A blood clot in my leg (DVT)

What was good:

– after I was re-measured, I was really upset that I could not get help from hospital; but my GP got me access to the correct sized RAL class 2 stockings to help me avoid post thrombosis syndrome.

– my physio returned my telephone call to give me new exercises when I got stressed about my walking not improving.

– Until December 2012, my GP had a superb computer booking system that allowed patients to book online. And view appointments online. It was invaluable throughout the INR testing.

– The convenience and ease in that INR testing could be done through my GP surgery, rather than needing to visit Addenbrookes.

What could have been done better:

– A and E or my GP or CamDoc could have taken my symptoms seriously, and helped me get an earlier (DVT) diagnosis. I was in a lot of pain, for a five-week period. And my leg was swollen and useless for months, possibly as a result of the delay in getting access to warfarin treatment.

– Addenbrookes Thrombosis Treatment Team/Anti-Coagulation Team could have given me access to a DVT Consultant, or someone that could examine my leg, explain my DVT and help advise what was stopping me walking. My leg was swollen, cold, bent, and I could not move my toes.

– Other than the first ten days when I was visiting the TTT and could ask the nurses questions (they just told me that everyone was different, and some people can’t walk, and when I mentioned chest pains and my other leg also being swollen and hurting, they told me it was unlikely I had another clot and failed to help me), I had no access to care/advise during my three months on warfarin and that made the whole process a lot more stressful than it needed to be.

– Addenbrookes could have had a DVT Consultant talk to me, and discuss my treatment, and concerns, before sending out a standard letter to take me off warfarin, without any interaction with me over a period of months.

– My walking got worse after I discontinued warfarin, and I had no contact to seek help, guidance or advice.

– Bupa could have communicated promptly with the Thrombosis Treatment Team to make sure that I got access to the treatment that I needed.

– My GP could have liaised with me regularly, and kindly. Rather than initially shouting at me, then at subsequent appointments watching the clock during appointments, and at another appointment suggesting taking away an MSK referral when the nurse insisted that I see a GP for chest pain.

– My GP could have retained their – superb – online booking system, after the December 2012 computer upgrade.


Denied funding for arthroscopy

I have been suffering with pain in my left hip for two years now.

I went to see my doctor whom referred me to Calow Royal Hospital Chesterfield, where I had a scan/xray. My doctor told me that they didn’t deal with what was wrong with me so then referred me to Doncaster Royal Infirmary where I saw a specialist who deals with what I’m having at the moment, I had an arthrogram, I had scans etc…

This didn’t help having a steroid injection and was told that they could no longer help me! I cried and a nurse said do not give up, ring your doctor and ask to get a referral. I did this and was again seen by the specialist, he told me he would do the op.

I then got a letter from my doctor telling me the funding was denied. I need this op as I’m in pain, my marriage is suffering, can anyone help me?


Frustrating lack of treatment for labral hip tear

I am still relatively young (in my late 30s) with an active job as a Preschool practitioner. After having worsening pain in my right hip, I was eventually diagnosed with a Labral hip tear. Unfortunately my very frustrated consultant is unable to end my suffering, as there is no funding available to perform the key hole surgery I need to be pain free. My consultant is 90% sure that surgery would make things better for me. It is so frustrating and ludicrous that I may end up having to give up my career that I have worked so hard for due to chronic pain.

It is not fair.


Treatment is keeping me mobile

I’ve attended a self help course with arthritis care with Dr Brittain. I have discussed possible pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. She helped me in the new year of 2009 when my arthritis became worse. I was sent back to Dr Gaywood who recommended antriptyline in the evening to get me into a good sleep pattern. I would like to have the chance to receive acupuncture to help with hip/knee/foot pains. This is not available on the NHS, this should change. I’ve had pain killing injections in my foot and hip (this is treatment you are referring to). I’m attending the treatment centre seeing Dr Gaywood about my knee locking up. The treatment is ongoing keeping me mobile.


Made to feel I was ‘putting it on’ at Barnsley

I went to Barnsley Hospital for a hip replacement, staying on ward 34E. I was pleased that some of the nurses were very caring and treated me as an individual. Also the doctors were very nice and friendly.

I felt that a minority of the nursing staff were unfriendly and unhelpful and treated me as a number not as an individual. At one point I was angry as I felt really poorly for 2 days with low blood pressure and low blood count. One nurse made me feel she thought I was ‘putting it on’ and should be doing more, which is difficult when you’re fainting at the time.

I would like to thank Glynis and Richard, the night staff. As well as thanking the day staff, Angie, Bethany, Amy and Nicola, all on ward 34E.


Staff I met appeared uncaring

My father (90) was admitted to Walsall Manor Hospital last year after breaking his hip in a fall.

The clinical treatment he received was fine but apart from that, I felt the way he was treated was appalling.

The food was inedible, the nursing staff I met appeared uncaring, even leaving one poor old chap’s food, who was unable to even sit up in bed, out of his reach.

I asked to see the Sister and immediately the nursing staff, who had just been sitting chatting, out of site, became visible and started showing interest in the patients they were supposed to be caring for.

It makes me so angry because I feel that when these old frail people are in hospital many are not treated with any degree of respect or basic care and it is not that staff seemed overworked, they just didn’t seem to have the right attitude and only appeared caring and busy when being observed by their management.

All it needs is reasonably edible food and actual care rather than couldn’t care less attitude.


Great hip replacement care at an unnamed hospital

My personal experience of this hospital is in direct contrast to the ratings of ‘Weak’ and ‘Fair’ shown elsewhere. At no time was I left waiting for an unusually long period for anything: X-Rays, Blood tests, general assistance, all were completed in a timely fashion. At all times I was treated with respect and all my questions were answered. Without fail, all of the health care professionals that helped me during my time at PAH for my hip replacement were courteous, well informed, helpful and determined to help me through my experience.

It would be unfair to pick out any individual, so my thanks go out to the entire staff of Tye Green ward and to the surgeon and the anaesthetists and other clinical staff that did such a professional job. I am already 100% better than before I went into hospital and things are improving all the time.

I have nothing other than total respect for these people and this institution.


Very good care on ward 6 at DRI

I was a patient on ward 6 at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary for a hip replacement. The standard of care I received was very good – everyone has been great. I am so pleased that the pain has gone!

Nothing could have been better with my treatment – I have been happy with it all the way through. Thank you to all on ward 6, but especially to my consultant Mr Bruce.


Hospital missed a broken leg!

I took my son to the doctors as was concerned about his legs. he’s always held them up since he was born.the GP said take him to the hospital as heard a huge click and my son screemed so loud he didnt settle for ages.

as the doctor said i went to QEQM hospital to get it checked out. went to rainbow ward and the doctor said send him to have hip ultrasound for a clicky hip so we did.

it all came back ok but my son was still distressed and they said he will be fine and they will send him to physio, so i thought right ok went home.

he still wasnt happy at all but it seemed to pass so i belived the doctors that he was ok. a few days later my sons leg swelled up. I took him to A&E at QEQM and they said he had a broken leg and it had been done on the day i took him to QEQM but they didnt spot it.

from now on i am going to a diffrent hospital as i dont trust them anymore after that!!!