Husbands treatment in care home

My husband has dementia with Lewy bodies and his behaviour varies. I have been caring for him for 4 years and finding it very tiring at times. We had a crisis with him getting out of control and the social worker recommended respite care at Burkitt Nursing Home. I explained to him that it was only for 2 weeks. He did not settle and did some damage in the home. The social worker did not ring me about it until 5 days later, she said she was too busy. I visited him every day and did not like how he was treated. I took him out a week after he went in to give him a change and he walked round Asdas. I had a visit from a different social worker who said the home were happy to keep him longer but I said I would pick him up at the end of his two weeks. He could hardly walk to the car and we got him home where he collapsed. I thought he was sedated. Later I phone the doctor who said to call the after hours service who came and had him taken straight to hospital, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham where they found he had a blood infection, bladder infection, dehydrated, bed sores and bruises and nearly died.

He was on a drip for several days and injections and survived. He was very weak and thin but gradually got better but still weak. The therapist said he did not think he would walk again which I thought was expecting him to do much too soon. After 5 weeks after an argument with the hospital social worker who said I would not cope, I have him at home. He has two support devices for walking but can now get upstairs and is much better. They prescribed Mirtazapine without telling me which I have not given to him. They said he was depressed, (he was fed up with being in hospital, and cried) I am paying privately for carers to wash and shower him. I am afraid I do not get on with social workers – what do they do? Do they ever follow up how patients are when they leave hospital? My husband is going to a day centre once a week, and has enjoyed a meal out today, his appetite is enormous and I hope he will gain his weight back.


He later found that particles of the stone had gone back into the kidney

He was diagnosed with a stone in the ureter in April and was in considerable pain. He was fitted with a stent and had to wait 6 weeks for an operation to blast the stone, he was hoping this would solve the problem but the pain persisted.

He later found that particles of the stone had gone back into the kidney and that there was much ‘gravel’ still in the ureter and there was possible damage from the stent.

He is still in much pain and very depressed, he is also on a horrendous cocktail of drugs which make him mentally confused. He is concerned about losing his job which he loves and no longer getting paid. Can nothing be done?

frustrated mum

Premature baby at Queen’s Hospital

I had a baby prematurely at Queens hospital in romford. During labour, most of the staff were nice, minus one who was rude. I was seen very quicky and assessed and was let into a private room where they tried to stop my labour while i could have steroids to help develop my babies lungs. The midwife there at the time was great, however my mother said (i didnt really remember much myself) she almost dropped my placenta on the floor :S. I was treated pretty well, however i did notice as i came in that triage was full of women, in labour on the floor, the place seemed really disorganised. Also when i asked for toast i was given bread :S

Also at another interval i had to come back for my post natal check, previously i was discharged, although my little boy was still in hospital at the time. They put me in a room with lots of mothers with their new borns, kept me waiting for ages and with a dvd showing child birth and how important it was to bond with your newborn. Not something which was very nice to watch when you had to be seperated from your baby. I had to stay for my check, but i didnt go back for my 2nd. I think staff should consider the feelings of patients like myself more.

The majority of the staff in the NICU were very nice, minus a few. The first rude staff member i encountered was when i saw my son for the first time. We were discussing milk expression, i wanted to know how long you could keep it for and it was a lot to take in on the first day of being a mum to a premie, so i asked i doctor for further advice and he was happy to oblige, although the nurse wasnt happy and said to the doctor “i already told her what she was meant to do” and i can honestly say i left that place feeling rubbish. However that incident was topped by an incident where a member of staff was extremely rude to me, accusing me of not changing my child nappy and “paying more attention to his mouth care” which led to me bursting into tears and my mother and her having a heated row in the NICU. Also there was another nurse there would not take my son out of his incubator so i could feed him. She came over held him up in the incubator put the bottle in and when he was done she layed him back down a shut the door. There were also occasions when i came in to see my son and he had no clothes on, even though his drawer was full of clothes. There was also occasions when nappies were being taken from his drawer and my partner and i resorted to having to count them all.All the other nurses there however, were lovely and they couldnt do enough, however i believe some members of staff I met let the caring nurses down.

