Coronary Care Unit: The staff were very kind and helpful

I was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital with severe pains to my side and chest. I was put on C. C. U ward where I had many tests and was monitored.

It turned out to be my gall bladder, and an operation would be needed later in the year, this was because I have a leaking heart valve and bronchitis.

My stay in hospital was 5 days. The staff were very kind and helpful. And they all worked as a team.


The Personal Caring Touch

I recently had my gall bladder removed and would like to say thankyou to ALL the staff of the Day Surgery Unit.

Everyone takes the time to make sure you know what is going to happen, to listen to you and reasure you. In a very busy department staff are efficent and take time to show they care about you as person.

The personal touch makes such a difference.


Lizzie A

Lodged gall stone since February 2009

I fell in on 14th February this year. By 20th February it was getting serious. I was initially treated for back spasms on 15th February, still in excruciating pain I was told I had pluracy and was given antibiotics on 17th February. I eventually saw a doctor who actually knew that it was and inflamed gallbladder on 20th February. He wanted to admit me to hospital and in hind sight maybe that is what I should have done but he gave me more antibiotics which made a difference by 21st February.

I was still in alot of pain but the inflamation was taken down by the antibiotics. My Doctor asked for an urgent scan and a number of occassions but James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough ignored his urgent messages. I eventually got a scan on 22nd March and still in excruciating pain. There is a large gall stone lodged at the entrance of the gall bladder and this is where all the pain is coming from. I cant function without painkiller and I cant sleep very well so the doctor doesnt think I am fit for work. He referred me to a specialist on 24th March by fax stating that this is an urgent case because I am still in alot of pain.

I eventually saw the specialist on 7th May. Who said what my doctor had already told me the stone and the gallbladder needs removing. I am still waiting for a date for the operation and it is now almost 5 weeks since my consultation with the specialist. I have rang the hospital on numerous occasions but when a specialists secretary goes on holiday all appoints stop till she gets back apparently. I complained that I should be seen within 18 weeks and was transferred to another specialist whos waiting list is shorter. Unfortunatley I cannot be given a date yet because she has now gone on holiday.

After complaints to the secretary and to PALS it doesnt look like I am getting anywhere or even that myself and my doctor are being listened to. It is now 4 months of sleepless nights and constant pain and no urgency from the hospital to help me out. I don’t know who to turn to now for help but I do not think that the NHS has improved in any way regarding waiting lists. If I am not back to work within the next 6 weeks I go onto half pay and who is going to compensate me for that!!!!!!! I dob’t blame anyone for taking out private health care

I only wish I had done it a long time ago but I did have faith in our health service.

I am at the end of my tether and don’t know which way to turn. I even ended up in A& E one day but was left for 6 hours before being sent home and wasnt even offered as much as a pain killer. So forgive me if I don’t applaud our great NHS or Middlesbroughs state of the art hospital. I feel totally let down.


Care of the elderly

In November I was admitted with gall bladder problems. Although the care given to myself was adequate (I am 68) some of the more elderly ladies on the ward were treated with a lack of compassion.

An old lady of over 90 had to repeatedly wait for toilet facilities to be taken to her.

I felt some of the nurses thought she was a nuisance and seemed to deliberately make her wait.

One old lady was shouting out how cold she was but nobody came to her aid. I had to get out of bed and walk the full length of the ward to tell them she needed assistance.

My husband has also been in the hospital. After an accident, he had to wait three days to have his wound drained. Okay except that he was on nil by mouth for those days and each day his operation was cancelled at tea time. However, there was no food available for him to eat. He had to ring me to bring food into the ward. A packet of sandwiches could have been put on one side for him. He said he felt like the invisible man. What happens to elderly people who have nobody to take food into the hospital?


A big thank you

I attended Castle Hill Hospital to have a gall bladder removed. On first entering the hospital reception, I was feeling apprehensive but when I had seen my nurse, she put me at ease. I also suffer with high blood pressure. Even the anaesthetist and surgeon who were operating on me put my mind at rest. I was in good hands, I felt safer and my worries went away. The operation (keyhole) went very well. On coming round after the operation, I was so looked after. Nothing was any trouble for the nurses as they made me tea and toast and I felt better. On being discharged, I was given medication and told how to use it and asked if I had anything I wanted to discuss with the nurse. All the staff were great. A big thank you to them all.


Very quick for diagnosis to surgery

So far I have found my experiences with the health service in Rotherham to be 100%.

My husband received a diagnosis 5 weeks ago that meant he need his gall bladder removed and he is having the operation next Friday. I am very impressed that he doesn’t have to wait very long . It seems that the hospital has improved a lot recently. He is in a pool of surgeons so anyone can do the operation which had reduced his waiting time, so it is all very good!


More should have been done to help me at Rotherham District

I was sent by my G.P to Rotherham District General Ward B4 as blood tests showed my liver functions were high. I was in severe pain and I was put on pain killers for the length of my stay (5 days) and told to rest, which resulted in my blood test at the hospital coming back normal. I had a scan and they told me I had gall stones and sent me home to wait for an MRI scan date. After 2 weeks I went to my GP again with abdominal pains – I can’t work because my job is quite heavy and it affects my stomach – I was told to see a consultant on May 15th to be told I had to have my gall bladder out. At this moment in time I am still in pain, and my liver functions are still high, my GP has done all she can and she has even faxed the hospital for them to try and get me an appointment. I think that further investigation should have been done when I went to the hospital in the first place.


Accessing outpatients appointment for hepatology

I had an extremely bad time in 2012. I had been diagnosed with gall bladder problems that meant it needed to come out.

My doctor referred me to QMC and explained to them that I had additional health needs, this led to a 6 week wait for an initial appointment.

During this time I developed pancreatitis which re occurred twice. I was in constant pain and only out of hospital and at home for two days due to re admissions between August and October.

The constant pain, emotional distress, stress to my family and impact on my work record has been traumatic to say the least. Intervention and initial assessment for people with additional health needs should be paramount and not left to get worse. This amounted to reactive care rather than proactive care.

When I was poorly and on a ward I asked for the hepatology consultant to see me, only to be told ‘he doesn’t make visits and I would have to go back on to the out patients list’.

My partner threatened to record them discharging me in such a distressed and poorly state.


I feel this really is totally unacceptable

What happened? well nothing yet, that is the problem.

In Feb this year i was admitted to Ipswich hospital with excruciating pain…the outcome was that i had a jammed packed gall bladder and was advised this would have to be removed … i was sent home with un told medication which 4 months on i am still taking.

In this time i have been in hospital a further 3 times with the last one being late Saturday. when i was discharged on Tuesday i was given a date at last for my operation and was assured that this would not be changed ….. Only to receive a phone call this morning to do exactly that …

i have been in constant pain for the majority of this time and had my whole life affected drastically .. i feel this really is totally unacceptable and in my opinion a disgraceful way to treat anyone …..