Upset by attitudes of staff on Primrose ward

Where do I start? My daughter was brought up to Primrose ward after a very traumatic delivery in which my daughter who had really low platelets ended up having epidural and forceps delivery. On arrival at the ward we were met by a group of midwives who weren’t aware that she was being brought up and were really stroppy about not having a bed ready. Great start!

After daughter was eventually found bed she was left to it, even though she couldn’t move after epidural. Baby started vomiting fresh blood, daughters partner notified midwife. 20 minutes later the baby got checked over.

The midwives I met on this ward were extremely rude and arrogant. I felt they were not very nice at all.

Daughter was left from day one till day 3 in a dirty bed covered in blood. She was also left in a gown covered in blood with no help to get showered and changed, this again was left to her partner (after epidural). She had to keep asking for painkillers, none offered.

A midwife asked daughter’s partner to change the baby as baby’s temp had dropped and because he got a vest instead of a babygrow, she was nasty to him (these are first time parents).

Baby was eventually taken to the neonatal unit. It took them 2 hours to sort a drip out for daughter, after she’d asked specifically if they would do it so she could go and feed her son in neonatal.

My daughter’s partner was allowed to stay on ward 24 hrs a day and he asked for something to sleep on, but he got nothing, not even a chair. Then he got shouted at like a child, for being on the bed.

Then to top it off, my daughter was given 10 minutes to leave her room when she was discharged. Baby was still in neonatal so she was distraught. No support, no help to move her belongings, nothing.

All in all, I feel the things I and other visitors to my daughter on Primrose ward have witnessed have been utterly disgraceful. I have never seen midwives on any ward with such bad attitudes as the ones I met on Primrose. I felt they were the rudest, most ill-mannered, uncaring staff I have ever known. Sarcastic comments to my husband who asked for a vase for flowers and was told “oh, we’ll just check the John Lewis vase department” disgusting. I didn’t come across one nice nurse/midwife at all (apart from cleaners and canteen staff).

I feel the treatment my daughter and her partner and her visitors got from these people was totally unacceptable. I would never recommend the Manor maternity. I will be putting in a formal complaint about the way people are treated on this ward.


Labour ward & forceps delivery

I went into labour with my second son in June 2015, my son’s heart rate was dipping during pushing and my pushing then had to be assisted with the use of forceps. I was not told of any risks posed to my son or my body and can not believe they are still legal to use when they can clearly cause so much damage. Thankfully my son was born with nothing more than the sclera part of his eyes bloodshot and temporarily damaged (redness upon the white area). Myself on the other-hand suffered a lot of damage, the use of these forceps tore my canal, muscles and pelvic floor muscles to which now I have a bladder, uterine and rectum prolapse (these organs have now lost their support and have descended into my vaginal walls) mothers should be warned about these possible risks before the procedure begins I feel mislead and devastated. I would of opted for a c-section if I had known these types of risks was involved and that I would have to live with prolapse for the rest of my life and I’m only 25! Do not ever agree to a forceps delivery.


Good labour care, but felt let down afterwards

I gave birth to my son at Worcester Royal Hospital in July via forceps delivery. I was 41 weeks pregnant exactly and my labour was induced as I had become increasingly worried about reduced movements even though looking back on it I am pretty sure he would have been absolutely fine to stay inside me until he was ready!

I had been anxious the whole of the pregnancy as he was an ICSI baby (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) due to my husbands low sperm count and some issues with myself.

After The BMI The Priory Fertility Clinic told us we were pregnant I had some bleeding for a few days and ended up in Worcester Royal Hospital in a lot of pain. The Lavender gynae ward where I stayed looked after me really well that night although I had to wait a really long time to see a Doctor.

I then had some other small bleeds during the first trimester and due to this was referred twice to the early pregnancy unit for scans at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. I found this unit extremely helpful and reassuring as when I was concerned I could just phone up and they would book me in for a scan.

During the labour itself I found the staff on the delivery suite were fantastic and for the most part reassuring. I had an epidural which didn’t really work that well and due to the extra fluids I was given because of the epidural I swelled up and baby couldn’t come out after 1.5 hours of pushing. I was then taken to the surgery room and given a spinal block as they said I would need a c-section. At this point I was terrified of having a c-section and frustrated that after getting to 10cm dilated on my own that I would need surgery. I just wanted everything to be ok and luckily they were able to get my son out with forceps. I had an episiotomy and was sewn up quickly and the surgeon did a fantastic job of sewing me back up.

I had to have antibiotics during labour as I had heard about Group B Strep causing illness in newborns delivered vaginally so I got myself tested during the end of my pregnancy which came back positive. I wonder now whether I really needed the antibiotics and if they did more harm than good?

