Good communication and care for treatment of vertigo

Julie Rowe is very helpful. She helped me to learn exercises to help eliminate/reduce my dizzy spells and to be sure nothing was wrong at all. When I have visited before she sent me for an MRI to make sure everything is OK and then she sent me a letter to confirm all was well and there were no problems shown on the MRI, very friendly and helpful lady indeed.


My baby visiting Tameside Hospital Children’s unit

My baby was struck down by a viral infection, which the GP was not sure about. Our GP rang the Children’s medical assessment unit and he was immediately referred to the Unit.

No waiting in A&E for hours with an ill child. We went immediately in and the care was so attentive in every aspect, not only to our baby but to us as parents.

The Unit itself is part of the new build at Tameside and what an improvement. The whole visit made us at ease and the medical staff were very patient with our grouchy son and made so much time for him.

He really had quality care and the nurse was so lovely.

Happy mum

I was treated with the utmost respect and such care

What can i say, i was treated with the utmost respect and such care when i was a day patient for l.a mirena insertion for heavy periods and anaemia. everyone was kind and all nurses thorough in checking history.

when i went into theatre mrs dwyer explained all too me, sadly my womb and nervousness ended up with me being sedated, they could have stopped there , but they took the time to sedate and do the job required.

i cant give enough praise to all, had a warm tea and biscuits, they called my partner, really they couldnt do enough.

many many thanks, the place was clean and not one sullen member of staff .

deborah hutton

Fantastic Care on the Neuro Intensive Care Unit

I was admitted to Southampton General Hospital’s Neuro Intensive Care Unit and was overwhelmed by the care and attention that I received in ICU and on the regular ward. My first nurse in ICU (Heather) was amazing, her dedication, care and support I felt was above and beyond my expectations, I would like to personally thank her for helping me through the first 12 hours there. There were then also a few outstanding nurses and HCAs in the neuro ward that also worked above and beyond what I expected. The overall ward manager (Alex) was himself outstanding and ran a very organised ward. The most supportive nurse for me personally was Christine, she helped my through my first night on the ward when my stroke headache pain was at its worst and showed how much she genuinely cared about me.


ENT examination

I went to St Barnabas Hospital at Saltash in Cornwall for an ENT clinic provided, I believe, out of Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

It was very convenient. I was seen very promptly, actually a little before my appointment time. The surgeon was very pleasant and informative, and carried out the examination procedure skilfully so that I had no discomfort and I was re-assured.

The appointment had been arranged through Sentinel, and that service was prompt and efficient.


Excellent care and attention at Hillingdon Hospital

My mother was taken to Hillingdon hospital in an ambulance, seriously ill in a critical condition. The reception staff were brilliant, on arrival they knew more than i did and went our of their way to get infomation for me, and when they knew the seriousness of my mothers condition they kindly let me wait in the relatives room. The doctors in a&e were fantastic and kept us informed continuosly about what was happening and the next steps and options we had to treat my mother (who was unconcious and couldn’t make these decisions herself). Once she was stable enough they transfered her to the ITU department where she spent the next 2 weeks. The staff there were amazing, their care was brilliant, my mothers dignity was upheld at all times. They were respectful to visitors, talkative and informative. We could not have asked for anymore from them. Fantastic service from the start.


Caring staff for day surgery

I arrived at midday with my wife and was soon registered and seen by the consultant and his team. They were so lovely, explaining all the options to me and my wife. I have had painful and aching thumb for a long time. Steroid injections were not helping any more.

The consultant described the trapeziectomy procedure and we then prepared. The anaesthetist, senior nurse, everyone involved were so caring. I went into the operating theatre and they all settled me down, the needle was put in for my anaesthetic and I then woke up in the recovery area, all done.

I was a bit hot and flushed so the nurse put on a fan to cool me down. I soon came to. I was then given a lovely cup of tea and toast and marmalade. My wife was told she could come back and collect me, once I dresses we were on our way home, all in three and a half hours.

Thank you all for such a lovely, stress free stay at the centre, I am due back for a second op to complete my treatment, I know I will be looked after.