Can’t praise you enough for the care that was given to me

i recently had an operation in your ‘day stay ward’ and can’t praise you enough for the care that was given to me !’ from the time i arrived in the morning untile the time i was discharged everyone of your staff were first class , they were efficient, checked everything many times, asked if their was anything i needed and spoke to me in a very caring manner. you always hear the negatives, not the positives. i must say it has definitely taken the fear out of going to hospital.


Northampton vs. Milton Keynes General Hospitals

Today I had to take my daughter to Accidents and Emergency. After the last three experiences with Milton Keynes General Hospital, I decided to drive to Northampton instead.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. We were triaged in about 20 minutes and seen to shortly after. The service was friendly, efficient and informative.

Over the last few years I’ve had to take various members of my family in to Milton Keynes General, and each time I was astounded by how dirty, inefficient, clumsy the treatment we have had has been.

For example, our most recent visit was when my son, then 3 years old, managed to cut his head open to the bone. We rushed him to A&E at MKGH only to sit waiting for three hours to see the Triage Nurse (odd considering there were only three other people in the waiting area the whole time we were there). This was the sign of things to come, as we managed to leave 7 hours later.

After these experiences I think the best thing to do to Milton Keynes General is for it to be closed down.

Well done Northampton General!


Good care from urology department at York Hospital

I have been seen on several occasions by the outpatients/Urology department and in the day centre.

I found the outpatient service excellent. On occasion when service was running late, I was informed of the expected delay (which was not that severe) and I found all the staff there very friendly and efficient.

Under the care of the Urology department, I found the staff outstanding in support and helping me. My specialist was excellent (Mr Wilson). My care in the day centre was really good.

All in all, I was very impressed with the level of service I received there.


The nurses were wonderful but the doctor was arrogant

I was admitted to The Royal Bolton Hospital for a colonoscopy; a regular event due to my family history. All the care was very efficient in that unit F3. Findings were openly discussed and reassurance was given. Five days later I was readmitted through A&E following substantiated bleed. I was given I.V fluids and my blood pressure dropped and the bleeding stopped after some hours. I recovered very quickly and I wanted to know what my blood pressure readings were. The nurses were wonderful but the doctor was reluctant to discuss or give any information. I would describe them as arrogant and ignorant.


Efficient care

I had an operation late in 2009 at Chorley Hospital. From admission through to discharge I found the whole process efficient, stress free and received high levels of customer care.

I was kept informed all the way through my journey on why, what and how the procedure would take place. Finally, my consultations initially took place at Royal Preston Hospital. After the consultations I was offered different dates at various hospitals.

I chose Chorley because the times offered fell in with my own schedule and because a close relative had an operation in Chorley Hospital and had nothing but praise for it and now so do I!


All departments were very efficient and all staff very kind and helpful.

I saw a consultant with regard to noise in the left side of my head and ear area.

A few days later was telephoned to attend for a scan. I have an appointment in February to receive treatment if any required.

All departments were very efficient and all staff very kind and helpful.


Fantastic service, within 3 hours I was leaving the unit

I had day surgery for a ganglion on my hand at Barnsley Day Surgery. From clinic I only had to wait 2 weeks for surgery, and within 3 hours I was pre-op’ed, in surgery and leaving the unit.

Fantastic service, clean, friendly, efficient and a credit to Barnsley NHS – its why I’m proud to say I work for the trust too!


Efficient treatment and kind staff

I was a patient in July 09 in the Heart assessment unit (HAC) in Fazakerly Hospital. Then I was transferred to the Heart & Chest Hospital (Broadgreen). Although I was worried about the prognosis and scared I needn’t have been, the treatments at both these hospitals were very efficient and staff were kind. My one and only concern when in hospital is infection and I think a lot of this problem is caused by staff, be it medical or domestic using public transport, walking doing their shopping and smoking outside the hospitals with their uniforms on. I have always had this fear of infection because my husband died of MRSA a few years back, which was caught in hospital. Could you not go back to the days when staff changed their uniforms before going out in the public sector.


Cataract removed

I recently attended the QMC, Nottingham for the removal of a cataract. The initial investigation and consultation was very thorough. You are given information sheets as to what to expect. Everything is explained. The treatment I receive from all the staff was calm and very efficient. The operation itself lasted about half an hour, you just had to keep still! Thereafter it is most important to use the eye drops as set out. The post-operative consultation about three weeks later showed that my eye had healed and I was discharged. The visit to your optician is about 6 weeks from the operation. The only criticisms I have to make are that the very pleasant consultant I saw initially told me he was leaving that day. Obviously he would not be carrying out the procedure leaving me slightly apprehensive, perhaps this happens quite often. The cleaner, who present on the day of the operation, only half cleaned the area and did not return which I think is not exactly keeping up standards.