Great on the Maternity Ward

I arrived at the Kingsgate ward to be greeted by friendly staff and could not fault them the whole time I was there.

I was booked in for a c-section and was thoroughly looked after by everyone I met along my journey. I would like to particularly mention the theater team, absolutely fantastic and really put me and my partner at ease.

Mark the anaesthetist and ‘big Dave’ they called him were fantastic. ‘Big Dave going beyond the call of duty and even came to check on us before he clocked off that night.

Everyone made our experience as easy as it could be and I will recommend QEQM to anyone who asks

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York maternity – I would never go anywhere else

Waters went on the Thursday evening within 15 mins contractions were so strong they took my breath away. Phoned labour ward up who told me to try manage at home for next hour and to phone back.

10 mins later felt contractions incredibly strong and as was baby number 3 was expecting a fast delivery. Hubby called for an ambulance as we are 60 minutes away from hospital by car.

Arrived at YDH labour ward where it was found I had meconium in the waters. I was examined and was told I was 7 cm dilated. I was then taken down to delivery.

I was hooked up to various machines re examined where I was told I was only 2 cm! I wasn’t very happy but as I was in so much pain and already there I was told to stay.

The baby was in a difficult position and had her hand next to her face so tracing her was a nightmare. I was adamant I wanted as little intervention as possible however after my heart rate and the babies went crazy and she was in distress up shot was that after 12 hours of a brilliant team of midwives, students, consultants, anaethetists (best man in the world!) I was rushed down for an emergency c section.

It was not what I had planned at all but the care before during and after was by far the best out my 3 children. Nothing was too much trouble. They even arranged a meal for hubby!

Everything was explained what was going on. I was never left alone and as I suffer from depression. I was supported 100% all through my stay.

My daughter ended up in special care for a few days and I was transferred to a side room. All the staff from cleaners to the surgeon who came to make sure I was ok after the surgery to the registrars and consultants were simply the best.

I had a difficult pregnancy and was very worried about the birth but I needn’t have been. Quite frankly I would never go anywhere else to have a baby. I simply couldn’t fault the service in any way.


Having my 1st baby at Queens

I ended up having a emergency c-section at Queens after a long labour.

I felt the staff I met were uncaring and insensitive. I felt scared and like i had no control over my labour.

I felt they wanted me out soon as possible and I felt like it was my fault my baby didn’t want to come out, which at the time was distressing, which made it harder. One of the midwives even made me push for 2 hours when i was still only 6cm, and still a layer over my baby’s head which she only found out when a surgeon came.

After my c-section i found it hard to even move to get my baby when she was crying, which made me cry. Every time i rang the alarm for help to get up, a nurse would come huffing and puffing, give me my baby, and walk off without a word of support.

Sometimes they took my baby away from me for an hour each time to feed her, when all i asked for was a bottle. On the same night as my operation i was left in the toilet undressed and bleeding, unable to dress myself from where my stitch’s pulling out every time i moved.

It felt like the worst experience ever, from the moment i got there to the moment i left I felt it was a nightmare and would be terrified of going back there if fell again.

This is the only time in a woman’s life that she needs that support and to feel comfortable and safe and i really really think it is a disgrace. A friendly face goes a long way when you’re hormonal, tired and in a lot of pain. I had nightmares for months.


Labour ward & forceps delivery

I went into labour with my second son in June 2015, my son’s heart rate was dipping during pushing and my pushing then had to be assisted with the use of forceps. I was not told of any risks posed to my son or my body and can not believe they are still legal to use when they can clearly cause so much damage. Thankfully my son was born with nothing more than the sclera part of his eyes bloodshot and temporarily damaged (redness upon the white area). Myself on the other-hand suffered a lot of damage, the use of these forceps tore my canal, muscles and pelvic floor muscles to which now I have a bladder, uterine and rectum prolapse (these organs have now lost their support and have descended into my vaginal walls) mothers should be warned about these possible risks before the procedure begins I feel mislead and devastated. I would of opted for a c-section if I had known these types of risks was involved and that I would have to live with prolapse for the rest of my life and I’m only 25! Do not ever agree to a forceps delivery.


I found some of the midwives rude

I gave birth at the Leicester General Hospital.

Some of the midwives were so rude. I had a C-section and needed aftercare. The ones I met treated me like dirt, like I was a bother to them.

As a first time mum, I was overwhelmed by just having a baby and the midwives made me feel very small.

The doctors were great though. One senior midwife was the rudest and when I asked a question she treated me like I was am imbecile. I am reluctant to have another baby as a result of those bad memories.

I was a first time mum who had a c-section, I needed care and understanding. I think the training of midwives should stress the importance of caring as a vocation.


My wife and child

My wife was pregnant, all good until she was 35 weeks. She had a growth scan. Then all the complications started and she had to have a C section straightaway.

Baby was born mid Jan 2013 at Red Hill Hospital. She spent a week in hospital.

The week she was there she got the best service from the Ruper Ward to the Special Care Unit to the Transitional Care and to the Special Unit that came home to check up on the baby and mum.

