Fantastic leukaemia care at Nottingham

Since i was sent to Nottingham City Hospital’s Fletcher ward in may 2005, the treatment was first class and the staff was brilliant in looking after me, from the top doctors, junior doctors to nurses to cleaners, they was brilliant and the top class treatment carried on to the day care and outpatients.

The staff are so caring and are great people thankyou guys! It is now 2010 and everytime i go, you know you are in safe hands – and the leukaemia is in its box locked up thanks to the staff.

You all know who you are, you are life savers every last one of you.


Thank you for taking good care of my daughter

My wife and I want to express our gratitude for the kindness and professionalism of all the staff at Eastman Dental Hospital and UCLH who have cared for our 3-year-old daughter over the past couple of months.

In both cases great effort was made to help her feel comfortable and happy in what otherwise might have been a stressful and intimidating environment. At all stages we were given clear explanations of what was happening and why: we did not feel rushed or pressured into any decisions.

Throughout this experience we have been treated in a dignified and compassionate way. A superlative service which deserves to be celebrated.


Excellent care

I was recently rushed to A&E at Frimley Park Hospital with severe chest pain, vomiting, migraine type headache and left arm pain.

The ambulance staff were great, the A&E staff were great and the ward staff were also great.

Throughout the experience everyone involved was polite and curtious, informing me at all times what was happening.

I received an exemplary level of care and felt that I was in safe hands.

Many thanks to all those involved.



Compassionate consultation at Ribblesdale Unit

I just wanted to give praise to a Dr Gupta, a registrar currently working under Dr Soe within the Ribblesdale Unit at Royal Preston Hospital.

He reviewed my dad last week and I can honestly say it was the best outpatient consultation I have ever been present at (and that’s saying something!)

He took time to review my dad’s complicated case with great understanding and compassion, and he was clearly looking at him as a whole person, taking into account the many factors which influence his life at the moment, including advanced prostate cancer, multi-infarct memory loss, urinary incontinence and heart failure.

Thank you Dr Gupta.


Worried about cleanliness at Addenbrookes

Admitted to Addenbrooks hospital a few days ago with suspected kidney problem. Everything about the whole process of admittance and care was exemplary and I could not have expected a more helpful staff and surgical team. They were very supportive during the investigation process and I am grateful for all that was done for me.

However, on return from my scan prior to being shown the bed I was allocated. The bed opposite was empty but the bedding was heavily blood-stained. At this point the member of staff who had showed me my bed, rushed across the ward to this bed and folded the linen placing it in the linen trolley. She then pulled the bed curtain partially across the end of the bed, and within minutes pushed the trolley away from the area leaving the bed stripped. She then returned with fresh linen and remade the bed. At no time did I witness the mattress, bed frame, bedside cabinet and chair being washed down.

I was concerned that this was not done as we are all aware of the problem of hospital super bugs and thought that good cleaning was of the essence in eliminating infections.

I am due to be booked into the hospital for a cystoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy, this degree of cleanliness or lack of is causing me a great deal of concern.


Many thanks to E.A.U staff at Royal Hallamshire

I was taken in to the Emergency Admissions Unit at the Royal Hallamshire hospital for the treatment of chest pains. This was the first time that I had been in to hospital as an adult and they sure took great care of me. The nurses were fantastic, and so too were the doctors – they really seemed to be concerned about my well-being. Many thanks.


Day case surgery

I was admitted to the QMC as a day case patient for a D&C a little over a month ago and was absolutely astonished at the care I received, particularly given all the horror stories one hears in the press.

Everyone (from the nurses and doctors to the porters) was absolutely lovely and treated me with huge kindness, consideration and efficiency. The facilities were both clean and comfortable and I was even given my own room both before and after the operation.

I’ve had treatment privately before and could not differentiate between the care I received then and that to which I refer above.

Whilst I’ve not always had great experiences in an NHS hospital, I thought I should acknowledge the fabulous care I received this time around – we’re always quick to criticise the NHS, not so quick to commend it.


Understanding, supportive and non-judgemental staff just when you need them

I attended the Pregnancy Advisory Service at Rotherham General Hospital for a termination. For obvious reasons, I was worried and there were very few people in my life that I felt I could talk to about it.

The staff were amazing, so understanding, supportive and non-judgemental. They were great listeners and they spent a lot of time with me making sure I understood the procedure and felt comfortable. I was so impressed.

When you make the decision to terminate a pregnancy, you really need to know you’ll be cared for through it. I was, and I am so grateful.


Thank you DRI ward 16 staff

After having a stroke, I was admitted to ward 16 at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary. I received brilliant care from all staff on the ward.

I was very impressed with the way the staff cared for the older patients – they were very kind and sensitive; the way they spoke to the patients was excellent. The aftercare has also been excellent. Thank you for all the great care.