Rude and Unprofessional

My boyfriend was at University when he started to feel very unwell. He had really strong pain in his stomach and was vomiting all the time. Someone called an ambulance and he was taken to this hospital. He was lying on the floor in A&E with plastic bag. He was in pain and was vomiting. He asked 2 doctors for help but there was no reaction.

After one hour a nurse took him and put him on a bed. She asked a lot of questions about alcohol and drugs and left. He doesnt take any drugs and he doesnt drink alcohol. After another hour doctor came and asked the same questions. My boyfirend was still in terrible pain and was vomiting all the time…. After another 40minutes they did blood tests and gave him paracetamol.

After next hour they said that blood tests are fine, they gave him co-codamol and sent him home. He said that he cant walk on his own and that he lives on the other side of London and that his parents will be there in another 40minutes. And what nurse did? She said that he has to leave now and that he can take a cab…

Is that a joke?

We took him from the station. He werent able to walk and talk and was vomiting.

It happened on Wednesday. On thursday he had jus a slice of bread for dinner and on friday morning I took him back to hospital. Now he is in Northwick Park Hospital and its another joke…


Husbands treatment in care home

My husband has dementia with Lewy bodies and his behaviour varies. I have been caring for him for 4 years and finding it very tiring at times. We had a crisis with him getting out of control and the social worker recommended respite care at Burkitt Nursing Home. I explained to him that it was only for 2 weeks. He did not settle and did some damage in the home. The social worker did not ring me about it until 5 days later, she said she was too busy. I visited him every day and did not like how he was treated. I took him out a week after he went in to give him a change and he walked round Asdas. I had a visit from a different social worker who said the home were happy to keep him longer but I said I would pick him up at the end of his two weeks. He could hardly walk to the car and we got him home where he collapsed. I thought he was sedated. Later I phone the doctor who said to call the after hours service who came and had him taken straight to hospital, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham where they found he had a blood infection, bladder infection, dehydrated, bed sores and bruises and nearly died.

He was on a drip for several days and injections and survived. He was very weak and thin but gradually got better but still weak. The therapist said he did not think he would walk again which I thought was expecting him to do much too soon. After 5 weeks after an argument with the hospital social worker who said I would not cope, I have him at home. He has two support devices for walking but can now get upstairs and is much better. They prescribed Mirtazapine without telling me which I have not given to him. They said he was depressed, (he was fed up with being in hospital, and cried) I am paying privately for carers to wash and shower him. I am afraid I do not get on with social workers – what do they do? Do they ever follow up how patients are when they leave hospital? My husband is going to a day centre once a week, and has enjoyed a meal out today, his appetite is enormous and I hope he will gain his weight back.


Upset by attitudes of staff on Primrose ward

Where do I start? My daughter was brought up to Primrose ward after a very traumatic delivery in which my daughter who had really low platelets ended up having epidural and forceps delivery. On arrival at the ward we were met by a group of midwives who weren’t aware that she was being brought up and were really stroppy about not having a bed ready. Great start!

After daughter was eventually found bed she was left to it, even though she couldn’t move after epidural. Baby started vomiting fresh blood, daughters partner notified midwife. 20 minutes later the baby got checked over.

The midwives I met on this ward were extremely rude and arrogant. I felt they were not very nice at all.

Daughter was left from day one till day 3 in a dirty bed covered in blood. She was also left in a gown covered in blood with no help to get showered and changed, this again was left to her partner (after epidural). She had to keep asking for painkillers, none offered.

A midwife asked daughter’s partner to change the baby as baby’s temp had dropped and because he got a vest instead of a babygrow, she was nasty to him (these are first time parents).

Baby was eventually taken to the neonatal unit. It took them 2 hours to sort a drip out for daughter, after she’d asked specifically if they would do it so she could go and feed her son in neonatal.

My daughter’s partner was allowed to stay on ward 24 hrs a day and he asked for something to sleep on, but he got nothing, not even a chair. Then he got shouted at like a child, for being on the bed.

Then to top it off, my daughter was given 10 minutes to leave her room when she was discharged. Baby was still in neonatal so she was distraught. No support, no help to move her belongings, nothing.

All in all, I feel the things I and other visitors to my daughter on Primrose ward have witnessed have been utterly disgraceful. I have never seen midwives on any ward with such bad attitudes as the ones I met on Primrose. I felt they were the rudest, most ill-mannered, uncaring staff I have ever known. Sarcastic comments to my husband who asked for a vase for flowers and was told “oh, we’ll just check the John Lewis vase department” disgusting. I didn’t come across one nice nurse/midwife at all (apart from cleaners and canteen staff).

