Excellent care

I was extremely pleased with the treatment that I received in the Doncaster Royal Infirmary Hospital. I had excess water on my lungs and breathing problems. They took lots of tests and changed my medication and not I feel so much better. I have to go back for an appointment in late May. I felt the care from the nurses and doctors that I received was excellent.



In April I attended the ENT department at QMC in Nottingham. The best bits were that the doctors explained would happen and answered any questions that I had. However, there was no clear answer on what would happen after. I later found out that they need you on the ward for at least four hours on return from operation. But when I asked on return they did not say this! I then overheard another nurse say this to someone else! I asked and they conformed this. But when my family who came after the operation asked they did not tell them. It would be at least four hours and maybe more! JUST TELL US!!!!!!


I have nothing but praise for ward C4

I was admitted to ward C4 Chesterman wing at the Northern General Hospital for a heart bypass in early June.

All the staff from the lady that served the tea to the sisters in charge were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were very kind and friendly. They had to put up with some very awkward patients but they never lost their tempers under pressure. They are a credit to the hospital and the NHS.

The doctors visited regularly and kept me informed of my progress and treatment. Everything worked very well. When I left I was given full information about what I was to do and how my progress would go.

The cleanliness was spot on and the staff constantly washed their hands after every patient, I was very impressed.

The only fault was the food which although adequate was on many occasions tasteless. Having said that, there were some very good desserts and plenty of choice.

Well done and I have nothing but praise for them.


Lack of communication from staff at Stepping Hill

My 54 year old father in law was admitted for the 1st time in May and has had 5 stays since, since then he had been diagnosed with rheumatoid, duodenitis, liver cirrhosis, heart failure.

He has visited various wards, meet various Doctors had every test in the hospital with not one result ever given, not one follow up appointment by any the Doctors after these quite severe diagnoses. He is currently on A15 fighting for his life after a week’s stay on Intensive Care, his lungs have begun to fail and he cannot breathe unaided, he cannot eat so is being fed by a drip directly into his main vein in his neck, as is all medication, as he is unable to swallow as he muscles are that weak, he can not walk/stand, has bedsores and lost 6 stone in 6 months, and the Doctors say nothing to us.

Due to what seems to us the appalling lack of care, compassion, urgency and communication in this hospital we have no clue what is wrong with and how to help.

And all this time he lies sedated and frightened with no faith in the professionals, no matter how many questions we ask, how loud we shout, who we speak to we get no answers.


Good food and helpful staff at Tameside

After A&E, I saw the assessment team, I was put in ward 31.

I had broken my left heel and was unable to walk on it so I was getting treatment for this as well as a heart attack I suffered earlier. I stayed at the hospital until doctors were satisfied with my recovery.

The food was excellent and both the day and night staff were helpful. The only problem was that the ward was short of staff so sometimes I had to wait a little longer.

There is the need for more nurses if available.


I found my stay in this hospital to be good and of high standard

I found my stay in this hospital to be good and of high standard. Th nurses and staff were at high standard and willing to help at all times. the doctors were of high standard and willing to help with whatever problem you had,

One request i would like to ask is that a chart be made on display for diabetics who have to check on meal times. Thank you


My son fractured his femur

My 2 year old was admitted to ward S3 at Sheffield Children’s Hospital a fractured femur. We had excellent care from both the nurses and doctors (especially the nurses who despite working long shifts worked efficiently and always with a smile). The worst bits, apart from being there in the first place, were seeing my son in so much pain. The food was also processed yuk! Also realising it was a children’s ward and being there on my own, my son was in such pain I couldn’t leave him, despite a parents room down the corridor I still couldn’t get a drink or food till the next day when my husband arrived!


Nurses at Walton Hospital were excellent

I went to Walton Hospital to have my eyes checked as I was going blind in one eye. The nurse gave me an injection in the eye. I was not able to read or write. The doctors and the nurses were fantastic and worked hard to make me feel comfortable. They were available for me to ask questions at any given time. One of the nurses arranged transport for me and my carer to go to the hospital as I now need to go for another visit.


Treatment for labrynthitis at QMC

Acute labrynthitis is a very frightening thing to have. When the room is going round at what seems to be 100mph for 16 hours, and you cannot focus or see anything, it is very scary. However, the only treatment available is tablets for sickness and dizziness, and the doctors at the QMC try to get you to leave the hospital as quickly as possible. The physios said I was not fit enough to be discharged, but they were overruled.

3 weeks on, I am beginning to feel a bit better, but I hope it doesn’t come back.


Staff always have time for you

I have had multiple myeloma and continuously have visited the haematology department at Nottingham City Hospital for treatment. The best thing about my treatment was that all the staff are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Most staff explained things very well. Sometimes very senior staff could have explained things better but usually delegated to nursing staff to do the explaining. I would like to especially thank the myeloma nurses and Dr Kathy Williams. They always have time to see you if you are feeling ill, usually on the same day, after clinic. However busy they are they still make time for you, that is throughout the clinic in day care, blood taking with either the myeloma nurses or the doctors. I would like to say thank you for that as well as the regular treatment.