Since, my boy has being doing really well. He was transferred to King George, Goodmayes, which i preferred. In my opinion it was a more relaxed atmosphere. At the time there, i kept getting lots of colds, but the nurses told me not to worry, to ring in for his progress and hope i felt better soon.

My experience at Queens was mixed, my opinion however was that the kind staff out weighed the bad ones. I felt they let the others down. From my experience I also think there needs to be major improvements regarding triage, as I found it quite disorganised.


Listen to me, Respect me, Assess me properly

I have had serious pain and had difficulty walking for over four years.

My first attempt to get help from the GP resulted in them telling me, “You are getting old it comes with age.” The doctor considered that it was depression and prescribed antidepressants. He did not ask my history and I feel did not seem interested in my problems. I did not think I was depressed but did take the medicine. It didn’t improve anything and my pain was still there.

I deteriorated and the pain was worsening. I felt like the doctor looked more earnestly at the screen and rarely at me. He seemed always in a hurry and I felt had no time to listen. I continued for a long time trying to be stoical about the pain. I heard about a sympathetic doctor at our surgery. I made an appointment to see him.

Eventually this doctor listened and sent me for a scan. I had damage to my spine. I had surgery which was successful. The people at the hospital were wonderful. Following this there was a period of two weeks when I had a holiday in Wales and was able to walk three or four days along the gentler parts of the coastal path.

Later I had Physiotherapy and the pain from the exercises was unbearable. I felt like no one listened to me and I was brushed off. My physiotherapist discharged me.

I saw another GP who re-referred me back to the neuron-surgeon.

It was decided to do further surgery on my back. I waited and had a date for surgery. I had two pre op appointments I attended both and then five different admission dates all being cancelled.

To get ready for surgery packing toiletries and pyjamas and getting ready in your mind to only be told it was off, repeatedly was shattering for me.

Eventually we saw the surgeon who was unhappy with the plan for surgery and sent me for another x-ray. This resulted in the very clear evidence that I had severe osteoarthritis the head of the hip bone which had no definition.

Why was there not a proper assessment initially? I feel that if my doctor had time and patience to listen to me instead of rushing and not speaking to me but talking to the screen, then there may have been a different outcome. I am now waiting to see another surgeon to deal with my hip. I understand that my GP surgery met all its targets and is considered first class, but not to me as I think targets have come before people.


Shocked by care on Emergency Surgery Trauma Unit

My wife was admitted to the ward and the care she received was to be quite frank, disturbing.

Firstly there were people on the ward shouting for help and asking for medication and were being ignored, one even started to choke on her own vomit while the other was showing me the bruises all over her arm from nurses not being able to take blood properly with the needles.

My wife waited 2 and a half days for a scan and was sent home without one as in the end she was so depressed she just wanted to go home as she told me she did not feel safe in the ward.

Needles were left next to her bed for several hours when nurses had forgotten about them, they also forgot to change her chart from nil by mouth to being allowed food and drink, meaning she went a whole day without eating or drinking until I arrived with food.

The nurse ignored her when she requested medication for the pain, until I arrived and she tried to kick me out and had to be notified that the only reason I had to come outside of visiting hours was to bring food and medication.

I am deeply shocked at the service and have lost trust completely in the ability of NHS practitioners to fulfill their duty of care


Late Diagnosis of Brady Atrial Fibrillation

Doctors told me I was “just depressed” or that I thought I was ill because I was depressed, when I was very ill… and I believe an earlier diagnosis might have resulted in a successful Cardioversion (my late Cardioversion only worked for a few minutes).

I was depressed because I was ill, or I appeared to be depressed as Cerebral Hypoxia made me mentally inactive.


