Staff telling jokes about patients in Kingston A&E

I was in A&E with what is now suspected to be diverticulitis. It felt disorganised in the extreme.

I was taken straight through without triage and put directly on a bed because I was in agonising pain. We only saw a nurse an hour and a half after i was given a bed to take blood pressure and pain killers. I had to ask for a urine sample pot because i knew they would eventually require one. Another 30 minutes passed and the same nurse came back to give me a blood test. We didn’t see a doctor for 3 hours (I was crying in pain) and only got one to my bedside because my boyfriend who had had enough, went up and demanded it from the nurses in no uncertain terms. He was so strident we had a doctor there in two minutes.

Some doctors were standing around telling jokes. The one that horrified me the most was that one doctor and one nurse were laughing about a patient because he only had one leg. I was disgusted.

A nurse said ‘I was laughing so hard seeing that stump I had to leave the room.’ A doctor laughing about a patient’s unfortunate physical condition in A&E where they are supposed to take care of you, and there are only curtains for a divide and everyone can hear everything? I just hope that man had been discharged by that point in time. Poor guy. He came into A&E for whatever his problem was and had the doctors and nurses mock and ridicule him.

In the cubicle to my left was a girl who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old who was incredibly ill. She continuously vomited for 2 hours and not one person came to see her other than a nurse to give her bowls to throw up in. She arrived at around the same time we did and as far as I saw no one even took her blood pressure or took a blood or urine sample for the first 2 hours we were there. No one put her on an IV to give her any fluids (she must have been dehydrated).

In the cubicle to my right there was a man who had sever haemorrhoidal problems (there is no privacy because only curtains divide). The doctor spoke little english, it seemed. The poor guy had to describe his symptoms six times before the doctor understood what was going on.

I have been to Kingston A&E before. The first time they were ok (with the exception of giving me antibiotics for an infection with a known resistance, I had to get a private doctor who gave me the appropriate drugs a few days later).


Overheard the nurse talking about me in A&E

After sitting through intense chest pains, breathlessness, inability to sleep for 24 hours, a few sudden pains gave me incentive to ring an ambulance.

Ambulance arrived fast, paramedics were nice, helpful and more importantly I felt safe when they were there.

Upon arrival to A&E, I was taken into a room where I would sit for the next 4 hours. Nurses took an ECG, blood test, blood pressure etc. I was then left unattended with no one even looking at me for the next 2.5 hours. I was then visited by a doctor, who was actually quite a nice knowledgeable guy.

There was also a woman across from me screaming in pain constantly, and after nearly an hour a nurse asked her if she was ok. They asked the patient if she wanted painkillers, and the patient said yes. The patient told the nurse her doctor (GP) told her she couldn’t have paracetamol, but the nurse gave her paracetamol anyway, after talking about her lying to another doctor while the patient was less than a metre away.

All in all, I trust the paramedics and ambulance technicians, but not the staff who treated me at A&E. In my opinion some of the nurses attitudes were terrible as well, although of the 4 I saw, 2 were nice and I thought 2 looked at me like I was nothing, and I actually overheard one say ‘we have better things to do than dealing with him’ which was a nice thing to hear when you are fearing for you’re life, alone.


Why do you have to see a nurse before you get a referral?

I hurt my shoulder in a fall and I am now waiting to see a specialist at Torbay.

However I have to say that I feel the DART process is an over-bureaucratic waste of my time and the health service’s precious resources.

Why do you have to see a nurse for blood test, body weight check, blood pressure etc before you can even ask for a referral? When you ring up to make an appointment with the specialist the DART team have to process you, why when with choose and book everything was done at the doctors on the day of your diagnosis?

I have not received any correspondence with Torbay as the DART team is based in Newton Abbot and apparently the communication is patchy between them. So I have to turn up at Torbay and hope I have an appointment. What a farce the NHS is becoming.

Mr Angry

Treatment for supraventricular tachycardia

I went to my GP’s surgery, had an ECG, was sent by ambulance to A&E, where they performed a cardioversion.

I was allowed to go home.

Unfortunately the problem recurred and I went through the same process again.

I cannot fault any of the care I had, from the practice nurses, the GP, the desk staff, the paramedics and all the people at QA, including the porters, all were fantastic.

I felt very safe throughout


Swollen calf and pain in leg

Last month on Friday I contacted Harmoni regarding a swollen leg and it was painful to walk. I went through a series of questions. I was given an appointment 2 hours later that evening (approximately 8: 30 pm). I was seen an hour late by the Doctor who was very helpful and kind and advised that he thought I had DVT. I was told that I had to register again with A&E and I wasted another few hours waiting to be seen by an A&E doctor who arranged for a blood test that night.

Due to high protein level and inflammation level I was not discharged and stayed in A&E the whole night as there wasn’t a bed available and I was admitted to a Ward at 5am and given Fragmin.

I stayed in hospital for 6 days and had a Doppler scan on the Monday which showed 3 clots under my knee.