Worcester Hospital was let down by the care in the post natal ward. After my baby was born I couldn’t really move and was disoriented by all the drugs. As my husband was told to go home at 10pm (he was exhausted anyway!) I felt alone and confused and nobody was really around to check I was ok.

One of the nurses made me feel really stupid because my baby was crying and I didn’t know why. I asked to be discharged the next day as I figured I would get more support at home than in the hospital and it is a shame that I felt like that.

It was far too early for me to be going home and I struggled at home since then until I developed post-natal psychosis 3 months after my boy was born. I am recovering well now and know that in time I will be myself again. Throughout all this our son has been just fine and a wonderful bundle of joy which makes everything worthwhile!

I just wanted to write my account of the treatment I received in hospital so the staff can understand how I felt about it.

Cat Lover

Having a baby at Rotherham

We recently had our little boy at Rotherham General Hospital. The hospital staff were all excellent.

In the delivery suite we had a (student) midwife co-ordinating our care who listened to us and was very attentive all the way through. In the end we needed a forceps delivery which was carried out swiftly by the theatre team.

On the labour ward buzzers were always answered within 1 minute and by someone who could help (rather than pass the task to someone else). Staff were as supportive at 3am as they were at 3pm in the afternoon. Staff made every effort to support us with breast feeding (although baby was unable to every once we returned home).

Unfortunately there was very heavy snow the day we went into labour. This meant that the labour ward was short staffed, and another lady needed emergency care before us. For those reasons we had to wait several hours for our treatment choice of an epidural after the pain became uncontrolled. However this just highlights how important it is for the hospital to be well staffed and what an important job they do.

With everything happening so fast on the day there wasn’t opportunity to thank everyone properly. I would like to extend my thanks to all of the Nursing and Midwifery team that looked after us during our labour and after care on the ward.


Excellent Maternity Care

I had my son here in March 2012.

I visited many departments at some point, was induced and had a forceps delivery. I also cannot fault any of the care I received or the staff as they were all fantastic.

I visited the antenatal day unit a number of times and all staff here were very professional and reassuring, taking time to explain things and answer questions. The midwife at maternity assessment went out of her way to put me at ease.

On antenatal ward all staff were very thorough and the standard of care was exceptional. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long to get on to delivery suite, but I was offered gas and air on antenatal ward. Delivery suite was calm throughout, the en-suite bathroom is a bonus.

The midwives that cared for me were amazing! I’m a very nervous person and the midwife answered all of my many many questions. The senior staff visited the room regularly, and we were never left alone during the whole time I was in labour. The midwives gave great advice too. The doctors, anaesthetists and theatre staff were also all brilliant.

Postnatal ward care was also good. The staff give advice and help without being too overwhelming. They were always available to come and give help when I needed it.

All in all I think St James is a fantastic hospital with wonderful, caring, professional and committed staff. I would have no reservations about choosing it for my maternity care again.


Bad experience of labour at Frimley Park

I was induced 12 days late with a “back-to-back baby”, asked for gas and air in the antenatal ward and was told I couldnt have any. Eventually was let into labour dept in agony, midwife ran me a bath without any cold water in so I burnt my foot.

Epidural didn’t work. I was very scared and no-one was telling me what was happening. People kept coming in and out of the room to chat to the midwife which I felt was wrong. Forced to labour without pain relief for over 24 hours and was getting nowhere, midwife finally gowned me up for a c-section to be told by dr he wasnt doing one and proceeded to perform episiotomy, several failed attempts at ventouse and finally forceps to get baby out who was rushed to paedetrician.

I tore badly so was stitched up incorrectly all without pain relief. Baby was almost blinded by the forceps, her face was cut and swollen from the dr’s attempts.


Unpleasant birth for new mum

My daughter in law was admitted to the Maternity Unit to deliver her first baby.

She told me that she felt the labour itself was confusingly mishandled, (even though she thought there was good staff attendance due to low patient numbers at the time). She told me it was allowed to drag on and on until, exhausted and with the baby in the wrong position for a normal delivery (this took 18 hours) she was given an epidural. She was then put up on a Hormone drip to speed things along. Then she finally had to endure an attempted forceps delivery with the baby by now in such a difficult position that the only way to finally save them both, she was told, was to do an emergency caesarian!

Luckily they both survived although Mum tells me she was left so traumatised and exhausted that she has still not recovered emotionally two weeks later.

I felt that the after care in the wards was shockingly inadequate.

I thought the bay of four beds was so cramped, that whilst standing at the bottom of the bed, I was jostling for space with a visitor standing at the bed of the opposite patient.

