Appointment could have offered more information

My 4years old son was taken to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and he was looked after and dealt with professionally and promptly. We were out of there within an hour. I then detached my short hand, right bicep tendon and spent 5hours in casualty at the Northern General Hospital. I was seen the nest afternoon the nest afternoon by a consultant in orthopaedics who I felt was show-boating in front of their new students. They fortunately passed me on to a 2nd consultant when I questioned him. My care from then on was excellent.

Although my operation was postponed once due to the lack of a suitable screw for my operation, it did however take place within a week of the initial injury and I am making good recovery.

Post-0p would have been better if my first appointment had offered me more information rather than being held by a Junior doctor how seemed to be just going through the motion. The 2nd appointment was very much better


The care received from staff at children’s A&E

When me and my son arrived at A&E QMC we were seen very quickly and the assessment of his injury was done within 10 minutes.

The staff were professional and caring especially the nurse who put the plaster cast on his arm. She put him at ease and treated him as a young adult along with keeping me – mum, informed and reassured.


Tiverton listened to me and gave my daughter an excellent service

My daughter banged her head 1 1/2hrs later it was still bleeding a small amount.

My doctors was closed, so I called NHS direct to see if it was something that needed to be seen or if head wounds take that much longer to heal I should give it a bit longer? They said I needed to go to an A&E half an hour further away and telling me Tiverton would not be an acceptable hospital (I couldn’t have stressed further how minor this injury was!)

I called Tiverton, they listened to me and said to bring her in but there may be a wait. There was barely any wait, they were brilliant with her and glued her head and sent us home quickly.

Everyone we came into contact with was really helpful (and everywhere was very very clean!)


Accident & Emergency Needs Improving

In the last four weeks, I have unfortunately been to the A&E Dept twice with my adult daughter. Both times, I found the time sat waiting in the waiting room totally unacceptable, Registration and triage were good, not too long to wait, but waiting to see a Doctor in Minor’s is appalling.

To add insult to injury, when we were finally called into minor’s the calm and quiet is deafening, two rows of computers with Doctors and Nurses looking at them, and writing, this is wrong, they should be seeing the poorly people waiting to be seen in the waiting room, it’s totally unacceptable. It’s a chair moving exercise, and it’s unfair to people who are sick and needing medical treatment, otherwise, why would they be there? certainly not for the good of their health!

Everyone is kind, and apologetic, but I’m afraid it’s not enough, someone needs to do something, it could be more efficient, if someone cared enough. I suggest one of your employees tries the experience, believe me, if we had a choice, we would not be there, genuine accidents and emergencies should be treated as such, and not left in a waiting room to get worse, and feeling like no one cares. If you want your hospital to be complimented on it’s care and efficiency, then do something about it, make A&E a place where people do not dread to go, but somewhere where they know people care,

connie west

A and E nursing – Excellent

Dear Sirs

I am just writing to express my thanks to the nurse working in Epsom A and E on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd August at around 3p.m. To my shame I cannot remember their name (I was in complete shock at the time with my injury) but they did an absolutely first class job stitching up my little finger and I am so grateful to them. I know I did manage to thank them face to face at the time. I cannot describe how re-assuring it was to have someone so capable looking after me.

With kindest regards

T. Willmott

Teresa Willmott

Waiting 11 hours for surgery for finger injury

Cut the top off index finger and I went to Dewsbury A&E at about 11-30am, great service.

Then needed surgery, so was waiting at Dewsbury over 2 hours. Dewsbury could not get in contact with Pinderfields – nobody answering phone.

Finally got to Pinderfields, and waited until 11pm for them to say come back tomorrow we will do surgery.

Went back Saturday 7-30am, and got out at about 12-30 after surgery.

Staff at Dewsbury and Pinderfields very good, it was just the waiting…


Very unhappy.

I had to visit this dept because of a foot injury. I struggled to get there in great pain. I was horrified to find I had to wait in line with 20 other people to hand in my referral letter. Most people were on crutches or In casts.

We had to stand for 35 mins and I was in tears by the time I reached the desk. Surely it would be possible to provide a row of chairs for people with leg and foot injuries. The line of people was continuous over the next hour.

Also,the member of staff in the boot room was unsympathetic and abrupt given I was unable to manage the huge boot with a hip problem. I was given just a few minutes. I felt very unsupported. I am 68 live alone and can’t leave my home wearing this boot I feel very unsafe there are so many steps. A month alone to look forward to.


A & E on a Bank Holiday Monday

Following an unfortunate accident in a remote part of Newquay on Bank Holiday Monday, I was in need of paramedics to take me to A & E.

From the time of the accident, to being stabilised, receiving pain medication and being booked in at A & E, this was all within an hour and myself and my husband are grateful to the paramedics who attended and dealt with the incident swiftly, professionally and with a good sense of humour.

We were taken to Treliske, and the staff there were friendly and reassuring, and put us at ease.

Constant communication ensured we were fully aware of what was happening, and when the results of the Xray revealed a fractured leg and ankle, along with the dislocation, I was fully informed of what was needed to be done to fix this, and how the injury would be dealt with by them, together with what would need to be done to fully correct the fracture in the days to come.

HCA went above and beyond their job description and really did attend to all my needs in particular, whilst also ensuring my husband was kept informed of progress.

Both myself and my husband are extremely grateful to the HCA for their care and assistance at what was quite a traumatic time for us, and they did a fantastic job making me feel I was in safe hands, and nothing was too much trouble.

I still have a long recovery ahead of me, but the care and treatment received on the day of the accident was amazing and we are truly grateful to the HCA and the staff at Treliske.

Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Ann Marie Darlington