I feel that Harmoni should have advised me to go to A&E rather than see the Doctor at Harmoni. Waiting for about 6 hours to see a Doctor, the clot could have moved elsewhere for example to my lungs or heart. I think they should perhaps give Fragmin to all suspected DVT cases on arrival at hospital. Why wait for a few hours?

It was the weekend and a scan could not be arranged until Monday. My case was a bit difficult as I was suffering from excessive bleeding due to heavy periods. But this could have been serious and I feel Fragmin should have been given earlier and they have to weigh the risks.

I hope they can learn something from my case for the future.


Painful procedures at Good Hope

In early Jan I had endoscopy and colonoscopy under “sedation” at Good Hope. I too entered the treatment room where the doctor was just sat at a desk with his back to me while the nurses sorted out everything else.

The sedation had very little effect and the endoscopy was traumatic but just about bearable.

The colonoscopy was incredibly painful – the nurses were holding me down and I was gripping the side of the trolley and shouting in pain.

Afterwards I was told that blood test and biopsy results would be sent to my GP within 10-12 days, but nearly 4 weeks later my GP has heard nothing and now I’ve been sent for a bone density scan and no-one has told me why.

The staff should realise that communication is incredibly important in these circumstances and I’m really frustrated that no-one has contacted me to tell me the results.

Catherine Lewis

Diagnosis confusion at Sunderland Royal

I am a truthful person, but also really scared for my health. I am really nervous writing this – but here goes…

I have had health problems for a number of years. At first, I was able to carry on working – until quite recently. I was diagnosed with different conditions over the years, but nothing seemed to quite explain the different problems I was experiencing. But l I was sent to see a consultant for a certain condition. ‘At last ‘ I finally thought that the unknown problem was going to be found.

On my first day at the hospital, one test ruled out MS. Another test was done and I had found an almost instant improvement with some of my symptoms which both Doctors noted! Finally, I was told the name of the complaint which was confirmed by the test which was carried out. I was given medication to treat the condition. I was waiting for couple of other tests to be done.

Everything was going fine until one episode I experienced, (I am unable to say exactly what happened as I have already found my treatment affected) I heard a nurse using details of mine as self entertainment. I complained, in around about way. Then two hours later, I was home (glad in one sense and puzzled at the same time), and I was told I would be brought back for the tests another time. The new medication I had just been given, was stopped by the ward doctor (even though I had recently reported to the ward doctor that believed I felt some improvement while taking it).

I contacted the hospital after I had heard nothing more about the tests. I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary, who said there was no information about any tests I was supposed to have. So she gave me an appointment with the Consultant.

At the consultation, I learned that someone had said I had refused to take any further tests and went home. So I was told that due to lack of information, the “students” had decide that they thought I was not suffering from the condition.

I told the consultant that some inaccurate details were in my file, as I had not refused any tests! I said “why would I refuse tests which would answer the question about my health problems?” but the consultant said it would mean returning to the hospital to have them done. I said I would return, as I have no problems with the hospital. I did return for a blood test, but when I returned for the blood test, results I was told they tested negative, but negative for the first condition which had been ruled out?

I queried why I had been tested for something that had already been ruled out and not the condition which had been diagnosed with a few weeks prior. I was told that I was only interested in a more interesting name for my diagnosis.

At this point, I am totally confused (honestly this is the absolute truth). I have now been given a totally different diagnosis for something I do not have. I know I do not have the different condition because I have even been sent to see a specialist for the new condition, which I have been given in place of the other diagnosis, I was examined and had my history taken. I was told at the end of the consultation that I am not suffering from the condition I had just been diagnosed with. In the meantime, I have been sent to a colleague of my original consultant, who I had learned has been discussing my case with my original consultant. At the consultation, I took notes from my pocket (I have a very bad memory problem) but before I could read anything from my list, I was told he was very busy and had lots of patients waiting to see ‘and had no time to go through my health history or symptoms, when I did speak he would interrupt and he would start speaking at the same time as I was speaking. Because of this, I was getting confused and I feel there was a little language problem on both sides. He told me I was not suffering from MS, I said I understand I do not suffer from MS.

Adenugha amaganin

Horrible experience

Yesterday I admitted in a&e newham beacause of bleeding and lower abdominal pain while I am 7 weeks pregnant. Doc did my blood test and urine test than they came to me and said it is misscarriage keep changing your pad. They didn’t ask for scan nor did vaginal or cervix checkup not even hormone check. They didn’t even tell us what to do. They said I am not going to do anything with you. You are free to go home. You can go now. It was like they had se authority and we are silly foolish people who are begging for treatment. We are paying texes for all this and we were treated like animals.

Next day I booked myself for scan and doctor said my baby is 100%okay I heard his heart beat and they did all other scan and refer me back to my GP.


Disabled parking & Parking in general

I had to have a blood test, requested by my GP, on a Wednesday afternoon.

I have a mobility problem and discovered designated disabled parking spaces have to be booked 4 weeks in advance. The nearest accessible level parking area I could find was in Sainsbury’s car park on Lloyd Street, which is quite a distance from the hospital and restricted to 2 hours maximum.

The other problem was the lack of sufficient canopy over the front of the hospital and inadequate in heavy rain.