Overheard the nurse talking about me in A&E

After sitting through intense chest pains, breathlessness, inability to sleep for 24 hours, a few sudden pains gave me incentive to ring an ambulance.

Ambulance arrived fast, paramedics were nice, helpful and more importantly I felt safe when they were there.

Upon arrival to A&E, I was taken into a room where I would sit for the next 4 hours. Nurses took an ECG, blood test, blood pressure etc. I was then left unattended with no one even looking at me for the next 2.5 hours. I was then visited by a doctor, who was actually quite a nice knowledgeable guy.

There was also a woman across from me screaming in pain constantly, and after nearly an hour a nurse asked her if she was ok. They asked the patient if she wanted painkillers, and the patient said yes. The patient told the nurse her doctor (GP) told her she couldn’t have paracetamol, but the nurse gave her paracetamol anyway, after talking about her lying to another doctor while the patient was less than a metre away.

All in all, I trust the paramedics and ambulance technicians, but not the staff who treated me at A&E. In my opinion some of the nurses attitudes were terrible as well, although of the 4 I saw, 2 were nice and I thought 2 looked at me like I was nothing, and I actually overheard one say ‘we have better things to do than dealing with him’ which was a nice thing to hear when you are fearing for you’re life, alone.


Really pleased with the Cardiovascular team at Tameside General Hospital

After attending A&E and being allowed to return home with chest pain, I received a call the day after from appointments saying I needed to go back in the following week.

On arrival to the cardio out patients, I received an ECG all within 15 minutes of arrival I was then seen and the findings were discussed with me.

The team have updated my GP within a week and I am really pleased with the service I received from the team.

Job yuck

Treatment for supraventricular tachycardia

I went to my GP’s surgery, had an ECG, was sent by ambulance to A&E, where they performed a cardioversion.

I was allowed to go home.

Unfortunately the problem recurred and I went through the same process again.

I cannot fault any of the care I had, from the practice nurses, the GP, the desk staff, the paramedics and all the people at QA, including the porters, all were fantastic.

I felt very safe throughout


I cannot thank everyone enough

After visiting the hospital for an ECG I was asked to wait on from when I had been admitted. The doctor visited me and said I would be put on Warfrin in order to get my blood sorted. After a few days I was able to go home, and I am visiting the hospital weekly for blood checks. I have been referred to the heart specialist I was under before. Everyone has been very helpful. The food was very good. I cannot thank everyone enough.


A dreadful day at the hospital

I had several letters about my cardiology appointment and was told to get to the hospital at least an hour and a half early.

I am a pensioner and was going on my own. I got to the hospital at 12.30 and went to reception about 1.15 as I was a bit early. The ladies at Reception were very nice. I was sent to x-ray and after a little wait was told I didn’t have to have one, as I had had one done within 3 months.

I was sent to have an ECG. I got lost on the way and met a drunk. No one would help and in the end a cleaner took me to have the ECG. The nurses were very nice and I was sent to the reception there to see the Consultant.

It was now 2.00 and my appointment was for 3.30. After waiting until 2.45, everyone else going, I asked the Receptionist again if I would be seen at 3.30 or was it the order you came in on arrival? She didn’t look at me once, and said it was the order you arrived in. I carried on waiting, too worried about missing my appointment to get a drink or go to the toilet. I had been unwell at the weekend and was now feeling very ill.

I eventually asked a busy nurse who told me I had been given the wrong info. I carried on waiting until about 4.20 and then went home. I still had an hour and a half jouney as I was on public transport.

I was never told what I would be having done, who I would see and no-one was helpful when I couldn’t find my way. In fact, several people were very unhelpful.

I had one ECG the whole day and went home unwell.

I still don’t know what would have happened if I had stayed or who I would have seen.


Constant change of cardiology consultants

I was given an appointment to see a Cardiology Consultant at KMH in November 2012 but when I arrived I was told that the Consultant had resigned a few days before.

I saw the locum who was helpful but could not access my details or results of a previous ECG. He arranged for further tests and agreed to review me in 3 months time. I attended for a review in February 2013 but found that the locum Consultant had left. I saw another who carried out some checks and arranged for a chest x-ray and pulmonary function tests. I was to be reviewed in 3-4 months.

I recently enquired as to when the review would take place but have been told that the previous Consultant was about to leave as well. I have to wait until the replacement has arrived.


Lack of continuity and communication

Person has had 2 bad experiences recently with the Choose and Book service. The first one was when she was trying to book to see a particular consultant at Broadgreen Hospital and the operator didn’t take the name of the consultant down correctly. When the person corrected her the operator rudely ignored what she was saying and continued to tell her that a consultant with that name didn’t work there as she hadn’t taken the name down correctly. The person called the hospital directly to confirm that the consultant did indeed still work there and managed to book an appointment.

The person also needed a ECG and again called Choose and Book, the appointment offered clashed with an already existing one so she had to decline. She was told to keep ringing back. The second time she called she was told that the clinic hadn’t sent any appointments over and to call back again. She called back and was told that all the appointments had been cancelled and she would have to go back to the GP for a re-referral. The person is angry about the rudeness of the first operator and concerned about the lack of continuity and communication with regards to her 2nd experience.

Posted on behalf of person by Healthwatch Liverpool


far too long wait for results

After I have been found a hypertrophic cardiopatia I was referred to Castle Hill Hospital for further investigation. To start with, I had an eco-cardio test at Wilberforce in Story Street (Hull), but they never sent the results to the cardiologist department. When I went there, I had to start again from the beginning with another ecography and thank God they had the same result. Because this condition, I was planned for a 24 hours ECG (Holter) and a stress test. I had the first one but no the second one as they never booked me in. The ECG was 13 weeks ago and no results back so far. In the meantime, 5 weeks ago I had to go to A&E with a chest pain again. They couln’t find some kind of abnormality in my ECG but because the most important test to be able to diagnose what’s going with my heart wasn’t available yet after 8 weeks, they just decided to increase my medication to reduce the palpitations and wait for the coming results. That was 5 weeks ago. Then, 3 weeks ago I had to book an urgent appointment with my GP because I

Started with palpitations again. He was surprised of knowing that after all that time, nothing was back. He rang Castle Hill next day to request the results as priority and after 3 weeks, nothing. My symptoms are getting worse everyday. I’m only 40 with a high risk stroke family background. Unacceptable!

Ungry patient