Special Care for My Special Needs Daughter

Thank you Childrens A&E at the LGI for your excellent and caring service after my daughter, who has special needs, was brought in scared and distressed after her first severe epileptic fit. Despite being extremely busy every staff member who saw us showed kindness and consideration and treated my daughter with dignity and respect. I saw this same consideration time and time again for other children and their parents during our time in the unit. Nobody wants to spend time in an A&E, but you made this experience a lot easier than it could have been.


Fantastic leukaemia care at Nottingham

Since i was sent to Nottingham City Hospital’s Fletcher ward in may 2005, the treatment was first class and the staff was brilliant in looking after me, from the top doctors, junior doctors to nurses to cleaners, they was brilliant and the top class treatment carried on to the day care and outpatients.

The staff are so caring and are great people thankyou guys! It is now 2010 and everytime i go, you know you are in safe hands – and the leukaemia is in its box locked up thanks to the staff.

You all know who you are, you are life savers every last one of you.


The Personal Caring Touch

I recently had my gall bladder removed and would like to say thankyou to ALL the staff of the Day Surgery Unit.

Everyone takes the time to make sure you know what is going to happen, to listen to you and reasure you. In a very busy department staff are efficent and take time to show they care about you as person.

The personal touch makes such a difference.


Lizzie A

My mother’s condition is deteriorating

My mother who is 86 has slight dementia and is on medication. She was doing quite well and self caring. She recently had a bad relapse and the GP thought it could be a water infection and antibiotics were given at home. However, her condition deteriorated and she was and still is in Sunderland Royal. Since admission she has had several falls and antibiotics have ceased. We have requested a further water test on several occasions and I feel this is being delayed. She should also be receiving immodium and very plain diet as her tummy is easily upset. I have told the staff this on several occasions and I found out on my visit recently that they were unaware and had given her sausage for breakfast and didn’t realise why she couldn’t eat it. As a result, they have her in a side ward in incontinence pants and she seems to me to be loosing weight fast and has the runs. I think this is partly due to no one knowing the basics of her diet or time to take her to the loo.

She talked to me and was so concerned about the situation as a whole. I took her to the loo and put clean stuff on and she seemed so much better. Although still sometimes confused, I do not think she is as bad as some of the staff make out. In my opinion, she is not receiving the basic nursing care or nutrition she needs. As a little extra she has also now lost glasses and a bed jacket. I think she should be helped to the loo as she is unsteady on her feet, and she has never needed incontinence pads in her life. I feel this side of things is due to wrong food, not being fed the proper diet. I do not feel that I can accept any excuses for this situation as it seems to me all stem from patient care and basic nursing and nutrition knowledge. We all thought she was being cared for in the right place but I feel seriously in doubt about this now.


I was really impressed with ward C31

I was admitted to QMC for a pelvic floor repair. I went into C31 on the 10th march and was discharged on 17th. I must say everything in that ward was very good. Staff were kind and caring. Cleaning on the ward was excellent as the toilets and shower rooms were cleaned to a very high standard. Certain cleaning items (wipes etc) were in there as patients could keep up the cleaning standards. I was really impressed with C31. However, I had to go back in on the 19th and stayed in B3 ward over night. Staff there were kind and caring. It as fairly clean there but the toilets and shower rooms were not very clean. It was nothing like the standards of C31! My opinion is if one ward has set a good standard, surely the others can.


Everyone was caring

My heart attack happened at 07.00am and I was in recovery at the Northern General Hospital after having a stent implant at 08.50. I received excellent care and information in the Chesterman ward. My stay at the CCU was also excellent as the nurses cared, were informative and everyone from the consultant to the physiotherapist were helpful and caring. The downside of my experience was whilst I was in Chesterman ward, I had no sleep or rest due to other patients shouting and calling out during the night. After a heart attack I felt I needed more peaceful surroundings to enable me to rest.


Burst ulcers

I was rushed into Rotherham District General Hospital with burst ulcers. I was treated immediately by excellent staff. The ward staff were very good and caring. The food was very poor and has been each time I have been in. The visit from my family was made very difficult due to lack of parking but it has been like this for years. There should be a great effort to remedy this, not expect visitors and patients to put up with it.


Wonderful care at Boston Pilgrim

My Husband, was recently a patient in the care of the cardiac ward at Boston Pilgrim, I must most sincerely express my heartfelt thanks to the staff on the ward who looked after him with such care and Dignity, I was so very worried about him and the staff also found the time to talk to me in length and allay my fears, Their was one particular male member of staff who was a tremendous help to both my Husband and myself we only knew him as Charlie he was a true Diamond and if i could have awarded him a medal for his most caring work i would have. I am writing this note as i think it’s Important to showcase the very positive side of the NHS, as some hospitals get some very Bad press, not in this Instance and definatly not Boston Pilgrim. Well done Pilgrim and many thanks, with special thanks to Charlie.


Excellent Care at Stanmore Hospital

Just a year ago (December 2008) I had an operation on my back, and was in Stanmore hospital for nearly four weeks.

The care I received was excellent, and it was obvious that the staff worked as a team. I was in a room with four beds, and I enjoyed the company of the other patients – they were a lot younger that me, which at times was a challenge.

Unfortunately I had a side effect from the operation, but the hospital team were straight forward and told me what had happened – I had been warned that the operation was high risk.

The building is unusual – I think it needs to be replaced, not privatised.

A Big Thank you to all the Hospital Team.

The subsequent care I have received from East Surrey NHS has also been very caring and helpful.

John the elder