Outstanding service,care and dedication

I just want to say a massive thank you to the surgeon and the staff who dealt with my recent eye problem. Everyone treat me with curtesy and respect from first attending the eye infirmary in February until I was discharged recently. I had to have laser surgery to correct my sight after contracting an eye condition called, serous retinopathy. I was very worried and nervous and the surgeon took the time to discuss all the necessary information. They were very concerned about my problem and made sure I had every test possible before deciding what treatment to offer me.

All the tests I went through were performed by friendly and professional staff. They were all very approachable.

When the laser surgery had worked the surgeon was just as relieved and excited as I was.

All my appointments were made to suit my working life and the appointments were quick to come through. I could not fault the service of staff at this hospital at all.

The only complaint I would have would be the car parking payments and machine that didn’t accept notes. You had to buy something from the cafe inside the hospital to get coins. When you have eye problems the last thing you need is to worry about parking payments.

I am truly grateful to Mr Habib and staff at this hospital and I would definately and most highly recommend them.

Thank you all so much.

Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds

Ophthalmology dept. Laser treatment

All staff found to be very friendly, helpful and caring and pleasant atmosphere prevailed throughout.

Seen at appointed time, operation explained fully in layman’s language, put completely at ease and breezed through entire process with no delay. Nothing but praise for all staff.

The central booking in procedure also very quick with proper queue lines so that also big improvement.

Price of the café made my eyes water so hope some of that profit goes back to the NHS.

Car parking charge for only time used is also good.

All in all an improvement on the past.


Rip Off Car Parking Fees

I brought my husband into A&E with DVT. He was taken to B1 and was at the hospital for tests all day. I had to drive him there and stayed with him for support. It cost almost £8 to park which is more expensive than a day’s parking in Leeds city centre. I cannot see where the money is being spent on provision of car parking other than the new barriers.

I am aware there were plans for a multistorey car park to provide more space as there is currently a lack of provision, however this has yet to materialise.

I would very much like to know why parking is so expensive at Rotherham with nothing to show for the fees paid.


Thanks …but

I attended Ipswich hospital for a Gastroscopy, after only a 1 month wait from referral by my GP.

Originally there was a choice

1 a throat spray to numb the throat or

2 sedation, which I had to have.

Everything was done well, all staff great but I had to wait 5 hours before being allowed to go home. My wife and daughter were not informed and were stuck for that time, so they suffered more than me!

The cost of Parking… !


I was made to feel at ease

I went as a day care patient to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. I had an operation on my left eye. At all times I was made to feel at ease by the Dr, nurses and everyone. I returned to the out patients department a week later for a check up, but my appointment ran 1 1/2 hours late! My husband spent nearly as long trying to park our car. I do understand things run late but I think 1 1/2 hours is a long time. Even so, I would still be happy to have any operations done at the Hallamshire. But I do think appointment times need to be looked at and also the car parking.


The excellent care afforded to my daughter-in-law and grandson

My daughter-in-law was pregnant with her first child and was so excited about the prospects of becoming a first time mother. Unfortunately things did not go as the text book described and both my son and daughter in law were extremely distressed. The staff on the ante-natal ward and then in Labour ward were excellent. Everything was explained to them at each of the stages. The medical team and the nursing team gave reassurance and inspite of my daughter-in-laws insistance on having a normal birth she was advised it would be safer to consent to having the baby by caesarean section. Following the birth both mother and baby received the required intensive treatment leading to their discharge eight days later. My thanks go out to the Maternity team staff and the Infection Control Team and Microbiology staff for so swiftly acting on what could have been a very different outcome.

Not content with being the star of the show in the Maternity Unit the baby was readmitted to the Childrens Unit where the staff again gave my son and his wife the support and care they needed along with the excellent care afforded to their baby. Again thank you seems a very small thing to say when faced with such a daunting situation.

I must thank also the Car Parking Team who provided my son with a Car Parking permit available whenever patients relatives are faced with long term visiting. Thank you for your excellent support