Excellent care

I was extremely pleased with the treatment that I received in the Doncaster Royal Infirmary Hospital. I had excess water on my lungs and breathing problems. They took lots of tests and changed my medication and not I feel so much better. I have to go back for an appointment in late May. I felt the care from the nurses and doctors that I received was excellent.


Maternity care at Wansbeck hospital

I had my third child last year and have said since that if ever i had another child it would NOT be at Wansbeck.

I felt that the midwifes did not have time for us. I was induced and it was a long process. I was sent in for induction by the consultant and due to loss of water at 37 weeks – 4 days earlier than my original induction date due to high BP because I had been losing water for a couple of days the consultant wanted me in asap.

The midwives could not find anything in my notes about the water loss so seemed to be treating me as if i was been induced for blood pressure. I thought all they had to do was look through my notes properly!

Anyway my baby was born 2 days later, in distress and making a funny noise when breathing. The midwives dismissed this even though he ended up going into special care that night.

When home he continued making these noises and 2 weeks later ended up in the RVI where the doctor picked up on this noise straight away saying it was because he was having problems breathing. A week later he was discharged happy and healthy thankfully.

I feel like Wansbeck really do not listen to anything you have concerns about at all, due to staff shortages. Health care assistants were sent to answer buzzers which needed a midwife’s attention therefore meaning you had to wait longer while she went to get a midwife. I could go on and on, but basically, would not choose this hospital to give birth in again.

dissapointed mum

I felt reassured and have been OK since.

I phoned the 111 service during the night as I had chest pains and I could not breathe very well.

The operator went through a lot of questions and then sent me to the Hillingdon Hospital emergency department. They checked my blood pressure, which was OK. They checked my throat because of the breathing problems – that was all right. They suggested I took some pain killers, and tried to relax as this could be a panic attack.

I felt reassured after that and have been Ok since.


Rotherham District General – doing it’s be but not enough support

I have been in hospital a few times and I have found it to be a good one. Like everything else it has changed through lack of money and staff problems. Patients complain about waiting for tablets which was unnecessary. The hospital staff are doing their best, my own doctors are very good and work with you since I have been at home. Things could be improved if people would listen to the patient and not treat us like idiots.

The first three days after being admitted to Ward A for breathing problems I was given a drug that did not suit me. Then I had to discharge myself because my home was burgled, four days later I was admitted again to the same ward and went through a lot of tests to find the cause. I was upset and angry about the trauma of the burglary and was living by myself and I was offered no help like my previous stays in hospital.

I would like to thank the day and afternoon staff, they were good but the night staff were not so helpful.


Rude nurse and poor ward facilities

I was admitted to East Surrey Hospital in December 2012 to acute medical unit with COPD. My stay there was very good. but after 3 days I was told at 01:45am I was going to be moved to Vanguard ward.

On my arrival to Vanguard ward which is off Capel ward, you had to go through capel ward to get to vangaurd, which was closed to the noravirus. I found that Vangaurd ward was a portacabin with no windows and very very hot. I asked the night staff if I could have a fan, when the nurse tried to plug the fan in, the earth pin was missing from the plug.

In the morning day nursing staff came on duty. The nurse was very rude saying that I should hurry up and have my nebs. She then gave me my breakfast, ” being one slice of bread and butter”.

I asked for a cup of tea and she said that I have missed it and I would not get another till 11 am. Then she said that I could not go and have a shower as capel ward was closed to the nora virus. So she gave me some cold water in a paper bowl.

My sats level dropped to 91% and they did not report it to a doctor. When I asked her where the toilet was, she showed me outside to another portacabin where there was a toilet and shower! she said to me” you can have your bloody shower now”. The shower was very dirty to which I have taken photos.

When I went back to Vanguard ward three other patients were all complaining about the lack of room, equipment and excessive heat in the ward.

A doctor arrived, who was reviewing another patient. The nurse shouted “He is not here to see you”. So I asked him if he could see me as well. He said that I was “very short of breath and wheeze”, and listened to my chest and said that I would have to stay in hospital. I said that this ward is making me feel very ill due the lack of ventilation and heat in here, and asked if he could move me. His reply was he would talk to the bed manager.

By 12 noon I was feeling very low and stressed, so I said to the healthcare assistant that I would go and sit in the coffee shop in the east entrance and gave her my mobile number if they needed me. I feel I was treated very badly by the staff nurse on duty that day and if my daughter had not come to the hospital to see me I don’t know what may have happened to my health.

She complained to the bed manager, “who agreed that I should not have been moved here” and moved me to to Angio suite, as a matter of urgency, and remarked that, “someone with breathing problems should not have been moved to this ward in the first place.


Treated promptly on accident & emergency ward at rotherham

I stayed on A5 ward at the Rotherham District General Hospital. I received treatment for breathing problems. I was treated promptly in A & E and the care that I received was very good. It was clean, everyone treated me with respect and I was kept informed about my condition. Nothing could have been better.


Chest pains and breathing problems

On 11th December last, the day before I was due to fly to Canada for Christmas and New Year at my son and his family’s home, I developed breathing problems late in the afternoon in addition to chest pains I’d had for a couple of weeks or more. My wife called for an ambulance and two local medics or paramedics arrived, followed by another more senior one. Eventually an ambulance arrived and I was taken to the Horton Hospital at Banbury where I was admitted and kept in overnight for observation, being put on a monitor. Fortunately it was a false alarm; I had to see my doctor to get his o.k. to fly but by this time I had missed my flight anyway. Luckily I got another flight a few days later.

I could not have asked for better treatment from the moment the medics arrived quickly at my house to the time of seeing my GP at North Bicester Surgery.

My thanks to everyone involved. That was my first inpatient visit to a hospital for over 30 years and I hope not to go for another 30 years at least(by which time I’ll be 94!).


Good care at QMC but dislike the mixed wards

In December of last year, I was admitted to ward 54 of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham with breathing problems. The standard of care there was good . One of the best things was being helped by the nursing staff to have a bath, as this is something which I can no longer manage on my own.

The only change I would have made is to place patients on single-sex wards, as I did not like being on a mixed ward.


Wonderful care at Princess Diana hospital

I was rushed to the Princess Diana hospital in Hull with breathing difficulty and chest pain. My care was first class. The hospital was very clean; the food not so good.

I still don’t know what was wrong with me exactly, but I would just like to say thank you to all ambulance staff, nursing and medical staff and all on the wards. Everything was wonderful.