divide). The doctor spoke little english, it seemed. The poor guy had to describe his symptoms six times before the doctor understood what was going on.

I have been to Kingston A&E before. The first time they were ok (with the exception of giving me antibiotics for an infection with a known resistance, I had to get a private doctor who gave me the appropriate drugs a few days later).


Getting home to people that care.

What I liked

Getting home to people that care.

What could be improved

Being treated as a human, not a number or customer.

Anything else?

Firstly, i have 3 experiences at Medway.None of them were pleasurable.

1.Maternity ward(My wife left alone with baby wanting help whilst nurses made jokes and talked about who got off with who.)

2.Kidney stones operation. After spending 4 hours waiting in pain in Surgical Assessment Unit, transferred to a ward of people dying, spent 2 days in ward before being told i can just go home before demanding kidney stones be removed.

3.Mother in Law brought into medway with a bad back. Isn’t she in enough pain without being told she has to have a Lumbar puncture?Mum also acquired Pneumonia whilst in medway, was told she had not long to live and she was still moved to another ward without being told!

You have 2 types of care at medway:

one for under 50’s

and one you might not get out alive.

My advice is go private.

Mr Angry

Nobody available to tell us what is going on

My elderly father and mother have had such difficulty in dealing with this hospital. The service is awful, cleanliness and hygiene is poor, patient care seems nearly non existent and patients are always kept in the dark and waiting for hours on end.

My father was taken ill into GWH a number of weeks ago, the nurses seemed incapable of performing routine tasks such as taking blood and putting a catheter in. They seem to use people as pin-cushions here way before getting someone to perform a procedure that is capable.

Worse than this, my father had kidney issues and was in the urology department (the one we have had all of the issues with). Part of the process is keeping a high, but steady fluid intake into each patient and monitoring this. On several occasions I had to walk around the ward trying to find someone to bring him water after asking many times. A simple requirement like this turned into a very long winded process and on one occasion took over two hours to get a jug of water for him.

The nurses and doctors were also using a sink in the ward (Ampney ward) that had no soap, they were simply washing with water after examining patients and performing procedures. After telling them on several occasions there was no anti-bacterial hand wash, they listened and put some in, but this took THREE days. Nobody that I saw in this time used the solution at the end of each bed to kill bacteria or germs. On another occasion, a sterile carton was opened, then left on a dirty window sill with an open window for over 30 minutes before the doctor returned and then went to use the implements on my father – he was surprised when we refused.

Procedures and timing is always late, and we aren’t talking the odd hour, we are talking hours upon hours, sometimes an entire day. In this time, it seems impossible to get any answers from the staff – the doctors or people that are in the ‘know’ are never available.

Trying to talk to anyone also seems impossible. Secretaries and administrative staff seem to go home as early as 3:30, if you try to talk to somebody on the phone to resolve an issue they simply transfer you all around until you either have a phone ringing off the hook or an answer phone.

My father went back into hospital for an operation today, they made him get changed into a gown and wait in the normal outpatient area for six hours – three hours passed the appointment, during this time no one as normal seemed to know what was going on and simply told my parents to wait for the doctor. At 17:30 staff packed up and went home, they told my father to get dressed and go home as they couldn’t do it now.

Upon complaining they were told they would just have to sit around and wait to speak to the doctor with no indication again of how long he would be, then staff proceeded to go home.

I called the hospital to ask what was going on after my mother called me upset (they were very worried about the operation as it was, and now had yet again been messed around). The switchboard put me through incorrectly to the booking centre, then I went back to the switch board, then they transferred me to the ward which rang off the hook. Then they told me the staff in that ward had gone home earlier, they transferred me to another ward incorrectly who couldn’t help (but I was told they could), I then went back to the switchboard after complaining they said there was nothing they could do and transferred me to the customer liaison team who go home at 4:30.

Honestly, this is pathetic. I get the feeling the only way someone gets any treatment or service is if they are dying and turn up in an ambulance.


Lack of kidney cancer treatment

My father has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, he is 83 years old and my mother is 78. I accompanied them on their initial appointment for a test on his prostrate and scan on his kidneys. When they returned home they received a telephone call asking them to attend the hospital again the next day to see the consultant. I live 1 hour away, so phoned the hospital to see if they were getting results of test etc. I was told no, it was just a routine appointment to chat so I didn’t attend.

At the consultation my parents were told of his kidney cancer and some problems with his lung – I think a lot to take in for elderly people. Further tests were booked, which we attended, this time it was a biopsy, although the staff were very kind they released my father 15 minutes after the procedure. Consequently, when we got him to the car he suffered a seizure – very scary – so had to be rushed back to the hospital and spent 6 hours in A&E.

We have since attended another appointment this time we thought to get the results and treatment, how wrong were we, we only saw a nurse, his notes had been lost and she knew nothing about his condition, diagnosis or treatment plan; she sent us for another test. This whole episode began on the 1st March and we are still in the dark as to how far the cancer has spread, if they will offer him treatment or what their plans are for his care.

I feel extremely angry about the delay and the fact that he has been told he has cancer but offered no treatment plan. It seems to me that once you are over 75 you don’t matter anymore and they can fob you off with test after test. I feel like the whole experience has taken its toll on both my parents. Very worrying for all of us.

Needless to say from this experience I do not feel impressed with Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow or St Margrets Hospital Epping.


