Pressure to move my mother to a home

My mother fractured her femur and after one week in the Cumberland Infirmary she was transferred to Brampton Hospital.

The care in the Cumberland Infirmary was not very good but the care in the Brampton Hospital was better. However, because of her age (93) rehabilitation was unsuccessful and she had to be admitted to a care home. The only thing I felt was not good was the pressure to move her to a home which was not of our choice.


I was really impressed with ward C31

I was admitted to QMC for a pelvic floor repair. I went into C31 on the 10th march and was discharged on 17th. I must say everything in that ward was very good. Staff were kind and caring. Cleaning on the ward was excellent as the toilets and shower rooms were cleaned to a very high standard. Certain cleaning items (wipes etc) were in there as patients could keep up the cleaning standards. I was really impressed with C31. However, I had to go back in on the 19th and stayed in B3 ward over night. Staff there were kind and caring. It as fairly clean there but the toilets and shower rooms were not very clean. It was nothing like the standards of C31! My opinion is if one ward has set a good standard, surely the others can.


I have nothing but praise for ward C4

I was admitted to ward C4 Chesterman wing at the Northern General Hospital for a heart bypass in early June.

All the staff from the lady that served the tea to the sisters in charge were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were very kind and friendly. They had to put up with some very awkward patients but they never lost their tempers under pressure. They are a credit to the hospital and the NHS.

The doctors visited regularly and kept me informed of my progress and treatment. Everything worked very well. When I left I was given full information about what I was to do and how my progress would go.

The cleanliness was spot on and the staff constantly washed their hands after every patient, I was very impressed.

The only fault was the food which although adequate was on many occasions tasteless. Having said that, there were some very good desserts and plenty of choice.

Well done and I have nothing but praise for them.


I received good treatment in Sheffield

At Easter bank holiday I had a problem with a chest infection and was taken into Northern General Hospital for three days and returned home after treatment. The problem re-occurred and I returned to hospital again in June with a chest infection.

But this time I went to the Royal Hallamshire. I returned home the Saturday after. Whilst I was in hospital I started with bladder trouble and required treatment which is ongoing. A catheter has been fitted and medication to be taken in due course.

The treatment and food in the hospital was very good.


Treatment is keeping me mobile

I’ve attended a self help course with arthritis care with Dr Brittain. I have discussed possible pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. She helped me in the new year of 2009 when my arthritis became worse. I was sent back to Dr Gaywood who recommended antriptyline in the evening to get me into a good sleep pattern. I would like to have the chance to receive acupuncture to help with hip/knee/foot pains. This is not available on the NHS, this should change. I’ve had pain killing injections in my foot and hip (this is treatment you are referring to). I’m attending the treatment centre seeing Dr Gaywood about my knee locking up. The treatment is ongoing keeping me mobile.


Second to none service

Comment received via Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Website and published with permission of the author:

“Following a visit to Pre-Operative Assessment unit at Heartlands Hospital with my father I feel I have to make contact with you. The service from the initial phone call from a very kind and helpful Sareen, was second to none. All staff are very welcoming and committed to patient satisfaction.

My father is normally very subdued at medical appointments, leaving me to discuss his issues with the professionals, but on this occasion he was totally relaxed and answered all questions Patience (a nurse) asked him – credit to all involved.

I sincerely hope we get the same treatment when attending Good Hope this week.”


Bad experience at Musgrove Park Hospital.

I was admitted to the hospital by ambulance, so I did not get a choice where I was going.

I felt that some of the nurses I saw were nice but others were horrible.

The lowest point was when during the night my drip came out. It was not something I did deliberately. The nurse seemed so angry, I found this very unprofessional. As I am in my 20s, I guessed she thought I was messing her about, I was ill and had very little energy. I found it very cruel.

As a vegetarian I thought the food choices were very poor. They explained that if my family brought in food it would have to be chilled food only, as all they could do was heat up things. Frozen food was unsuitable as they did not have time to heat it up. I lived on jacket potatoes, baked beans and vegetable burgers. This was not fun, as I was in hospital for many weeks.

After having a drip in for a week or two they stopped using it. Instead of taking it out they simply left it in my arm and did not clean it. Both my family and I asked them if this was ok, the nurses we asked always seemed to take this badly and said things such as “I am the nurse here”. The skin around the drip got badly infected and hurt a lot, they took it out as it was bleeding. It took several months for the cut to heal, and I have a scar there as a reminder of the bad service I felt I received.

During my stay I was never offered a shower. It was only when family asked that I was given a bowl with soap to wash with.

I thought the tv/internet system is very over priced and when I did pay for it I found it did not work well. As the nurses around me appeared too busy nobody seemed to care or willing to help. I can understand that in a way, but I asked if they had a comment card for the system (so whoever was in charge of it could be made aware of the problems) and the nurses I asked just laughed at me.

The nicest moment was when I asked a nurse if she would give me her clementine, which she had brought in for lunch. She gave it to me and smiled. They only had apples or bananas available at the hospital.