I saw numerous other bays empty or with one patient in, and the side rooms mostly were unoccupied, so I wonder why the cramming together of four caesarian Mums?

I think this is because they want to make it easy for the staff.

I feel like it certainly made it very unpleasant for some of the mothers.

From day one, my daughter-in-law got no sleep because if it was not for her own baby crying, it was some of the other ones.

So I think there has been no chance of recovering.

Some of the nurses left the new mum to attend to the baby 24/7. I thought that some of the caesarian Mums had little assistance; especially during the nights, when they were told to buzz if you need any help. My daughter-in-law told me there was no sign of any staff to check up regardless whether her buzzer was rung or not.

My daughter in law told me she had approx six hours sleep in the entire stay of five days.

She has now not been able to breast feed as she desperately wanted, as she feels like the help and interest from the staff was just not there.

I believe the baby was left dehydrated for two days, Mum being told that it didn’t matter if he wasn’t feeding for a few days as new born babies could cope without anything.

No attempt was made to give any kind of fluids, and that resulted in the baby having raised sodium levels in his blood.

This meant staying in the hospital for longer which I think has further distressed the baby, and the Mother who I feel was not being given enough information or assistance.

Mum was given anti-inflammatory drugs on an empty stomach, even though she informed the staff that they made her feel sick and were upsetting her stomach.

She is now still unwell, has no appetite, is nauseous constantly, and having to see her GP for the ongoing side effects of this.

It was with open minds that we entrusted our daughter in law and grand child to you.

There were other instances that made us all feel confused and astonished ie I saw one of the young nurse who came in to take blood from one Mum and proceeded to do so in full view of all the visitors and other Mums. I don’t think any privacy was given.

My daughter in law tells me she now wants no more children due to her experiences in Blackpool Victoria Maternity Unit.

shocked and stunned

Care at Airedale hospital – labour and delivery

Firstly, I feel that the staff who cared for me at Airedale Hospital are not competent. Secondly, the complaints procedure should come with a health warning!

I had my first child in 2009 and had a horrendous experience that I would not wish upon my worse enemy. So much so that I refused to go back for the birth of my other children. As being a young mother to be, I was absolutely petrified of labour and giving birth but I knew that it’s what women do and have done for centuries so I would cope.

I went in for induction 11 days after my due date, as my baby just didn’t want to show. When I arrived there were two other women on the ward, one that had just had a little girl but she had been brought back on to the labour suite due to the maternity ward being full and one other lady. I presumed it was her first too as she looked as scared as what I did! Anyway, I had the pessary and waited and waited but nothing happened. At around 9pm a doctor came to see me and broke my waters with no explanation as to what she was doing. That hurt so much! Once she broke my waters, my contractions started coming quick and fast. I was in a lot of pain and not the most quiet one on the ward so the midwife organised an epidural for me (I think that was to shut me up).

Nothing was happening and at around 5am the midwife called the same doctor to come and have a look, they agreed to start the syntocinon and to see if that would help get my contractions going as they had come to a halt (the only time anything happened on the monitor was when the midwife got me to push). The midwife forgot to press the start button on the machine!

At around 7am, 8 doctors came swarming in the room and the main doctor said that my baby and I would die if she did not do a forceps delivery. At this point I was absolutely terrified. I refused the delivery based on how she came across to me, it was like she wanted to hurt me and my baby, the look in her eyes was terrifying and to this day it still haunts me. I agreed to let her do a ventouse delivery and she did not have a clue with what she was doing, the cup flung across the room 3 times! The baby did not come down due to inadequate use of the ventouse.

She continued to do a forceps delivery without consent and she pulled so many times and really hard so much so that when my baby was born, he had a cut on his head and a bruise by his eye, and he wasn’t breathing. The couple of minutes it took to revive him felt like a life time. My son was in the wrong position, which she had mentioned previously hence the cut on his head. When she had finished the delivery another member of staff came in all excited because they wanted to do the stitching. I had a bad bleed and needed a blood transfusion.

I felt like they had taken everything away from me, my whole world had been turned upside down. I put a complaint into the trust and she left four weeks after, whether or not it was down to my complaint I am not sure.

Anyway once I got on to the maternity ward, the care went downhill. Some staff were rude, and spent a lot of time gossiping about other staff. I asked for pain relief and didn’t get any, I asked for help with breastfeeding and couldn’t get any help – I was told that I would have to bottle feed and they wouldn’t bring me a bottle I had to go to the reception area and ask for one! They didn’t check my stitches and I ended up with a bad infection. I eventually discharged myself as I could not bear being there any longer.

Once I got home, the midwife came to see me to check my son and myself and she noticed that I was in a lot of pain. She made me an emergency appointment where I found out that I had an infection that should have been picked up on whilst I was in hospital! I was on antibiotics for weeks and the episiotomy wound had opened up due to the infection.

