The Personal Caring Touch

I recently had my gall bladder removed and would like to say thankyou to ALL the staff of the Day Surgery Unit.

Everyone takes the time to make sure you know what is going to happen, to listen to you and reasure you. In a very busy department staff are efficent and take time to show they care about you as person.

The personal touch makes such a difference.


Lizzie A

Northampton vs. Milton Keynes General Hospitals

Today I had to take my daughter to Accidents and Emergency. After the last three experiences with Milton Keynes General Hospital, I decided to drive to Northampton instead.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. We were triaged in about 20 minutes and seen to shortly after. The service was friendly, efficient and informative.

Over the last few years I’ve had to take various members of my family in to Milton Keynes General, and each time I was astounded by how dirty, inefficient, clumsy the treatment we have had has been.

For example, our most recent visit was when my son, then 3 years old, managed to cut his head open to the bone. We rushed him to A&E at MKGH only to sit waiting for three hours to see the Triage Nurse (odd considering there were only three other people in the waiting area the whole time we were there). This was the sign of things to come, as we managed to leave 7 hours later.

After these experiences I think the best thing to do to Milton Keynes General is for it to be closed down.

Well done Northampton General!


Further mixed emotions about giving birth at Arrowe Park

After reading a couple of the stories on this site I have to agree that the care at Arrowe Park is mixed.

I was induced and monitored by a great midwife, I was comfortable and well looked after whilst giving birth and was very pleased with the calm and efficient midwives.

Unfortunatly after returning to the ward after giving birth my experience went completly down hill. Having had nothing to eat since 11.00 am I was not offered any food or even a cup of tea!

As I had a baby who slept through the night, she received no milk from having been born to the following morning. The midwife who induced me spotted it on the feeding chart when she came to see me the following morning and suggested I put a complaint in!

No advice was given on feeding (as I was not breastfeeding midwives did not seem interested) or any sort of aftercare. I left as soon as possible but had to wait 3 hours as the staff kept ‘forgetting about’ us, they found this funny.

Miss P

I broke my wrist on holiday

I had a fall at the end of my holiday in Grange-over-Sands on the morning of 4th July. My daughter was fetching a friend but because I was going home that morning I decided it was best to get back to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield rather then go to Kendal, the nearest hospital. I travelled back in my daughter’s car with an ice pack on my left wrist which was obviously broken. We arrived in accident and emergency mid afternoon and my friend who is a retired nurse stayed with me. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast at the hotel and the only food available was chocolate and crisps, cold drinks and the usual hot drinks in plastic cups. No one told us how long we were likely to be waiting and the department was hot and airless. It must have been almost four hours before I was seen and no one offered pain relief of any sort. The staff were calling out names and just stood at their door and spoke the name of the next patient in a normal voice. I am nor hard of hearing but had to concentrate really hard to hear because of the level of conversation noise in the room.

Eventually I was seen by a very nice nurse who assessed and then sent me for an x-ray. I must emphasise that every one of the staff I saw were very efficient, kind and understanding. My wrist was manipulated into place and I was eventually given the option, at 9pm, of coming home and returning the next morning at 7am as I needed an operation or staying overnight. As I am a widow and live alone I opted to stay and eventually was given a sandwich and a drink at around 10pm. My friend got a taxi home but I was worried about her as she is 86. My operation was at 3.45pm the next day. I was treated very well by all the staff who could not have been kinder but I was not happy to be on a mixed ward and having to use a toilet which was unisex.


Prompt and efficient procedure at Northern General

I went into the Northern General hospital for an angiogram, which was conducted promptly and efficiently. However, the procedure was considerably more painful than the previous two I have had and the entry wound was uncomfortable for several days afterwards. I was promised a follow-up appointment to review my medication with a view to a reduction, but am still waiting for any further contact regarding this.


Surprisingly quick care at Milton Keynes A&E

It’s been 25+ years since I’ve been in A&E and I was expecting a long wait like you used to get, but it actually turned out really quick.

I’m not sure they totally believed my story. I broke the 4th metacarpal bone which apparently is a bit of a fighting injury. I did it with an SDS drill!

Triage, doctor, xray, doctor, cast, it was all quick and efficient. The longest wait was about 20 minutes before fitting the cast.

steve ph

Successful knee replacement

I had my knee replacement at the Northern General Hospital, Huntsman 3, on 21st May 2009. The doctors and the anaesthetist spent extra time checking on my echo scan to make sure everything was ok. Everyone has given me first class treatment. The nurses were cheerful and came to help me as soon as possible when the buzzer was pressed. The only complaint I have is that you are awake early and that you don’t get a drink or breakfast for a couple of hours. This is the third time I’ve been in this ward for hip and knee replacement and I cannot speak too highly of the treatment and care I have had. The nurses were very efficient in arranging follow up treatment (physio and district nurse) and of course the surgeons for a successful operation. A big thank you.


Efficient care

I had an operation late in 2009 at Chorley Hospital. From admission through to discharge I found the whole process efficient, stress free and received high levels of customer care.

I was kept informed all the way through my journey on why, what and how the procedure would take place. Finally, my consultations initially took place at Royal Preston Hospital. After the consultations I was offered different dates at various hospitals.

I chose Chorley because the times offered fell in with my own schedule and because a close relative had an operation in Chorley Hospital and had nothing but praise for it and now so do I!