Thanks for the TLC on Clarke ward

I would like to express my grateful thanks for the care I received recently during a short stay in Clarke Ward. I had excellent treatment from the surgical team.

In particular I would like to thank the nursing staff in Clarke Ward for the TLC I received from them all. I am almost looking forward to my next stay!

Thank you all again.


Grateful for hardworking staff of Nottingham University Hospitals

As a recent patient I am grateful for the opportunity to show my gratitude for the excellent treatment, operation and aftercare that I received.

I cannot compliment too highly the nursing staff and auxilliaries who worked so hard day and night to ensure my health and wellbeing during my stay in hospital, always checking carefully my name, date of birth and patient number even though they knew who I was.

Also their hygene was exemplary, always using the hand wash after every treatment for instance, small details that gave great peace of mind, bearing in mind I was looking for assurance at every turn, and I certainly got it.

I found that the food was quite good, although at times could have been warmer, but bearing in mind the amount of patients they were serving at this large hospital, it must be said, that the food was generally of a very high standard.

I hope these few notes will be of some help to future patients looking for guidence when they have to go into hospital themselves.


A chance of getting my life back

I was treated at Wrightington hospital in July 2015 with a THR after months of deterioration in my mobility due to an under-developed hip socket , which led to virtually becoming housebound& attempts. I could not fault the treatment & professionalism of all of the staff I came across from pre-ops, tutorial, the surgery right through to discharge on second day after my replacement. Nothing was too much trouble on the very busy ward, the staff were very caring & helpful. Any concerns or questions were dealt with & help was always there if needed. Yes the ward is of an old fashioned layout, but that had no bearing on the excellent care & treatment of patients. The hospital is a very busy place & no wonder as it clearly is in great demand due to it being a centre of excellence. Five weeks after my hip replacement I am now pain free & can walk better than i have in years, yes im still recovering & hope to continue to do so. I cant thank Ward 5, & the team at Wrightington for giving me my life back.


A & E

My 87 year old mother received excellent treatment at A & E -due to the nature of her injury and her age she didn’t have to wait as long as I’ve usually experienced in A & E. The treatment she received was thorough and the staff were courteous and didn’t engage in ‘elderspeak’ . A special thank you to the First Response volunteer who came out to my Mum initially – what superb community service that is – giving of your time for a vital service.


Good teamwork at Crawley Hospital

I had a laparoscopy procedure done last Friday at Crawley Hospital and was really happy with the care provided.

Dr Yousseff, Dr Gandhi, Sanita, Grant, Sue, the lovely Scottish nurse and everyone else I came in contact with were professional, informative, discreet and caring. I was absolutely petrified of general anaesthetic and I have a phobia of fainting so I wasn’t even sure if I was going to turn up on the day.

From the moment I walked in I had excellent treatment. The premises were super clean and every member of staff without an exception looked “on the ball”. This is what made me feel it would all be fine. And it was. I don’t think I was lucky either, everyone around me got the same treatment.

The really good teamwork in this unit is very evident and I do hope they feel appreciated the trusts’ management.

Thank you.


Excellent care of my mother over Bank Holiday Weekend

My mother was admitted to ward 41 with a heart attack. Over the bank holiday weekend she developed a severe chest infection.

I would like to send a deep hearted thank you to Dr Pearson for the excellent treatment she gave my mother. We were all so grateful for her honesty and explanation about what was going on.

I wish there were more doctors like her around. Thankyou.

A grateful daughter

How do you say “thank you” and mean it?

I was admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital early last year, My heel had become necrotic due to failure of the blood supply to my left heel, I spent time on Ward A1, then moved to A2, Plastic Surgery, under the care of Miss Lees, she operated on me and I was informed in detail of every developmentl,( the good and the bad).and removed the gangrene which had developed.

The entire staff on A2 were terrific with their care and attention to me. I felt I was treated with respect and compassion, being reassured always by Miss Lees and her staff, as amputation of my leg was more than possible. After a few weeks I moved to ward A3,(vascular) I again received excellent treatment under the care of Mr Goshe, the nursing staff were fantastic with good humour and care ,always helpful, and always overworked, again I was in there for a few weeks, and returned to A2 Plastic surgery for another few weeks, with further operations.

I continued to have the same attention every minute of every day.I was discharged after twelve weeks.and have continued to have the close supervision of Miss Lees and Sister Byford and her staff on Problem Wounds. My leg is healing well. I will always be indebted to Miss Lees for her reassurance and expertise at times when my spirits were low. I had no previous experience of hospital, I am amazed at the skill and dedication of the staff on Wards A2 and A3, and of the Consultants Miss Lees and Mr Goshe, my care has been wonderful .

I have the greatest admiration of the hospital and the NHS. It is quite obvious, the expenditure cuts are taking the toll,with short staffing, but the dedication of the staff is outstanding, I witnessed it on many occasions, their breaks were forfeighted and they stayed after finishing time to complete paper work, but never to the detriment of the patients.

How do you say “Thank you” and mean it ??


Great Job!

On 31st March 2010 I fractured both my wrists in a snow boarding accident. I wish to express my gratitude for the excellent treatment I received. Initially it was thought I may need an operation, however it was decided that they would try to manipulate them. I had both wrists manipulated late at night and was treated with care and concern. Since then I have visited the fracture clinic on several occassions, each time receiving excellent treatment. The bones healed really well and an operation was avoided. When the plasters came off 5 weeks later, I received physiotheraphy on the same day and have had treatment regularly since then. I have nothing but praise for the service I received. Thank you to all the staff involved.

Caroline R

Superb response to an HAE facial attack at John Radcliffe A&E

I went to The John Radcliffe Hospital A & E department with a facial swelling. At the reception desk I presented my HAE (Hereditary angioedema) patient emergency card and was immediately booked in. I was however told to report to triage.

As an HAE patient this is not the procedure, as this condition is potentially a fatal one. I told this to the receptionist who immediately took my card and details into the unit where I was called for in under 2 minutes.

As I carry my initial dose of C1 inhibitor, treatment was immediately started while the duty doctor contacted my Clinical Immunology consultant for advice on this rare condition and its treatment. I was given a second injection of C1 as the attack continued and I was transfered to EAU for monitoring overnight.

As an HAE patient who has experienced many attacks, this rapid response and excellent treatment by staff of all grades from doctors to the receptionist, none of whom had obviously never seen this condition in real life, was excellent.

To make the receptionist’s job easier I feel they need instructions not to triage HAE or AAE patients but refer them directly to the clinicians. However, well done.