Lack of sleep and noise didn’t help my recovery

I attended Rotherham Hospital in April for knee replacement. It was an experience I do not wish to repeat. Having come out of it with what I can only describe as a psychosis, brought on by my five nights in hospital! I cannot fault the nursing care and cleanliness of the ward but the lack of sleep and noise didn’t help my recovery. Perhaps the future plans for 2 person en-suite rooms will be more conducive to better outcomes.


Worried about cleanliness at Addenbrookes

Admitted to Addenbrooks hospital a few days ago with suspected kidney problem. Everything about the whole process of admittance and care was exemplary and I could not have expected a more helpful staff and surgical team. They were very supportive during the investigation process and I am grateful for all that was done for me.

However, on return from my scan prior to being shown the bed I was allocated. The bed opposite was empty but the bedding was heavily blood-stained. At this point the member of staff who had showed me my bed, rushed across the ward to this bed and folded the linen placing it in the linen trolley. She then pulled the bed curtain partially across the end of the bed, and within minutes pushed the trolley away from the area leaving the bed stripped. She then returned with fresh linen and remade the bed. At no time did I witness the mattress, bed frame, bedside cabinet and chair being washed down.

I was concerned that this was not done as we are all aware of the problem of hospital super bugs and thought that good cleaning was of the essence in eliminating infections.

I am due to be booked into the hospital for a cystoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy, this degree of cleanliness or lack of is causing me a great deal of concern.


I have nothing but praise for ward C4

I was admitted to ward C4 Chesterman wing at the Northern General Hospital for a heart bypass in early June.

All the staff from the lady that served the tea to the sisters in charge were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were very kind and friendly. They had to put up with some very awkward patients but they never lost their tempers under pressure. They are a credit to the hospital and the NHS.

The doctors visited regularly and kept me informed of my progress and treatment. Everything worked very well. When I left I was given full information about what I was to do and how my progress would go.

The cleanliness was spot on and the staff constantly washed their hands after every patient, I was very impressed.

The only fault was the food which although adequate was on many occasions tasteless. Having said that, there were some very good desserts and plenty of choice.

Well done and I have nothing but praise for them.


I was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer

It was early in 2007 that I was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer, as the cancer was aggressive I was advised to have my Prostate removed by surgery before my bones were attacked. The operation was performed on May 1st 2007, but the 2 weeks estimated hospital stay developed into a five week one through problems arising. The care that I received was fantastic; I can’t fault the food, generous supply of in between drinks, cleanliness of the ward, but most of all the considerate nursing care and attitude. On the down side, no reflection on the NHS, my condition is worse now than when I was diagnosed. The surgeon was unable to remove all the cancer as it was attacking the prostate wall. Having had 4 weeks Radiotherapy I am now hoping that the remainder is now killed off. The worry that I now have are the inability to pass urine naturally, frequency and burning sensations. The only criticism is that when I had a catheter removed some 5 weeks ago, I was given a paper saying, “If it does not settle, see your GP”, (which seemed odd to me), but I phoned for an appointment and had to wait for over one week. The doctor said he could do nothing, but was good enough to fix an appointment up at the Hospital for me. This is again just over another week that I have to stand this pain. I have a gut feeling that I will soon be back on the ward.


Good care at Barnsley District General day surgery

I went to Barnsley District General to have a mole removed at the day surgery. The standard of care from the medical professionals and the nursing staff was very good, and the cleanliness of the hospital was also good. The punctuality was not too bad this time, although earlier in the year I waited 3 hours after my appointed time in order to be seen. Everyone I came into contact with was very friendly, so thanks to all staff.


I am contacting you in order to …

What I liked

I am contacting you in order to congratulate you and the staff at Chesterfield Royal ,regarding the care I received as an in patient.

On finding out from my GP that I needed surgical intervention to cure my problem, I was offered a choice of hospitals and picked Chesterfield knowing very little about your reputation as a health care provider.

As you can appreciate in the current climate this can at times be a risky business with all the stories you hear about in the media.

I was referred to the consultant and on meeting him was given clear,simple information regarding my condition and time to think over the options.

After I had made my decision my admission to St Marys ward was planned and I had my operation on the 17th of April this year.

On admission I was extremely anxious,very tearful and full of fear,had it not been for the staff on the ward and the kindness shown to me from the aneathestist I don’t know what I would of done.

The staff nurse in particular who admitted me was a true ‘angel’ she gave me the one thing I needed before going down for my operation, a reassuring and very welcome hug.

The care I received post operatively was outstanding, nothing was too much for any of the staff on the ward and all my requests for assistance were met straight away and most importantly with a happy response doth day and night.

A couple of days following my operation I unfortunately felt quite unwell and due to the vigilance and expertise of the nurse who had admitted me, she immediately identified the problem, carried out investigations and arranged for a blood transfusion for me, what an absolute star !!

My stay on St Marys Ward was made as pleasurable as possible by the whole of the staff who were at all times professional,knowledgeable,caring,good humoured and extremely hard working.

In fact the list could go on as I have nothing but praise for all the staff on the ward.

To sum up the care I received from referral to discharge is impressive.

I always felt included in my treatment decisions,I was at all times made to fell like an individual ,the ward gave you the feeling of being well managed,I felt safe and secure whilst receiving care and the cleanliness on the ward was outstanding.

I have previously been an in patient in a very well known private hospital and I can honestly say that the care I received whilst at Chesterfield Royal far out shines it in all aspects !!!

I am hoping that I will not have to use hospital services now for a very long time, but would have no worries about using your services again, in fact I recommend your hospital to others at every opportunity I get.

Once again many, many thanks and congratulations !!!

Debbie S

Thanks to all in Neurology clinic at Royal Hallamshire

Last month, I was a patient in the Neurology clinic at the Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield for the treatment of pain which I was having caused by my having Multiple Sclerosis. The standard of care which I received from both the medical and the nursing teams was very good – all staff were very helpful and would go out of their way to help.

My only concern was with the cleanliness of the hospital – the toilets were in a particularly poor condition.

Overall, I would say that the experience was a good one, and I would like to thank all staff in the Neurology clinic for this.


Thanks to all nursing staff on C31 at QMC

I was recently admitted to ward C31 of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for the removal of ovarian abcesses. The nurses were very good and kind, they explained everything to me and made me feel at ease.

The cleaning was a disgrace. i was in for 3 days and saw only 1 cleaner. The toilets and sinks were never cleaned, and urine samples were left on the floors and on the tops of toilets.

I would like to thank all the nurses on ward C31.


Staff are outstanding

I had an operation at the Bev Stokes day surgery unit at the Northern General Hospital. The operation was to remove some fragments of bone floating around in my knee causing me considerable discomfort. I had been putting up with the pain for a number of years until finally it got too much. I have to say the care and attention I received at the Bev Stokes unit was second to none. I had felt a slight amount of trepidation about going into hospital when you hear stories about cleanliness, MRSA but nothing could have been better. The staff here are outstanding!


Good care but poor cleanliness at Barnsley

I was a patient in the Ear Nose & Throat department at the Barnsley District General hospital last month. The standard of medical and nursing care I received was good – the staff were excellent at all times.

The only thing which really needs improvement is the cleanliness of the hospital – sinks and bins in the toilets were overflowing, so better monitoring of these areas is needed.