Mixed experience at Northern General following road accident

As a result of being on life support at the Northern General Hospital (following an RTA), I lost 10 days of memory. I was also put on morphine, which left me feeling very depressed and confused – it took several days to overcome the shock, and I think that a psychologist could have helped me.

Being moved around in my first 5 days of consciousness was upsetting.

Also, I got to know the routines of older patients better than the nursing staff. I think their washing/breakfast routines should be written above their beds to help staff on different shifts cater to the particular needs of each patient.


My wife is still getting letters after she lost her baby

My wife has lost her baby. She keeps getting people from the trust sending her letters about her pregnancy (that she has now lost).

Why are you so inconsiderate? If this carries on, I will consider reporting your trust to the police for harassment and I will sue you. PLEASE stop.

It has now got to the point where she has become depressed.


Fibromyalgia and the lack of doctors knowledge and support received by gp,s/hospitals in Derbyshire

I have had fibromyalgia for the past 16 years and had to finish work last year because of it.

I had been seeing a doctor at my doctors surgery and I thought she had a good understanding of the illness and that she was there for me. Since finishing work I applied for Disability Living Allowance and the report she sent in did not support me at all, it was as if all that I had been telling her about my problems had been forgotten.

Needless to say I was turned down for DLA. I went to appeal and she was asked for another report and this time what she wrote down made me feel like she was saying that it was all in my mind, and that she didn’t think I was telling the truth about what was wrong with me, which meant I did not get DLA.

I was so upset at how I had been treated and also by the fact that every time I went to the doctors for help with this illness all they could say was “I don’t know what else to say or what to try”. I have tried other doctors at this surgery and they all seem to have no knowledge of the treatments available or in fact how this illness affects each and every person with it in different ways. They don’t seem to care and I’m left trying to cope with constant pain over my entire body and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, lower back , hips and ankles.

I have morning stiffness, ibs, headaches, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, costochondritis, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, visual problems and so on and so forth, the list of my problems is endless. The lack of help and support is now causing me to become really depressed, I’m irritable, moody, and stressed all of the time.

I was sent to the Pain Management clinic at the Royal Derby Hospital and received a lidocaine infusion which didn’t work and that was it, apart from completing the pain management course and that’s it now, I have a 6 month open appointment. I was referred to the rheumatologist after I requested it from one of the doctors at my surgery, again I left this appointment feeling very down, as I was told that I had tried everything that they would suggest, they took a load of blood for tests and they told me that they would write to my doctor suggesting a few different tablets for me to try and would suggest a referral to the ME/CFS clinic at Ripley Hospital, this was at the end of May.

I went to my doctors last week to see a new doctor and I came away even more depressed as she said that she felt her role was to be there to listen and empathise with me, she hadn’t received the letter from the hospital.

I asked about whether there were any other medications that I could try and she said she didn’t know as she wasn’t a specialist. I’m so fed up with having to fight for some support and help with this illness and I am now looking for a new doctor in Ripley, even Derbyshire, that specializes in this illness and knows how to help and work with its sufferers.

I need help and I feel like there is nobody out there that can help me. This illness has robbed me of my life and I feel that the doctors I have seen do not believe me, they have made me feel like I am a hypochondriac because I have spent hours on the internet finding out about my illness, and when you tell them about what is wrong with you they don’t like it, they have made me feel like it is all in my mind but believe me it is real, and I hurt now both physically and mentally and I feel so alone.

If anyone knows of a good doctor in Ripley or Derbyshire who really understands this illness please let me know as I am desperate to get some help.


Waiting too long for an appointment

Went into hospital in November, no-one has come up with a cause for my serious symptoms.

Every time I have to speak to a doctor I have to describe my symptoms over and over again, which is very stressful and distressing. No specific named hospital doctor seems to be in charge of my case. I have to wait 2 months to get an appointment with the one department of the hospital which might be able to come up with answers.

I am extremely depressed and frightened.