I really admired the way the staff went about their respective tasks, efficiently and courteously

I was admitted to East Surrey Hospital (Cardiology) for a pacemaker implant having been experiencing periods of dizziness and my 24 hour pulse monitor having shown irregular heart beats and stoppage of pulse overnight for periods of almost four seconds (atrial fibrilation). The procedure was done in September by Dr. Saha and I was discharged at lunchtime on Monday.

The attention I received from the medical staff and others throughout my stay was brilliant and I really admired the way they went about their respective tasks, efficiently and courteously.

Josie Wales

Coronary Care Unit: The staff were very kind and helpful

I was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital with severe pains to my side and chest. I was put on C. C. U ward where I had many tests and was monitored.

It turned out to be my gall bladder, and an operation would be needed later in the year, this was because I have a leaking heart valve and bronchitis.

My stay in hospital was 5 days. The staff were very kind and helpful. And they all worked as a team.


I can find no fault in the service that I received

I can find no fault in the service that I received. A referral within a couple of weeks to the Cardiology Department at Princess Royal Hospital resulted in the offer of a convenient appointment.

I was seen exactly on time by an efficient and extremely pleasant member of the medical staff. Well done, thank you.


Cardiology: Consultant’s bedside manner on one occasion was aggressive

I initially phoned the Ambley Green nurse – these nurses have always been very reassuring and have given me a lot of security for example when I rang a respiratory nurse she was at my house within 20 minutes. She could see I was struggling to breathe and offered to call an ambulance but I opted to ask my son to take me in.

At the hospital I was given a bed straightaway on the Respiratory ward but was transferred to the Cardiology ward. While I was there I had a bad breathing episode, the nurse spent two hours helping me to get my breathing back under control.

I cannot fault the treatment they gave me.

However, the consultant’s bedside manner on one occasion was aggressive and did not talk to me, the patient, but to the other people around me.


Poor Service at Great Western Hospital, Swindon

I had a series of tests carried out by Cardiology Dept and 3 months later the results of these tests had not been forwarded to either myself or my GP.

I made several telephone calls to the Cardiology Dept and most of the time the call was answered by a machine and despite leaving a message, nobody ever called me back. I eventually found the email address of one of the Doctors in the Dept and this doctor informed me their secretary would fax the results to my GP…

The results did not arrive and so I chased the Doctor on two further occasions. Again, the doctor said their secretary would be asked to send them through.

At the time of writing another week has passed and neither I nor my GP has any results.

Considering the nature of the tests, it is nothing short of poor professional standards, in my opinion, not to mention the anxiety of not knowing if there is anything wrong or not.


67 year old husbands heart problem

My husband visited our GP in May to complain about tightness in his chest, palpitations & dizziness. He was told this could possibly be due to a leaky valve & referred him to the Ilkeston cardiology dept.

In June the Doctor there put him on beta blockers & referred him to the warfarin clinic as any heart treatment would require his blood to be less sticky, in order to avoid blood clots, which could lead to a stroke. The cardiologist in Ilkeston Hospital also referred him to the cardiology dept at the Nottingham City Hospital.

An appointment was sent through for him for early Oct, which even our GP thought was rather a long wait. This appointment was then cancelled by the hospital & another one made for the end of October.

My husband sent a letter of complaint to the Chief Exec of the QMC in August. This letter remains unacknowledged but he has now been sent a fresh appointment for slightly earlier in Oct. Not good, is it, when one is left waiting for 5 months between seeing a GP to seeing a heart specialist. Even then he doesn’t think the appointment will give him more than another referral after that doctor has seen & spoken to him.

Meanwhile our life is on hold until we know when or even if, there is going to be any treatment. He wouldn’t have had to wait this long to have a bad tooth looked at!


Good care at Royal Hallamshire but don’t like mixed wards

I was a patient at the Royal Hallamshire hospital cardiology unit with chest pains. The best thing about how I was treated was the kindness and concern of all the staff.

However, I did not like the mixed ward – it was embarrassing and upsetting. I am a male patient and a female patient was getting in and out of bed and I saw more than I should have. It was embarrassing for me and my wife.

I also found it very upsetting that I had to lie in a bed all night next to a lady who had died. I could not sleep.


Poor treatment at the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiology Unit

I was a patient at the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiology unit with suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT). While there, I found the standard of medical and nursing care to be no better than average – at one point, I was told to get out of bed and had to limp home, only to return again the next day at 9am in the morning. This made me quite angry and upset. I felt that i was treated with very little respect.


Access to Lancashire Cardiac Centre is via haze of smoke

My Husband attended the Lancaster Cardiac Centre today for tests. As it was Saturday the main entrance was closed and we had to enter by a side door. Two male patients in dressing gowns were stood by the door smoking.

In order to gain access to the building we had to pass through a haze of smoke which was disgusting. I am allergic to cigarette smoke which made this particularly uncomfortable for me. We could not believe that this was allowed at a Cardiology Unit for obvious reasons.

Along the gravel which is adjacent to the hospital building there are hundreds of discarded cigarette ends. When we exited the building there were two visitors smoking on the car park which is just outside the building. There needs to be more signage in this area as there are in other parts of the hospital and the no smoking policy needs enforcing.

Other hospitals are able to effectively implement their no smoking policy you would expect that an eminent cardiac unit could do this. You do not expect to have to suffer from cigarette smoke at a hospital.

The tests at the Lancashire Centre were carried out extremely efficiently and patient care was exemplary.