I feel the treatment my daughter and her partner and her visitors got from these people was totally unacceptable. I would never recommend the Manor maternity. I will be putting in a formal complaint about the way people are treated on this ward.


A bad experience of endoscopy

I attended an endoscopy appointment, and was slotted onto the end of a list. My wife is a nurse and she had always advised me that i should have sedation. However when I got there all the staff without exception said that it was the normal practice not to have sedation. Although I said that I did not like needles the Dr said that I did not need it, just have the throat spray. I was then laid on the bed, on my side with the plastic guide strapped to my mouth. The following 10 minutes can only describe as the most terrifying experience of my entire life.

I started to gag and cough and as the Dr pushed the scope further down my throat my whole body was convulsing continually gagging and trying to vomit. Eventually I did vomit but as I was laying on my side the vomit stayed in my throat and therefore I could not breath I tried to get the Dr to stop, but all that happened was the nurse held me down saying that I had plenty of room to breathe. This was easy to say but at that stage I was gagging so much I could not see at all.

After what seem like a lifetime the Dr removed the scope. They made me stay where I was for a short while as I caught my breath, when I sat up they walked me into the recovery area, where I was left there while I overheard the staff saying that as I did not have the sedation, they could finish as soon as I had left.

By the time I met my wife the whole left side of my face was scarlet and my eye looked like I had a cricket ball in its place, 10 minutes later the white of my left eye was totally red, where I had obviously burst a blood vestle during the gagging, coughing etc. The following day I was off from work and where I have been fighting to breath, convulsing etc I ached from my fingers & jaw to my feet. My eye is still extremely tender and is still blood shot over the other side of my eye.

The whole experience has been awful and continues to wake me up in a panic. I am not one for complaining, but I feel that I have been grossly mistreated. I even woke up last Saturday and said to my wife that I feel like suing the hospital.


The birth of my son at South Tyneside Hospital

My son was born in this hospital 2 years ago; I have just discovered this website and felt I had to tell my story.

A week after my son was due my waters broke, I went to the delivery suite and was examined by a midwife, she said my waters had broken and I would be induced within 48 hours to prevent infection to me and the baby. She left the room and came back, said the head midwife didn’t think my waters had broke and to go home and come back on my planned day of induction if I still didn’t go into labour naturally, I never saw the head midwife she didn’t even come into the room I was in.

For a week I had regular contractions and dilated 3 cms, I was made to go in every day for a heart trace of the baby, every time they said I had a sleepy baby as his heart rate kept slowing, a consultant was called each time and said trace looks fine send her home. I would then hear the midwives whispering that they didn’t think the trace looked good.

On planned day of induction I was told there was no bed for me on the delivery suite, was taken to delivery next morning. The midwife I was given tried to break my waters, I told her they had all ready broke but she tried anyway, said oh there is no waters there!

I ended up having an emergency section, during the op the Anaesthetist was arguing with the some of the midwives telling them to shut up, they were also arguing in recovery.

The next morning I was on maternity ward, told to get up and go in shower, I was in agony and was shouted at by a midwife for been in so much pain as apparently she had a section and wasn’t in pain like I was. I was walked to shower then left. I couldn’t bend down to take surgical stockings off so had to call for help, was huffed and puffed at then left again

I was allowed home the next day, a week later after I’d had the staples removed I felt really unwell, I was shaking and my teeth were chattering, my husband said there was an awful smell and liquid was seeping out of my section wound

I was told to go to A&E. The staff on A&E were lovely. A Gynaecologist came to see me, she was also lovely, she touched my wound and it exploded. What seemed like litres and litres of puss went all over her, up the walls and on the floor, she said my abdomen had burst

I was taken back to maternity ward with my son and given 3 bags of blood and intravenous antibiotics. The next day 3 consultants and 2 junior doctors came to see me, they didn’t introduce themselves or say what they were going to do. A midwife was told to get forceps, and they whispered amongst themselves, a midwife was told to lift my stomach up (bit over overhang off pregnancy belly ) a junior doctor proceeded to rip open the part of my wound that had healed, I was offered no pain relief or told what they were doing, I was in absolute agony and screaming at them to stop touching me, they then all left the room

A few hours later a midwife and a auxiliary arrived and told me they needed to get the fluid out of me, this meant the midwife putting both of her hands on my abdomen and pushing as hard as she could, again this was extremely painful and I was crying out and asking her to stop, she didn’t, at this point my husband walked in and asked them what the hell they thought they were doing, she walked out with her head down. He went down to the staff room to ask what was going on but nobody seemed to know

After this my husband wouldn’t leave me and slept in the private room on a chair for a week, another consultant came to see me, said my wound had broken down and you could see my rectal sheath, he said my wound would have to heal from the inside out then it would have to be sown up again, a lovely midwife arranged for me to have a bottle of gas and air brought to me, I used this the 2 times a day the wound was cleaned and packed

A week later the consultant came back and said he would “fix ” me

I was taken into theatre and my wound was cleaned and repaired, I was in theatre for 4 hours

it was the worst experience of my life, the way I was treated was an utter disgrace.


