Really pleased with the Cardiovascular team at Tameside General Hospital

After attending A&E and being allowed to return home with chest pain, I received a call the day after from appointments saying I needed to go back in the following week.

On arrival to the cardio out patients, I received an ECG all within 15 minutes of arrival I was then seen and the findings were discussed with me.

The team have updated my GP within a week and I am really pleased with the service I received from the team.

Job yuck

Excellent consultation at DRI Chest clinic

I chose to travel by bus to the DRI as I anticipated that parking could be difficult mid-morning, although I would have preferred to have travelled by car.

The standard of consultation in the Chest clinic was excellent – very thorough; questions answered; never felt rushed; full explanation of diagnosis and aftercare given.


Many thanks to E.A.U staff at Royal Hallamshire

I was taken in to the Emergency Admissions Unit at the Royal Hallamshire hospital for the treatment of chest pains. This was the first time that I had been in to hospital as an adult and they sure took great care of me. The nurses were fantastic, and so too were the doctors – they really seemed to be concerned about my well-being. Many thanks.


67 year old husbands heart problem

My husband visited our GP in May to complain about tightness in his chest, palpitations & dizziness. He was told this could possibly be due to a leaky valve & referred him to the Ilkeston cardiology dept.

In June the Doctor there put him on beta blockers & referred him to the warfarin clinic as any heart treatment would require his blood to be less sticky, in order to avoid blood clots, which could lead to a stroke. The cardiologist in Ilkeston Hospital also referred him to the cardiology dept at the Nottingham City Hospital.

An appointment was sent through for him for early Oct, which even our GP thought was rather a long wait. This appointment was then cancelled by the hospital & another one made for the end of October.

My husband sent a letter of complaint to the Chief Exec of the QMC in August. This letter remains unacknowledged but he has now been sent a fresh appointment for slightly earlier in Oct. Not good, is it, when one is left waiting for 5 months between seeing a GP to seeing a heart specialist. Even then he doesn’t think the appointment will give him more than another referral after that doctor has seen & spoken to him.

Meanwhile our life is on hold until we know when or even if, there is going to be any treatment. He wouldn’t have had to wait this long to have a bad tooth looked at!


Good care at Royal Hallamshire but don’t like mixed wards

I was a patient at the Royal Hallamshire hospital cardiology unit with chest pains. The best thing about how I was treated was the kindness and concern of all the staff.

However, I did not like the mixed ward – it was embarrassing and upsetting. I am a male patient and a female patient was getting in and out of bed and I saw more than I should have. It was embarrassing for me and my wife.

I also found it very upsetting that I had to lie in a bed all night next to a lady who had died. I could not sleep.


Constant change of cardiology consultants

I was given an appointment to see a Cardiology Consultant at KMH in November 2012 but when I arrived I was told that the Consultant had resigned a few days before.

I saw the locum who was helpful but could not access my details or results of a previous ECG. He arranged for further tests and agreed to review me in 3 months time. I attended for a review in February 2013 but found that the locum Consultant had left. I saw another who carried out some checks and arranged for a chest x-ray and pulmonary function tests. I was to be reviewed in 3-4 months.

I recently enquired as to when the review would take place but have been told that the previous Consultant was about to leave as well. I have to wait until the replacement has arrived.


Very good care on F19 at QMC

I was a patient on ward F19 at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for the treatment of chest pain. Although all aspects of my care were very good, I was particularly impressed by the care from the nursing staff. They were very friendly at all times and nothing was ever too much trouble for them. Thank you!


Excellent care of my mother over Bank Holiday Weekend

My mother was admitted to ward 41 with a heart attack. Over the bank holiday weekend she developed a severe chest infection.

I would like to send a deep hearted thank you to Dr Pearson for the excellent treatment she gave my mother. We were all so grateful for her honesty and explanation about what was going on.

I wish there were more doctors like her around. Thankyou.

A grateful daughter