A big thankyou to the staff and the Doctors at red hill hospital.


George Eliot Maternity Unit

I had a miscarriage in August 2011 at 10 weeks.

I went to A&E due to some bleeding and the Doctor who saw me after 4 hours of waiting didn’t even know I was pregnant. I was told to go for a scan the following day as it was Sunday and the scan unit wasn’t open. Told everything was probably ok.

Went for scan the following day and was told I had lost the baby. Told to go home and let them know what course I wanted to follow. Decided to have a D&C and was booked in for the following day.

Had to have another scan and spent 2 hours in the maternity unit in the room which was obviously the special room for people who have had bad news. After 2 hours I was told I had to wait for them to print some leaflets off for us. Went to Day Surgery eventually and waited another 5 hours with little or no communication apart from a doctor who kept referring to my unborn child as a “product of conception” which was extremely distressing.

In my experience women who have suffered miscarriage are treated appallingly at the George Eliot but having gone back there when I had my little girl in August 2012, women giving birth aren’t treated much better.

I had been into the delivery suite on the Thursday early morning when my waters had broken. I was told to monitor my temperature and if nothing happened then I was to come back on the Friday morning to be induced. I then had to endure long waits for someone to respond to the call button.

Medication being delayed and notes not being completed properly (three times I was told that they may have to break my waters), my hind waters broke on the Saturday. I was left on the monitor for up to two hours at a time after the prostin was administered was told to drink plenty of water to wake my little one up, and generally left without any communication until the Saturday night when I was put on a hormone drip to speed things up.

The midwife in the delivery suite and didn’t give me any feedback on how things were progressing. I kept asking for a C-Section because I felt something was not right as my little one was showing no signs of being born at all. I was treated like an idiot and told basically to stop being silly and that they would push for a natural birth.

Then the midwife said they would try to break my waters. I tried to tell them that they already had and was told “I’ll be the judge of that”. She then inflicted agonising pain on me as she tried to break them.

At 6 in the morning on Sunday the doctor asked if I wanted to carry on or have a c-section, by which time I was so scared that I would lose my daughter I told them do do the c-section. Again communication was scarce apart from the anaesthetist who was wonderful and kept me informed of what was going on.

My daughter was born with a cut and a tiny dent in the top of her head from where they tried to break my already broken waters. I was treated well by the staff in the delivery suite but back up on the ward apart from the healthcare assistants, who were great, the other staff were overstretched and seemingly couldn’t wait to get us out of there.

I was out by Tuesday despite suffering an allergic reaction to medication.


First baby by section

I had a planned c-section at blackpool victoria, and as I work within the hospital I had certain expectations. MOST of the staff were very friendly and helpful (unaware that I worked there). There were a couple of healthcare assistants whose attitudes left a lot to be desired. They were rude, loud and seemed more interested in themselves then the patients around them.

However, the theatre staff were very friendly and were exceptional with my husband. Once back on the ward, I suffered an allergic reaction and although the staff on those 4 days had never dealt with my concern before they were understanding….. could of done with the oromorph a little sooner than 1hour after crying for it!

But I must say all the midwives that looked after myself were very respectful and caring, they even watched my little man so I could get a few hours sleep!

Very happy with my stay and it was clean and tidy at all times!


Giving birth in Shropshire

Having been informed that my little girl was in the breach position and seemed stuck, I was informed that I wouldn’t be allowed to go over my due date trying for a natural birth and I was booked in for a c-section on my due date.

The midwife was fantastic getting me ready for the operation and the staff who completed the operation at Shrewsbury Hospital were fantastic and helpful. I was then transferred on to the ward to recover. I needed to stay in bed for the rest of the day… from midday until 6pm the next morning as I was still paralysed.

I found the midwives I encountered on this unit far from helpful… One nurse had a go at me for having a laptop with me as she said I had more important things to do… (my little girl was fast asleep and I couldn’t move). My medication was very late on numerous occassions.

I requested someone to help me change my little girl as she had done a very dirty nappy and you weren’t allowed to change them on the bed… I was told no one could help in case an emergency came up. I couldn’t change her in the cot as I couldn’t move to do it so in the end I dragged her onto the bed and changed her on top of me. 2 hours later a member of staff came back to see if they could help!

I was also suffering from an allergic reaction to the plasters used during surgery and no one would give me any antihystemine. I found most of the nurses I spoke to rude and abrasive. I thought the food was horrendous and in the end I was near to tears.

I managed to get released and moved from the RSH to the Midwife led unit in GOBOWEN which was a pure fresh of breath air… the staff at Gobowen were kind, considerate, helpful and informative. There was no one else there on day four of my five day stay. It was a relaxing environment, I was allowed to have antihistemine brought in for me and the food was infinitely better.

I would much rather have had my birth at Gobowen and I am looking to have my second in Gobowen if they do VBAC’s, if not I WILL not be going back to Shrewsbury and will be booking into the Wrexham Maelor.