Nothing but the best of treatment

To whom it may concern,

Ever since i started with kidney failure in January 2002, i have had nothing but the best of treatment . Due to the prompt action of my GP at the Brinsworth medical centre. I was taken into Northern general hospital with 10% kidney function . Doctor Throssell and his team couldn’t have done more for me. I had the best treatment and I am very grateful.

I am now on I.S.C.V once again and the service is 5star. I only have to phone Rotherham hospital, tell them I need a catheter and they deliver it the next morning


Appointments and communication

It has been 5 weeks now since I had my CT scan, finally after constant calling, I finally got to see my consultant (Urology), after my appointment I was still none the wiser than when I went in, I have been in costant pain for 6 months, after various tests they have found two cysts, one above my kidney and the other somewhere in my gastro area, the consultant said because it was not my kidneys they would need to refer me to Gastrololgy and was not sure how long I would need to wait for an appointment, I have now been in severe pain for the last six months and I am being bounced from one to the other, I just one someone to give me some answers and the treament I need, I feel Urology have just passed the buck, I would like some answers, I have again left a message for my urology consultant’s secretary again this morning to make sure that the referal as been done, waiting on an answere again.

If I dont get any answers or appointment today, I will take this higher, I pay my taxes and NI and feel I have every right to be treated as well as the next person.

tracey Keppel

Complaints procedure stinks!

Last year I put in a complaint regarding a trip to Whiston A&E. I was diagnosed there with a kidney infection, after going there wtih severe pain. I waited for urine results to come back and was sent home with antibiotics. 10 days later, the pain was worse and I was very ill. A trip to my GP and she checked to see if I had been given the correct antibiotics according the bacteria causing the infection – only to find that the urine sample I had given in A&E had NOT been sent to the lab for further testing, therefore there was no certainty that the A&E doctor had given me the right antibiotics. I put in a complaint and was told a few weeks later they were having trouble with it because my notes from that visit to A&E were “misplaced” therefore they had little information. I never heard anything back from that complaint.

This year I had to put in yet another complaint to Whiston Hospital after quite a serious incident. After a few weeks in the hospital I encountered further problems which (I discvered after discharge) were likely to be caused by investigations during my stay there. I was disgusted and put in a complaint immediately. I was contacted again by Whiston hospital to be told my complaint wouldnt receive a reply within the time specified and I would definately receive a response by 17th September – if it would be later than that they would call to let me know.

I am still waiting….

How do I complain about the waste-of-time complaints procedure?? Nothing gets done anyway!!! The system stinks!


Two visits in a year – poor treatment of my mother

Visited a&e with my mother in extrem pain, told she needed a kubscan, they say we will send you an appointment for on, 6 weeks later appointment comes, pain has now subsided. “We cannot see any kidney stones on the xray”, nothing wrong with you…

About a year later, mother in pain again, took her to a&e they gave her morphine and a kubscan which showed nothing, the lovely young lady Dr said she needed a scan with contrast but they could not do it that night as her kidney function was to bad, with a drip for plenty of fluids she should be able to have the scan tomorrow.

Mum stayed the night in the CDU, i arrived next morning, she looked a little better she got out of her bed and sat with me on some chairs opposite, she said the was lumpy and on a slant sideways. Within 2 mins of her getting out of the bed, they changed it and put someone else in it. I thought this was disgraceful, she was in pain again they gave her pain meds through her drip, she could not lie down as they had given her bed away, without saying a word to us they just moved our belongings out and that was it.

We waited and waited for the scan, lunch came round for the patients, at 2pm i went to buy a sandwich, i was gone no longer than 15 mins, while i was gone a dr came to see my mother who is 74 years old and a little deaf she did not have her hearing aids with her. I arrived back and as i was walking along the corridor i heard my mother saying ” I do not understand you, what are you saying, please wait for my daughter and tell her”. I walked in and there was a dr telling us that she was being discharged, they would send an appointment for the scan, I said to the dr. “How would you fell if this was your mother or your parents” I said she was told this test was need and should be done today, he said i shall go ask again, he came back and then said they say no, this was the radiology departement saying no. He then said again we can send you an appointment for the scan, and give you medication for the pain, I said look at her she feels so ill she cannot even be bothered to argue with you. He then said do you want to see the consultant, so I said yes, he went off to get him, it took about 5 mins for the consultant to arrive and with no argument he just said we will do the scan now.

They did the scan at 3pm we waited until 9.30pm for the result.. I think this was a disgrace.The result shows my mother is ill and needs to see a kidney specialist. A whole year wasted.


Angry about my son’s care at Basildon

Basildon Hospital mis-diagnosed my 3 year old son with “stomach migraines” only to find out when he was 20, after hospitalisation after a really bad attack, that he actually had a blockage between his kidney and his bladder.

He had endured 17 years of vomiting, extreme pain, missed school and the worry that he could get an attack at any time.

However not one to hold a grudge we were pleased that in fact the blockage could be removed by laser treatment and he would be cured. We did not want him discharged from hospital until the problem was sorted but were promised that my son would see his consultant within 4 weeks. His first appointment was subsequently cancelled, then his second and his final appointment (although not yet cancelled) was actually 4 months later.

My son was told to carry on with his life as normal. However after a trauma to his side his kidney ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. Fortunately he was taken to Colchester Hospital who actually seem to have their act in gear but the fact remains that my son is suffering while the rupture repairs and he will then still have the original blockage.

I am extremely angry with Basildon Hospital and have written a letter of complaint but in reality don’t expect much back from them.

Wickford Resident