Fantastic care in A&E for new diabetes

3 weeks ago I was admitted to a&e, with all I had been told by my doctor was problems with my blood glucose levels.

I was admitted around 10.30am and from the minute that I arrived I was taken care of to such a high standard. From the first nurse I seen on arrival to the various nurses and doctors in a&e they all were fantastic with me.

Special mention must be made of Fraser the diabetes nurse and I think her name was Charlotte who was possibly the staff nurse on a&e they were both a credit to the hospital.

Nothing was too much for them, especially Charlotte (I hope that was her name if not I apologise!) as she was taking the micky out of my accent as I’m from Liverpool originally!

scouser in stockport

Why do you have to see a nurse before you get a referral?

I hurt my shoulder in a fall and I am now waiting to see a specialist at Torbay.

However I have to say that I feel the DART process is an over-bureaucratic waste of my time and the health service’s precious resources.

Why do you have to see a nurse for blood test, body weight check, blood pressure etc before you can even ask for a referral? When you ring up to make an appointment with the specialist the DART team have to process you, why when with choose and book everything was done at the doctors on the day of your diagnosis?

I have not received any correspondence with Torbay as the DART team is based in Newton Abbot and apparently the communication is patchy between them. So I have to turn up at Torbay and hope I have an appointment. What a farce the NHS is becoming.

Mr Angry

Diagnosis of Early-Onset Pre-eclampsia

I was let down by my local hospital’s antenatal and fetal assessment unit by the way they failed to recognise or take seriously enough my symptoms, or take the urgent action required when I presented with pre-eclampsia at 20 weeks gestation, quickly worsening with mine and my baby’s life becoming in danger over a period of around 2 weeks.

It was my first pregnancy, achieved through IVF after trying to conceive for 3 years. My baby already had growth restriction at this point.

Prior to this stage I’d had 3 severe bleeds, threatened miscarriages during my first trimester, and despite this was still labelled ‘low’ risk.

Ultimately my baby boy was stillborn at 25+1 weeks – an event that is sadly associated with pre-eclampsia.

Whilst I was in hospital, having been in for a month; I spent 2 weeks in this hospital and then I was transferred for specialist fetal-renal obstetric care – which was excellent – at a Women’s hospital who are more used to looking after mothers-to be in similar situations to how I was.

I feel that the staff at the first hospital (my local) did not have the awareness that pre-eclampsia can develop even at this early stage. It seemed to me that they refused to take it seriously, and so correct diagnosis and proper treatment/care was delayed until I finally saw an out-of-hours GP at my local hospital, who immediately understood the severity of my condition; my blood pressure had peaked at 170-180/ 100 by then, and proceeded to get me admitted that night.


My 3 year old was discharged at 1am

My son had been unwell for a few days, suffering with nausea and high temperature. After 3 days of the same I took him to the doctor where we noticed purple spots on his neck, and a red rash covering his body. The doctor wasn’t concerned but wanted him to be checked over at hospital.

We arrived at Oldham Hospital at 6pm where they were expecting us. They took his temperature, weighed him and put “magic” cream on his hand ready for the blood tests. Eventually at 10.30pm when my son was exhausted they took his blood. 1 nurse wanted to give us a bed on the ward because it was getting late, but the doctor told her there’s no point because we’ll be going home.

At 12.30am the doctor gave us the results of the blood tests and said it has revealed there is an infection and that he suspected it was the throat. He looked in his mouth and confirmed his tonsils were swollen, therefore had tonsillitis.

Why did they not look at his throat when we got there at 6pm?

The doctor said he will prescribe antibiotics and we can go home. I explained I couldn’t park my car close to the hospital because there was a football match that evening. He wasn’t interested that I had to walk the streets alone with a 3 year old in the rain. The nurse who looked after him was great and wanted us to stay, but the rest treated us like an inconvenience. I would have been happy to leave at 6am, in the daylight.

Almost 7 hours waiting to be told it’s tonsillitis? It’s not on, and I am contacting the local MP to try and stop late night discharges.


I cannot thank everyone enough

After visiting the hospital for an ECG I was asked to wait on from when I had been admitted. The doctor visited me and said I would be put on Warfrin in order to get my blood sorted. After a few days I was able to go home, and I am visiting the hospital weekly for blood checks. I have been referred to the heart specialist I was under before. Everyone has been very helpful. The food was very good. I cannot thank everyone enough.