emergency admission 10 july 2015

After suffering majir heart attack I was admiitted by ambulance late in a friday afternoon. One artery totally blocked and a second at 90% blocked. Needed two stents fited in bloxked artery but was too ill to have a third fitted in the other so will be going back. Whole proceedure took just over 30 minutes. Staff were brilliant. Could not fault care received in the heart unit or in the cardiology care unit afterwards. Thankyou one and all.

Steve Lewis

Everyone Mum & I dealt with was caring, friendly…

I’m completing this on behalf of my 86 year-old Mum, who has dementia and has recently moved into a care home.

Mum had an appointment to have a heart monitor fitted for 24-hour test. She had hospital transport from the care home, and I arrived at Heath Road separately to meet her there. I was rather anxious as my bus had arrived late, but was immediately greeted by two very helpful gentlemen, who were volunteers. They showed me where to find the Cardiology department. Mum was already there, and wanted to use the loo. I told a nurse who was passing & straight away she went to fetch someone to help her take Mum to the toilet.

When they returned, I realised that the other lady helping Mum was the Cardiologist herself. The Cardiologist was friendly, gentle, and very good at explaining the procedures to Mum, who was confused and doesn’t like hospitals.

At the end of the appointment there were no other patients waiting, so the Cardiologist accompanied Mum & me back to Reception to ensure that we were in the right place to wait for the Hospital Minibus. The Minibus drivers were equally kind, friendly and helpful and I felt reassured that Mum would be fine on the journey back to her care home.

When I was telling a friend about the great service at Heath Road, she said there was a rumour that a reorganisation is planned regarding the volunteers who work there.

I just want to repeat how much I appreciated the volunteers’ help when I arrived at the hospital. The receptionist was talking to another visitor, and the gentlemen noticed my anxiety at being late and unsure of where to go. They provided the human touch, which was far more valuable to me than any maps or interactive computer could have been at that time.

If changes are planned, please let it be for more volunteers rather than fewer (or none).


In my experience, this hospital …

In my experience, this hospital just will not admit that in certain areas there are serious managerial and administrative problems which need to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.

last month I was sent to cardiology having suffered chest pains and various tests were performed and future tests required

My GP then receives a letter saying I did not attend, & no further apps would be booked!

Hospital reply – ‘Sorry – computer error! But a potentially very serious error, and certainly not a one off either – because even after telephoning a forghtnight ago to the apps dept for dates of other referrals which I had been told were already sent out and the apps department assurances that they would re send the letters, nothing as yet has arrived.

Complaints dept? Always an answer-phone message saying ‘sorry, I’m not at my desk right now…but again, that appears to apply to whatever department you need to speak to. Patients receive a callback but the initial complaint seems never to be dealt with satisfactorily and fully.

I’m not surprised their is an undercurrent of tension among the nursing staff who personally I think are trying to do their best of a very bad job particularly when I am told each dept has been paired down by senior management.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that it is a lousy computer system but still fail to recognize that computers only put out what the initial user has put in and the end user has requested and if it so bad isn’t it about time that for the future various departments were re designed around a typing pool a box of carbon paper & a filing cabinet?

Just stop making excuses.

Gp’s blame the hospital – the hospitals blames the GP’s but as a patient, I don’t care who is to blame – just deal with it once and for all because In my opinion the RUH is poorly a performing hospital and failing to deliver even a minimal expected standard of patient care for the 21st century.

Really getting hacked off with it all now!

On arrival, bring plenty of change. Car parking charges apply and the hospital shop, restaurant and various confectionary/drinks machines are very expensive although there is a cashpoint at the entrance that does dispense notes.

Blue Horizon

still no answer

I have been trying to call cardiology for the past 2 weeks for advice on my pacemaker, as I’m in serious discomfort with it. I have been to my gp and been told to get in touch with cardiology. Everytime I call all I get is an answer phone message, which asks for my phone number and hospital number I do that but do not get any calls back. I think they like people to suffer. I feel like going private and getting it taken out as no one seems to bother. This hospital does not seem to care.


Cardiology Department

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Consultant and his staff for the excellent service provided by the Cardiology Department during my recent treatment.

The Consultanti and his staff have unfailingly demonstrated the highest standards of civility, patience, courtesy and friendliness.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for the highly professional approach demonstrated by every member of the department. I have been treated well and hope that I have been a patient patient.

Thank you all,

Neil Semley.

Neil Semley