I am undergoing treatment for post traumatic stress disorder and have had one operation on the scar to try and sort it out but need another as they operated on the wrong part.

When I put my complaint in with Airedale, all they could do was apologise, which they did. They did not answer any questions, they contradicted one another, I feel they put the blame on me. I have never felt so upset and angry at anything in my life and I will never forget how that have made me feel.

I have tried my best to shorten my experience but a lot more happened during the labour and delivery which I have tried to blank out as it is upsetting for me and my partner.

I wish that Airedale had helped and not dragged my complaint out for 18 months. My partner and I know what happened that day, and so do the midwife and the doctor but we haven’t been able to get an acceptance of the truth from the trust.


Professional, caring and efficient care

After a pregnancy loss last month, the Early Pregnancy Unit and Day Surgery staff have been wonderful. Nursing staff are caring, doctors down to earth and friendly, and support staff do a great job of keeping everyone moving – even the food isn’t bad!. In addition the lovely phlebotomists (sp?) deserve a mention for their good humour in the face of my awfully small veins! It’s worth mentioning that over the years my husband and I have been given wonderful, professional and kind care by ante/post natal midwives and care staff, obstetrics (especially one doctor – we are so grateful for his skilful and safe forceps delivery of our little girl a few years ago), as have audiology, cardiology, ENT, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, radiography, the breast care team, paediatrics and A&E. We are very lucky to live in this hospital area and Salisbury and surrounding residents should be proud of such a well organised and caring hospital…despite the horrible parking queues and charges. Thank you from all our family, especially our healthy, happy little miracle daughter!

Satisfied customer

The midwives were nice and chatty …

The midwives were nice and chatty but seemed to be telling us wha what we wanted to hear.

I.e it will be easier this time,It wont be as bad as last time and he should deliver easily.

What could be improved

My wife became diabetic and has been taking insulin during this pregnancy,She was brought early because of size and induced at 38 weeks and 3 days,She was in labour for 28 hours,Active “Pushing” for 2 hours 5 mins.

She had a troubled labour wih our first born,Forceps delivery with an epidural,This labour turned out exactly the same way,She was given an epidural after having excrutiating lower back and rectal pain,This took the pain away,When it came for her to push,They said 1 hour will be about the max she will push for,Then if no joy we may look at a section,She knew the last birth was a stuggle as she even read our notes to us.

They kept her pushing for 2 hours,By this time it was too late for a section,Baby was nearly out but stuck,His head was showing inside but stuck there for 20 mins,Doc then came in with foreceps,They got the babies head out but again he was stuck,Then they cut her so baby could pass,She was in agony,2 midwives were holding her down,1 each side,One then rammed her head into her chest,Another was next to the doc delivering,A screen was put up with another doc and nurse behind for baby when he came out,One of the midwives was stood back crying,Not because of Joy,The baby was not even out,She was crying because of the pain they were putting my partner through and how traumatic it was.

Baby arrived and checked over,He has substantial bruising to his head from forecps,Also his right arm bruised from wrist to shoulder at the back,Also on the right side of his body Hip to shoulder,This is because he was stuck in such a tight spot too long,Or just ragged by the doctor during extraction.

The doc also cut an artery when he cut her,She lost 630 ml of blood,May not sound alot but you tip 2 cans of fizzy pop all over the floor and see the mess and ground it covers, She was stitched back up, God knows how many she has been given, Baby weighs 8Lb 14oz, A bit smaller than our 1st (9lb 5) But the birth was 10 tines worse.

My wife is still in hospital now,She gave birth on 15/6/2010 and as i write this it is 17/6/2010.They asked if she needed councelling because of the trauma she was put through,She refused,Asked again the next day when they fitted a Kafata as she could not walk and was so swollen down below, Yet last night from 9pm they checked on her just once at 11pm to give her painkillers and medication,So in 12 hours they checked on a woman who they believe needed councelling just once.

The sheets have not been changed on her bed now since she has been in it (Tuesday) Today is thursday,They are blood stained from her weeping down below,Also the sheets in the babys cot have never been changed,Blood stain on and also dried blood from his head are on the sheets.

One of the midwives have also been just seconds ago and asked why my partner thinks this was a traumatic delivery,Maybe she should ask her colleague who was crying and she can fill her in.

She asked was it because of the amount of people who she brought in the room and said she only did that because she feared the baby would get stuck,Which he was!!

Go anywhere other than leighton to have your baby,What should be a happy time has been horrendous,When you are thinking during birth you dont care about the baby anymore and you just want your partner out of this hell,You know things are not right.